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Type 2 Diabetes: Nutrition & Environmental Factors

To start out, it should be noted that research has been constantly connecting all chronic health conditions with a link to poor nutrition and environmental factors. Secondly, the ability to have mobility and connection between the joints, the brain, and the organs plays a large factor in disease state as well. Lastly, we see the connection with the exercise, sunshine, chemical exposure, and gene expression as the third major key role in chronic health conditions.  Although there have been over 125 clinical disease-related conditions linked to inflammation, this article specifically focuses on blood sugar regulation and type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 Diabetes To begin, it should be noted that those who have a fasting blood glucose level of over 126 are classified as diabetic. Additionally, to determine how much glucose interaction there is in the blood we run an HbA1c. This test measures 3 months of red blood cells. Traditionally, a normal A1C is 5, pre-diabetics is 5.7, and type 2 diabetes

Epigenetics: Stress In Relation To Chronic Disease

The term allostatic load refers to any type of stress occurring in the body for long periods of time. Types of stress we encounter daily from environmental stress or psychological stress have the ability to alter the way our body operates. Stress is directly linked to causing inflammation. Inflammation throughout the body leads to insulin resistance, leaky gut, rheumatoid arthritis , and essentially all chronic diseases.  Stressors When patients come to us with symptoms, they present with a collection of signs. Although these signs and symptoms may have started to present themselves in the last few months, the inflammation and allostatic load have been building up inside their bodies for years. There are deep interconnections throughout the entire body, no one system operates alone. This is to be heavily considered when creating a treatment plan for someone with a heavy allostatic load. One of the reasons inflammation gets so bad is because when a stressor is present in the body, the b

Eating Right and Healing Quick, Post Spine Surgery El Paso, TX.

Getting back to the house and eating a regular meal post a spinal operation is one of those moments when more is better . This means more: Calories Protein Healthy foods to help the body recover quicker The time after neck or back surgery is not only a time for the spine to heal, but for the entire body to go through a recovery process. It is a generally slow progression, but once you are able to eat normally, a high-quality diet/meal plan will help ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. The first few days after arriving home there could be nausea, which is common coming out of anesthesia and beginning pain medication. Appetite could be diminished , which is just fine because the gastrointestinal tract needs time to get back functioning properly after spine surgery. A positive sign that the digestive system is beginning to work properly is the ability to pass gas . Recovery in a hospital, the surgical team slowly transitions from a clear l

How Epigenetics Affects Personalized Nutrition

Healthcare professionals commonly give nutritional recommendations based on an entire population, only sometimes changing these according to age, sex, and pregnancy. Over the last 20 years, however, an increase in research studies has demonstrated that epigenetics can ultimately affect nutrition and even increase the risk of developing a variety of health issues, including oxidative stress and inflammation. Recent advances in technology are also currently being used to help healthcare professionals understand how nutrigenomics can affect an individual’s overall health and wellness. Several research studies have also demonstrated that single nucleotide polymorphisms can explain the risk for individual complex disease traits. A single-nucleotide polymorphism, or SNP, is a substitution of a nucleotide that happens in the genome. Moreover, further research studies can be utilized to explain the variation in health issue risk based on nutrition and genome. The purpose of the follow

Homocysteine & Its Heavy Impact

It is without a doubt that any imbalance in the body has a direct relationship influencing other body systems. Similar to many aspects in biochemical pathways, there needs to be a distinct concentration of input to output. Too much or too little production derails metabolic pathways quickly. However, research is finding that methyl groups and homocysteine metabolism have a profound effect on health and disease when disrupted.  What Is Homocysteine?  Homocysteine is a natural byproduct of SAM reactions, including the ones involved in the epigenetic regulation of DNA silencing. When homocysteine levels become overly elevated we see chaotic effects regarding our health and disease state. Homocysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that we obtain through the metabolism of methionine. Methionine is activated via MAT to generate SAM. SAMe is found in all living cells where it is a methyl donor to over 100 reactions. Methyl groups that are created from SAM are further used in creatine, pho

CBD Oil for Back Pain and Added Health Benefits El Paso, TX.

CBD or cannabidiol oil is not medical marijuana and will not get an individual high, stoned, etc. It has shown to give many individuals relief from back pain. Many natural food stores offer cannabis oils or CBD oils. Marijuana dispensaries, also sell CBD oils/products. And you can also buy CBD oil and products online. What exactly is this type of treatment? And can it really help with back pain? CBD Oil CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, that contains known two chemical compounds: Cannabidiol (CBD) Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) . Both of these compounds have shown a variety of possible health benefits, which include back pain relief. It is only the THC that can get someone high. Medical marijuana and CBD are two different compounds . Medical marijuana contains THC. CBD oils and products do not contain THC . Those that use CBD oil claim that it helps with a variety of health issues, from: Anxiety Headaches Chronic diseases Nausea Sleep dis

Mitochondrial Dysfunction & The Nervous System

The mitochondria is the “powerhouse of the cell”. It obtained this nickname by being the creator of ATP, or the energy our body produces to carry out functions. However, the mitochondria is responsible for so much more than that. More recently, studies have been showing a link between mitochondrial health and degenerative age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and others. Mitochondrial dysfunction can be linked and grouped into three categories: neurodegenerative diseases , immune diseases, and hepatic diseases.  More About Mitochondria Way back when, it is believed that a large prokaryotic organism ingested mitochondria and rather than digesting them, decided to keep them around due to the increased amount of energy they received and their new ability to take in oxygen. The mitochondria is also the only organelle that possesses its own DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is highly important as it codes specific enzymes that allow the mitochondria to properly function.  The mito

Functional Neurology: Inflammation, The Nervous System, and Oxidative Stress

We have found that approaching the body as a whole rather than treating it as compartments gives patients the most relief. This is due to the fact that we are not band-aiding symptoms, but treating the issue at its cause. As research develops, it is found that over 125 clinical conditions have been identified as having inflammation along with oxidative stress as a contributing factor to the diagnosis.  Inflammation Part 1 The nervous system and the immune system are closely intertwined. If there is an abnormality with one, the other will be affected. Neurological symptoms include fatigue, poor mood, cognitive impairment, and lack of motivation whereas immune symptoms involve being sick in general or cold/flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are not the problem, but rather a reaction to what is happening further down in the body systems. When inflammation is present, it will always affect all other symptoms of the body. With inflammation, we are quick to see oxidative stress follow.  The

Utilizing Hot Baths to Relax Back Tension, Soreness, and Pain El Paso, TX.

Chiropractor, Dr. Alex Jimenez shares some how-to advice on taking hot baths for back tension and pain . A bath can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience in self-care for back pain . There are medical benefits from taking a hot bath , as well. A hot bath can be extremely helpful when it comes to back pain. Dr. Jimenez helps his patients with spinal ailments and conditions that range from arthritis, degenerative disc disease to nerve compression, sciatica, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, etc . In addition to chiropractic, physical therapy, diet, and exercise , he has also seen the power of home remedies, like a hot bath. There are scientific studies that have shown how hydrotherapy can relieve back pain. Dr. Jimenez describes a hot bath as a muscle-relaxing stimulus . It opens up the muscles, which allows more blood to flow through, which in turn helps to heal injury/s, tightness, and soreness . It helps to clean out lactic acid , which is known to cause muscle

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