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Types of Vehicle Accidents and Crashes

  Common Types of vehicle/automobile crashes and accidents. Most accidents and crashes are caused by driving errors, recklessness, distraction, or disregard of traffic laws. Some accidents are caused by safety system failure or defective parts on the vehicle. Individuals can suffer severe and/or permanent injuries, even death.  Types of Accident/Crashes  Single Vehicle Accident This type of road, highway traffic accident where only one vehicle is involved. Most of these types of crashes are: Run-off-road collisions Collisions with fallen debris Rollovers Collisions with animals Side Impact/T-bone Collision  These accidents, also known as broadside or T-bone collisions, impact the side of one or more vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these crashes and accidents often happen at: Busy intersections Parking lots When a vehicle runs a red light, and a driver that has the green light gets slammed. These types of collisions account for a quarter of passenger

Maintaining Joint Health With Chiropractic

  Optimal joint health is vital to keeping the body moving. They allow us to function throughout the day and perform various tasks. When healthy joints become injured or damaged, the body loses mobility. Joint issues/pain primarily present in the shoulders, wrists, hands, knees, ankles, and spine. Healthy joints are necessary for the full range of motion and comfortable movement. To keep joints healthy and fully functioning, chiropractic treatment is recommended to alleviate joint pain and improve joint health. Joint Health  Joints are designed to provide a full range of motion for the body parts they affect. Joints are made to be able to endure weight and forces applied to them. Every joint consists of two surfaces that make contact. Types of joints include: Ball-and-socket in the hip Hinge joints in the knees and elbows. Gliding joints in the spine. The bones that make up the joint allow for movement, but the actual muscles pull the bones that generate movement. The muscles are at

Fibromyalgia Altered Pain Perception Processing

  Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain throughout the whole body. It causes sleep problems, fatigue, and mental/emotional distress. It affects around four million adults in the United States. Individuals with Fibromyalgia tend to be more sensitive to pain. This is referred to as abnormal/altered pain perception processing . Research currently leans towards a hyperactive nervous system as one of the most plausible causes. Symptoms and Related Conditions Individuals with fibromyalgia/fibromyalgia syndrome/FMS may have: Fatigue Sleep issues Headaches Concentration, Memory issues, or Fibro Fog Stiffness Tender points Pain Numbness and tingling in hands, arms, legs, and feet Anxiety Depression Irritable bowel syndrome Urinating issues Abnormal menstrual cramps Altered Central Pain Processing Central sensitization means that the central nervous system, made up of the brain and spinal cord, processes pain differently and more sensitively. For example, individuals with Fibromyalgia c

Walking With Correct Posture

  Most individuals don't think about how they walk or whether they are walking with the correct posture. Knowing how to walk with the proper technique and posture can help: Ensure the bones and joints maintain proper alignment. Decrease abnormal wear and tear on the joints, muscles, and ligaments from awkward positions. Prevent neck, back, hip, and leg pain. Reduce muscle aches and fatigue. Reduce injury risk. Improve balance, stability, and mobility. Walking with the correct technique and posture is not complicated but requires individuals to stay aware of standing and moving. Correct Posture Walking is a physical activity that involves the whole body. It helps to focus on each part of the body to understand how to walk correctly fully. Head-Up Focus on standing straight with the chin parallel to the ground and ears aligned above the shoulders. Imagine the head being pulled gently upwards by an invisible string attached to the sky/ceiling. This can help prevent dropping the head i

Healthy Dark Chocolate Benefits

  Chocolate is comfort food. When stressed out, frustrated it makes you feel better, and when things are great, it can make them even better. However, there is a difference between the chocolate bar candies on the store shelves and healthy chocolate. Unhealthy chocolate is full of sugar and fat that can cause health problems like acne, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Healthy dark chocolate can be eaten regularly in moderation to gain a variety of health benefits what to know as far as what type of chocolate should be eaten and how much. Healthy Dark Chocolate All the chocolate snacks, bars, minis, etc., contain added sugar, honey, and butter. These are not healthy for the body. Healthy dark chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa. Dark Chocolate Nutrition A 3.5 ounce - 100 grams dark chocolate bar contains: 11 grams of fiber 98% of recommended daily intake of manganese 89% of recommended daily intake of copper 67% of recommended daily intake of iron 58% of recommended daily i

Kinesiology, Kinesio, KT, Elastic Tape For Back Pain

  We see it on all types of athletes nowadays. They are wearing tape that looks like it's for an injury. It is for injuries, but it can also be used as a preventative measure to avoid injuries. It is known as Kinesiology, Kinesio, KT, and elastic tape. It reduces swelling, increases mobility, and expedites recovery. It can be beneficial with back soreness/pain. Tape When it comes to Kinesio tape for back pain, medical professionals reported the tape is most effective when incorporated with other pain treatments. A study found that taping various areas of the body safely relieved knee pain and reduced the need for pharmacological treatment for knee osteoarthritis. It is applied to the body to support a joint, improve circulation, or provide proprioception feedback to the brain. The tape can help increase awareness of a specific painful area, reminding the individual to maintain proper posture and not move in a way that causes pain. Online videos can teach how to tape a particular

Posture Exercises To Do At Work

  Posture exercises: It is easy to get into the bad habit of poor/improper posture, especially at work where an individual gets into a groove and continues without thinking about their posture. Not until discomfort and pain begin to present do individuals start thinking about what is causing the issues. This usually includes: Back pain Shoulder pain Neck pain Tight/Compressed spine They don't realize that all these issues are brought on by prolonged sitting and practicing improper posture.  Individuals that practice proper posture: Sleep better Move better Have reduced to no aches and pains Digestion improves Organ function improves Have better overall health Being aware of proper posture is the first step in being able to maintain it. When you feel the spine starting to curve, shoulders hunching, or the back sway, stop and take a moment to reposition the body back into proper alignment. Seated Posture Proper posture means sitting, standing, or walking in a position with little to

The Size of A Herniated Disc

  Herniated discs, although common, can be challenging to treat depending on the size. Over 3mm is considered a large herniated disc . However, it can progressively get more extensive, and this can cause severe side effects. The size can make the disc slip out of place and start compressing on surrounding nerves, leading to muscle weakness and nerve damage. X-Ray and MRI X-rays can’t detect herniated discs, and this is because they highlight calcium in the bones. Because the vertebral discs and the nearby nerves lack calcium, they don’t show up. They do help doctors see other problems that could be causing symptoms like a tumor. A herniated disc will show on an MRI and identify the size and position. Then a medical professional can get a closer look into the bone and surrounding nerves. Degenerative Disc Disease A herniated disc is not the same as degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease is when the cartilage and tissues around the disc wear out and down, causing the disc

Calf Soreness, Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

  Calf pain is common in individuals that are on their feet for long periods. This could be standing, walking, as part of a job or jogging, and running. In most cases, calf soreness and/or pain result from repetitive/overuse strain/injury/tear of the calf muscles. Pain along with stiffness presents with physical activity, exercise, movement. Chiropractic treatment and Active Release can help alleviate and eliminate calf pain. Calf  Muscles The calf muscle is in the back of the lower leg, behind the shin bone, and consists of three muscles.  The calf muscle supports the body when standing and enables movement of the foot and lower leg. The calf muscles support the body when: Walking Running Jumping Standing on the toes. Flexing the foot - lifting the toes toward the knee. It helps push the body forward and allows jumping, ankle rotation, and flexing of the foot. Causes, Conditions, and Disorders The overuse of the calf muscles usually causes calf soreness, discomfort, and pain. Over ti

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