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Ankle Instability

  The ankles provide an essential role in total body function. They work as a complex system within the feet to carry the body's weight and support movement. Any imbalance can cause ankle instability that can cause other areas of the body to go out of balance. This is most often caused by an injury, like an ankle sprain. If not properly addressed, it can lead to chronic instability and long-term health issues throughout the musculoskeletal system . Chiropractic treatment can rehabilitate ankle injuries, strengthen the muscles to prevent instability. Ankle Instability The entire body is an extensive, complicated, and interconnected system. Every part influences the next as individuals go about their everyday routines. Imbalances can occur in the spine, hips, legs, and knees, leading to limping, ankle pain, or injury. The most common causes of ankle instability include: Poor foot or ankle mechanics Knee or hip imbalances Ankle sprains Muscle strain Tendonitis Arthritis Fractures Chro

Chiropractic Reset For Jet Lag

  Chiropractic Reset: Traveling is not an easy adjustment as it disrupts the body's internal clock. When flying even just 3 hours, the body can start to experience symptoms like: Fatigue Confusion Insomnia Joint and muscle pain Stiffness Stomach problems Nausea Hunger Bad mood Not only is the flight a physical challenge, but so are the long lines, backed-up traffic, lost luggage, etc. All take a toll on the mind and body; a chiropractic reset can help restore the body's balance and energy levels. Jet Lag Jet lag happens when the brain region known as the hypothalamus or center that controls sleep cycles, appetite, and temperature conflicts with travel changes. A survey from international flight attendants found that despite being used to long air travel: 90% had fatigue over the first five days. 94% had a lack of energy/motivation. 93% had broken sleep. 70% had ear, nose, or throat issues. Scientists have estimated that it takes a full day to recover for every hour of time di

Changing Positions and Posture Throughout The Day

  Changing positions and posture. Individuals who have to sit at a desk, workstation, or cubicle for most of the day increase their risk of back pain, contributing to other health issues.   GetAmericaStanding.org reports the average adult sits for ten hours or more a day. Prolonged sitting at home and work without movement, physical activity, exercise can lead to issues like: Pain Irritability Cardiovascular problems Obesity Diabetes Long periods of inactivity are associated with increased mortality as sedentariness causes the same damage related to smoking and obesity. It can be challenging to find ways to remain active while sitting at work; this is where changing positions and posture, also known as dynamic sitting throughout the day, can help . Changing Positions and Posture Throughout the Day Constantly sitting in a chair means the body remains static, causing blood and energy circulation to slow down, stressing the body's muscles. Changing the body's positions regular

Mini Workouts Over The Day Just As Effective

  Trying to fit exercise into a busy day can be a struggle to find a 30–45-minute window. However, research has found that mini workouts and accumulated exercises over the day are as effective as one complete session. Studies show that short workout sessions take the place of one long workout by breaking up the routine into several small ones and are just as effective. Time of Exercise  According to the CDC and its Physical Activity Guidelines , adults should focus on a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise weekly, along with strength training at least two days per week. The workouts should focus on total-body targeting the major muscle groups. However, a long session can be broken up into several mini workouts to achieve the same benefits and achieve the same number of minutes. Benefits of Mini Workouts The benefits of short, multiple exercise sessions are that they provide increased flexibility in an in

Help Relieve Neuropathy Symptoms With Chiropractic

  Neuropathy is a painful condition that causes tingling, numbness, burning sensations in the hands and feet, and other symptoms throughout the body. Neuropathy can make life difficult. There is no cure for neuropathy, but symptoms can be managed with medications, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and pain relievers. Another treatment option to help relieve neuropathy symptoms is chiropractic. Symptoms Symptoms vary from individual to individual depending on their health condition and how the nerves have been impacted. Common symptoms include: Pain Numbness Tingling Pins-and-needles feeling when touching something hot or cold. Some individuals lose the sense of feeling like clothing on their body, even though it's rubbing against the skin but feel as if it is not there. Other changes can be familiar objects looking different than usual. Lessened or heightened sense of smell. Negative impact on mood. Protective Sheathing Of The Nerves Neuropathic pain is caused by damage and degener

Restore Range Of Motion With Chiropractic

  Moving every part of the body freely, without pain or stiffness, is necessary for a high quality of life . As the body ages, it begins to lose its natural flexibility. One of the most common problems with mobility and flexibility is tight and misaligned backs, shoulders, necks, and legs that can cause pain when moving. This means having a limited range of motion that can cause negative body compensation patterns that can lead to further dysfunction and injury. Maintaining healthy mobility requires a conscious effort to keep every joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon in shape. Chiropractic treatment can restore range of motion and strengthen the body. Restore Range of Motion Range of motion or R.O.M. is the measurement of movement around a joint or body part expressed in degrees. It is tied with the flexibility around a joint and plays a role in moving well without pain or discomfort. After an injury, trauma, or medical problem, the range of motion can be limited. Individuals with back

Preoperative Anxiety Spine Surgery

  Nervousness, fear, anxiety, and discouragement are common and natural feelings to have while awaiting surgery. Preparing for spinal surgery can cause individuals to experience what is known as preoperative anxiety . A study suggests that preoperative anxiety affects from 60 to 80% of individuals. There can be a lot of unknowns going into spinal surgery. Individuals can experience preoperative anxiety: Over the procedure itself. By imagining what could go wrong? How is the body going to recover? The temporary changes in functioning post-surgery. The post-surgical pain and discomfort. What will the results be? Learning how to decrease surgery stress will improve the procedure and recovery. There are ways to overcome this anxiety with tips from a pain psychologist.  Getting Educated and Informed A pain psychologist recommends spending as much time as needed to discuss the surgery with the surgeon/provider. Ask the doctor if it is possible to speak with other patients who have gone throu

Thoracic Upper Back Pain

  The thoracic upper back or middle back is designed for stability to anchor the rib cage and protect the organs within the chest. Compared to the neck and lower back, the upper back is highly resistant to injury and pain. When thoracic upper back pain does present, it is usually brought on from long-term poor posture or an injury that overwhelms the sturdiness. It is less common than lower back and neck pain, but it does affect around 20% of the population and primarily women. It can occur for a variety of reasons, and chiropractic treatment can bring long-term relief. Thoracic Upper Back Pain The thoracic upper back is crucial for various functions related to: Neural tissue health Organ protection Arm function Breathing mechanics Trunk support The delicate balance and function can create potential issues and imbalances, causing soreness, strain, and pain. Underlying causes for thoracic upper back pain include: Direct impact on the area. Injury from a fall, sports, or automobile acc

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