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Radial Nerve: Peripheral Upper Extremity

  The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that begin in the cervical/neck spinal cord and travel down the cervicoaxillary canal into the armpit. Forming in the area of the shoulder joint at the branch junction of the brachial plexus, the radial nerve extends down the arm, through the elbow joint, into the forearm, across the wrist, and tips of the fingers.  The nerves are susceptible to injury that can cause abnormal function leading to unusual sensations and impaired muscle function. Radial Nerve One of the major nerves of the upper extremity. There is one brachial plexus on each side of the body that carries the nerves to each arm. The radial nerve has two major functions. One is to provide sensations in the hands, forearms, arms, and fingers. The other is to deliver messages to muscles about when to contract. Motor Function The radial nerve transmits signals to the muscles of the back of the arm and forearm on when to contract. Individuals who have abnormal radial nerve function

Chiropractic Therapeutic Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment

  Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal system specialists that rehabilitate injuries, retrain healthy body posture, massage and relax the muscles to detoxify and rejuvenate tissue health, and realign the spine to restore the nervous system to optimal function . It is a form of complementary medicine that focuses on the relationship between the body's neuromusculoskeletal structures, addressing injuries, conditions, and ailments that cause the systems to malfunction and restoring them into harmony. Chiropractic Therapeutic Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment Chiropractors are licensed healthcare professionals who use various forms - hands, special instruments, or combination - of pressure to manipulate the body to relieve pain and discomfort symptoms from various injuries and conditions and improve overall health. Chiropractic is often used in conjunction with traditional medical care to treat health conditions that affect nerves, muscles, and bones. Chiropractic clinics often have a

Vertical Jump Increase and Improvement: El Paso Chiropractic Specialists

  For athletes, the vertical jump is a skill that can be increased and improved with proper training. To improve jumping abilities for sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, or track and field events such as the high jump it is necessary to do both strength and power training. Research has found certain key components can help athletes become better at jumping. There are different ways to improve an individual's vertical jump. Here we go over some of the most effective exercises including plyometrics , and exercises that build strength and power. Vertical Jump Increase and Improvement Jumping is an explosive movement.  To jump well, an individual needs a consistent powerful spring. This is achieved by training the explosive/fast-twitch muscle fibers with the ability to shorten and stretch dynamically. Upper body strength is important for creating upward momentum. Strength exercises involve slow, controlled movements like squats, lunges, and step-ups with weights. Power exerc

Factors That Cause Unhealthy Posture: El Paso's Chiropractic Injury Team

  Factors that cause poor unhealthy posture can be caused by the day-to-day effects of gravity on the body, personal, work, or sports injuries, illness, genetics, or a combination of these factors is also common. This leads to neck and back pain that leads to various musculoskeletal health issues. Achieving consistent healthy posture requires technique and practice. Practicing healthy posture is a physical fitness endeavor in which all the muscles support the skeleton in correct alignment that is stable and efficient and is present in stillness and in movement. Chiropractic treatment with massage and/or physical therapy can restore muscles back to optimal mobility and function . Factors That Cause Unhealthy Posture Factors that cause posture problems like back pain is often caused by issues with the strength and flexibility ratio between the body's muscle groups that hold the body upright. Injury Muscle Guarding After sustaining an injury, muscles can spasm to protect the injured

Easily Digestible Foods: EP's Functional Chiropractic Clinic

  With the summer heatwave blasting through, some individuals can experience digestive health problems. The relationship between the temperature outside and the temperature in the body translates to the digestive system. As the heat rises, it can make the digestive system slow down and become weakened feeling bloated, nauseated, and tired. The body's balance may feel off because the body lowers its internal temperature to protect itself. Individuals must be careful not to overload themselves with the wrong foods. One way to avoid problems and maintain digestion working smoothly is to eat lighter, eat smaller portions for each meal, and eat easily digestible foods. Doing this will allow the body will feel cooler, and maintain alertness and energy throughout the hot day. Easily Digestible Foods  Heat-related health issues can include: Loss of appetite Heartburn Acid buildup Abdominal pain Constipation Gastroenteritis Diarrhea Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Dehydration Heat exhaustio

Stiffness and Pain Developing In The Shoulder: EP Chiropractic Injury Specialists

  Stiffness and pain developing in the shoulder could be adhesive capsulitis, ( frozen shoulder ), a condition in the shoulder's ball-and-socket joint/glenohumeral joint. It usually develops over time and limits the functional use of the arm. The pain and tightness restrict arm movement, and the duration of symptoms can persist for 12-18 months. The cause is often unknown, but it is more common in individuals over 40, individuals with diabetes, thyroid disease, and cardiac conditions have an increased risk of developing the condition, and women tend to develop the condition more than men. Chiropractic treatment can be effective at relieving pain and expediting recovery. Stiffness and Pain The shoulder joint allows more movement than any other joint in the body. A frozen shoulder causes the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint to contract and form scar tissue. The capsule contraction and the formation of adhesions cause the shoulder to become stiff, restrict movement, and cause pa

Massage Gun Head Attachments: EP Chiropractic Specialists

  Massage guns can help relieve aching muscles and prevent soreness when used before and after physical activity, work, school, and exercise. They provide massage therapy benefits by targeting muscles with rapid burst pulses. Massage guns can be percussive or vibration -based. Percussive therapy helps increase blood flow to a targeted area, which reduces inflammation and muscle tension, and breaks up knots/trigger points that may have formed in the tissues from added stress or intense physical activity. One of the benefits is that they come with interchangeable massage gun head attachments that target different muscle groups and provide different types of massage. There are many types of interchangeable massage heads, we go over the most common to give a general idea of how they work. If experiencing joint pain, injury, acute muscle pain, or other musculoskeletal disorders, make sure to get clearance from a doctor before using a massage gun . Massage Gun Head Attachments The variations

Sacral Plexus Rundown: El Paso's Chiropractic Injury Specialists

  The lumbosacral plexus  is located on the posterolateral wall of the lesser pelvis , next to the lumbar spine. A plexus is a network of intersecting nerves that share roots, branches, and functions. The sacral plexus is a network that emerges from the lower part of the spine. The plexus then embeds itself into the psoas major muscle and emerges in the pelvis. These nerves provide motor control to and receive sensory information from portions of the pelvis and leg. Sacral nerve discomfort symptoms, numbness, or other sensations and pain can be caused by an injury, especially if the nerve roots are compressed, tangled, rubbing, and irritated. This can cause symptoms like back pain, pain in the back and sides of the legs, sensory issues affecting the groin and buttocks, and bladder or bowel problems. Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic can develop a personalized treatment plan to relieve symptoms, release the nerves, relax the muscles, and restore function. Sacral

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