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Ear Problems: The Spine Connection and Chiropractic Treatment

  Ear problems like blockages or congestion can cause irritation and pain, as well as symptoms such as dizziness, ear discomfort, headaches, and sinus pain that can lead to infection . This condition can happen to anyone but is prevalent in children, individuals that live in high altitudes, and individuals who suffer from allergies. Spinal misalignments can cause interference to the nervous system that can create problems elsewhere in the body, like the ears. If there is neck misalignment along with pinched, tangled nerve/s signal transmissions can misfire or cut off messages disrupting the process of draining the Eustachian tube . This creates a buildup of bacteria and fluid, which can cause pain and pressure. Chiropractic decompression treatment uses gentle manipulation of the cervical spine to release the pressure affecting the ear. Ear Problems Bacteria or viruses cause ear infections in the middle ear . Infection often results from another illness like cold, sore throat, flu, resp

Reflex Pain Injury Medical Chiropractor

  Reflex pain is a complex condition that involves the body’s pain withdrawal reflex failing to turn off after the event that triggered the pain, so the pain sensations continue. This is a neurological condition known as the withdrawal reflex. It occurs when the body and brain undergo a chain of reactions to remove an affected body part from dangerous situations/stimuli. A typical example is a vehicle crash or accident. During the process, the body’s reflex muscle\s in the injured area tighten to protect the specific body part/s from further damage. The reflex can feel like a muscle spasm that goes away over time. However, in the case of reflex pain, the signals keep firing. Reflex pain can occur all over the body as the muscles overcompensate to handle the prolonged pain; secondary  injuries often develop. An example could be reflex pain in the ankle caused by injury or problems in the hips and back, where the individual tries to avoid moving the ankle in a specific way to prevent a

Pain Prevention: Gardening Tips and Stretches

  Gardening is healthy for the body and does count as exercise, which works the major muscle groups that include the neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, back, glutes, and legs. However, gardening can cause stress to the body with unhealthy posture/positioning, not using proper lifting techniques , using the wrong tools, and not taking breaks to stretch out the body, move around, and rehydrate. This can lead to body soreness, pain, and injuries. Here are some recommended gardening tips and stretches for pain prevention. Gardening Tips and Stretches  A sore back and body can stem from staying in a single posture for too long and repetitive motions/movements . Here are a few tips to help maintain musculoskeletal health while gardening: Tools Choosing the right garden tools can spare a lot of pain and money. Focus on the fundamental tools and purchase the best quality tools that the budget will allow. Size weight, task level, material, grips, handle length, and attachments are things to cons

Viscerosomatic Gut Bloating: Chiropractic and Nutritional Care

  Viscerosomatic Gut Bloating: Everybody has healthy bacteria in the gut, but it can get thrown off balance with unhealthy bacteria that start taking over. Stress, viruses, and antibiotics can disrupt healthy bacteria levels. The bacterial balance known as the microbiome in the intestines is an essential factor in body wellness. The connection between intestinal and overall health is an important one as the gut is responsible for producing serotonin , a primary chemical necessary for emotional wellbeing. A viscerosomatic reflex is an organ/s causing pain to show up in the area where the injured, infected, dysfunctional organ is or, as referred pain in other areas of the body. Stress and unhealthy foods contribute to weight gain, organ stress, and chronic pain. Viscerosomatic Gut Bloating Bloating Bloating is the feeling of pressure or gas in the abdomen. Distention refers to the physical expansion of the abdomen. However, these symptoms can present separately or in combination. Bloat

Poor Breathing Quality and Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

  The body is a set of complex systems, including bones, organs, nerves, muscles, and tissue. Breathing disorders are increasing, including chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and  other conditions . Viscerosomatic reflexes include poor breathing quality brought on by allergies, breathing disorders like COPD that can cause intense coughing, sneezing, hunching, arching of the back, and heaving that causes back pain and referred pain. The brain sends electronic impulses to the different areas of the body through the spine/nervous system. If the nerves get shifted, stretched, compressed, or knocked out of position, the brain could start sending messages of pain and discomfort, which can also cause other body systems to malfunction. If the body is constantly transmitting pain signals, it can disrupt sleep, dietary habits, and overall well-being. Misalignment can disrupt the information delivered by the nervous system, leading to inflammation, irritation, and imbalances in the body. Reg

Internal Abdominal Injuries Athletes and Chiropractic Medicine

  Children, teens, and adults participate in organized and recreational sports activities for fun, exercise, and social benefits. Individuals and parents are used to scrapes, bumps, bruises, sprains, and strains. However, internal abdominal injuries from the body colliding with another player or object are less common but dangerous. Abdominal injuries make up less than 4 percent of sports injuries but can be severe when they occur. These injuries are common in sports like wrestling, gymnastics,  soccer, basketball, football, skiing, snowboarding, BMX freestyle , motocross, skateboarding, ice/field hockey, and lacrosse. Early symptoms are not always obvious or apparent and can be mild or seem to go in a different direction away from the abdominal region, which is why it is essential to know what to look for. Internal Abdominal Injuries Athletes There are about 3oo 000 abdominal sports-related injuries. Kids and young athletes risk injuring their abdominal organs because their abdominal

Athletic Referred Pain Sports Chiropractor

  Referred pain is the interpretation of feeling pain in a different location than the actual cause . For example, a pinched nerve in the spine/back causes pain not to show up not where it is pinching but further down in the buttock, leg, calf, or foot. Similarly, a pinched nerve in the neck could translate to shoulder or elbow pain. Referred pain is often caused by the muscles overcompensating weaker ones, like feeling pain outside the knee, with the actual injury stemming from hip joint dysfunction caused by weakened lateral hip muscles. The athletic referred pain could have been brought on by an acute sports injury, an overuse injury from the repetitive motion/s. Athletic Referred Pain Somatic referred pain originates from the muscles, skin, and other soft tissues and is not to be confused with visceral pain , which refers to the internal organs/viscera. However, the pain presents in regions supplied by the same nerve roots. Damaged or injured body structures can cause referred pa

Causation Of Viscerosomatic Pain and Chiropractic Care

  A viscerosomatic response or VSR is when the internal organs are going through some distress, illness, or injury, causing pain symptoms. An example is the right shoulder presenting with pain when the gall bladder is inflamed. The pain signals are transmitted through the spinal cord, and the muscles in the area could spasm, creating sensitivity or pain when touched. However, viscerosomatic pain is often not worsened or changed by bending, reaching, or twisting in different directions causing musculoskeletal/MSK pain. Without a thorough exam, it's easy to confuse a VSR with an MSK or basic back ache . Individuals may sometimes feel visceral pain more through emotional symptoms like anger, anguish, or sadness than physical discomfort. Causation varies for everybody and can overlap with underlying conditions. Causation The visceral organs' pain receptors are not as tightly packed or evenly spread out, which makes finding the pain's source challenging to pinpoint.‌ The most

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