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Disc Protrusion Chiropractic Team

  Spinal disc deterioration from aging is normal, but health issues or injuries can advance the degenerative process. Disc protrusions are related to herniated discs but are the mildest form of the condition and are a common form of spinal disc deterioration that can cause neck and back issues. However, individuals may have a small protruding disc that can go undetected unless it irritates or compresses the surrounding nerves. Chiropractic care, decompression, and massage therapy can realign the disc back into position, relieving discomfort and pain.  Disc Protrusion A disc is like a sturdy soft rubber shock absorber/cushion with added gel inside. The gel acts as a shock absorber. When the gel begins to protrude out slightly, this is a disc protrusion. Once a protruding disc begins to develop, it usually remains in that position. The disc can sometimes reabsorb on its own and realign back into position, but there is no way of knowing that will happen or how long it will take. With age

Baseball Injuries Chiropractic Team

  The game of baseball takes a toll on the body, especially when players advance from little league to high school, college, minor league, and the pros. The most common baseball injuries can range from mild to severe, from normal wear and tear on the joints and muscles to repetitive stress injuries, collisions with other players, getting hit with the ball, or bodily trauma. A chiropractor can provide ideal treatment for players of all ages and levels with decreased downtime and expedited healing and recovery. Baseball Injuries Although there have been a lot of advances in player safety and health, from helmets with face guards to shin and arm padding, the equipment lessens the impact and risks of injury. The game still involves running, sliding, twisting, and jumping, causing the body to maneuver awkwardly. Players often report sliding into first, feeling a pop or twisting to catch a fly ball, and feeling something snap. The most common injuries include: Torn Labrum Cartilage surroundi

Spinal Stenosis MRI: Injury Medical Chiropractic Team

  Spinal stenosis is when space somewhere along or within the spine begins to narrow, closing off the ability of normal/comfortable movement and nerve circulation. It can affect different areas, including the cervical/neck, lumbar/low back, and, less commonly, the thoracic/upper or mid-back regions causing tingling, numbness, cramping, pain, muscle weakness, or a combination in the back, leg/s, thighs, and buttocks. There can be various factors causing the stenosis; correct diagnosing is the first step, and where a spinal stenosis MRI comes in. Spinal Stenosis MRI Stenosis can be challenging to diagnose as it is more of a symptom/complication than a condition, often caused by herniated discs, bone spurs, a congenital condition, post-surgery, or after an infection. Magnetic resonance imaging/MRI is a common test used in diagnosis. Diagnosis A healthcare professional, like a chiropractor, physical therapist, spine specialist, or physician, will begin with understanding symptoms and med

Football Training: Chiropractic Team

  Football season is here, and the sport demands healthy, strong bodies. It is explosive, with high-intensity plays lasting between 2-15 seconds. Strength and power are put out in a few moments then the player rests up and does it again. A football training chiropractor can take players to another level with therapeutic massage, body strengthening, and rehabilitation so that players can enjoy a healthy injury-free season. Football Training Stretching and Warm-Up Stretching and a dynamic warm-up are essential to strengthening the body and preventing injury. Stretching is necessary to increase the range of motion in the muscles, especially when the body is in an awkward position; it can adapt. A dynamic warm-up increases the core temperature of the muscles and prepares the muscles, joints, and nervous system for the physical event. The critical muscles are the hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves. The warm-up consists of a series of progressive movement drills that include: Jogging High

Sciatica Pain Can Radiate To The Knee: Injury Medical Chiropractic Team

  Sciatica pain can radiate to the knee. Individuals with sciatica do report unique/unusual knee pain that was never there and no past or recent physical injuries. Sciatica is the culprit, as the knee muscles are powered and controlled by nerves in the lower spine. Irritation or compression of these nerves can cause symptoms that can include: random back pain, hamstring tightness, weakness in the hips or quadriceps , the development of bunions , and knee pain and/or weakness. Chiropractic treatment can release the compression, heal the sciatic nerve, and alleviate knee problems. Sciatica Pain Can Radiate To The Knee Spine conditions that can cause sciatica include: Disc herniation  - Where the inside of the discs leak out and compress and/or irritate surrounding nerves. Degeneration of the discs - The discs between the vertebrae wears down naturally as the body ages. Spinal stenosis - The spinal canal begins to narrow, not allowing enough space for the nerves to rest comfortably, res

Kombucha Fermented Tea: Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Team

  Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been around for nearly 2,000 years. It became popular in Europe in the early 20th century. It has the same health benefits as tea, is rich in probiotics, contains antioxidants, and can destroy harmful bacteria . Kombucha sales are growing at stores because of its health and energy benefits. Kombucha It is typically made with black or green tea, sugar, healthy bacteria, and yeast. It is flavored by adding spices or fruits into the tea while it ferments. It is fermented for about a week, when gases, 0.5 percent of alcohol, beneficial bacteria, and acetic acid are produced. The fermentation process makes the tea slightly effervescent. It contains B vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics , but the nutritional content will vary depending on the brand and its preparation . Benefits The benefits include: Improved digestion from the fact that fermentation makes probiotics. Helps with diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome/IBS. Toxin removal Increased ene

When Chiropractic is Necessary: Herniated Discs Clinical Wellness

  Herniated, slipped, or ruptured discs affect 80% or more of the population. Most individuals don't even realize they suffered a vertebral subluxation, as it shifted slightly but returned on its own and healed itself. Herniated disc/s symptoms can subside over time and can heal on their own. However, there are times when chiropractic is necessary to help the slipped or ruptured disc back into correct alignment and to help prevent re-injury or the development of new ones. When Chiropractic Is Necessary When an individual's ability to move is limited is definitely when chiropractic is necessary. Individuals twist and turn their bodies, and the rotational force that comes from lifting and moving objects at home, work, school, sports, or lifting weights increases the risk of disc injury. The lumbar spine or lower back is the most common location for a herniated disc injury. The pain can spread to the glutes and legs, causing sciatica or sciatica-like symptoms. When back pain sprea

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