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Biocentrism as a Part of Integrative Medicine | Chiropractic Care Clinic

The expression biocentrism encompasses all environmental integrity that extend the status of things from human beings to all living organisms. Biocentric ethics involves a rethinking of the relationship between nature and humans. Biocentrism beliefs state that nature doesn't exist simply to be used or consumed by people, but instead, that people are simply one species amongst many, and that since we are a part of an ecosystem, those activities that can negatively affect the living systems of which we're a portion of can negatively influence us as well. Much of the history regarding biocentric ethics can be understood concerning an expanding array of values. As environmental issues, such as human population growth, waste disposal, and resource depletion have begun to become a growing issue for society, several ethicists argued that value ought to be extended to include future generations of human beings. It's been argued under biocentrism that individuals should expa

Biocentrism, Chiropractic and Nutrition | Recommended Chiropractor

Biocentrism is the ethical perspective with the moral standing or holding that all life deserves equal, ethical consideration and value. Although components of biocentrism can be discovered in spiritual traditions, it was not until the late decades of the 20th century that the topic was dealt with by philosophical ethics in the Western tradition in a systematic method. As a normative theory, biocentrism has practical implications for human behaviour. The good of all living beings generates responsibilities on the part of human beings. Biocentrism may best be viewed as a means with which to follow and not as a set of rules to approach life. Approaching any and every living being with awe and humility can help to make life more purposeful, and it is in this manner that with which humans interact with other beings. Biocentric ethics can help to develop a group of attitudes and habits. Biocentrism and Chiropractic Perspective Following a biocentric ideal, in order for humans t

Common Causes of Federal Employee Injuries | Central Chiropractor

Federal employees face the same injury risks as those in the private industry and different areas of the public sector. Those risks can be serious. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that approximately 124 federal employees suffered fatal accidents in 2013. Based on the BLS, the top causes of fatal injuries among workers are: A federal worker who suffers a job-related private injury or illness (or even families of these employees who have been lost) can seek benefits through the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA). These benefits include coverage of wages that are lost because of permanent or temporary disability. They also have death benefits for eligible survivors. The following is a closer look at the most common leading causes of accidents among federal employees: Transportation Incidents Many federal jobs require travel between offices or even as a main function of the job. Postal work is the apparent example. Truck and car accidents, which ar

Biocentrism and How it Applies to Health Care | Biocentric Chiropractic

In the last few decades, important puzzles of mainstream science have generated a re-evaluation of the nature of the world which goes far beyond anything we could have imagined. A more precise comprehension of the planet requires that we believe it is biologically centered. It's a very simple but wonderful notion that Biocentrism tries to clarify. Knowing this fully yields answers. This new version, blending physics and biology rather than keeping them separate, and placing observers to the equation, is called biocentrism. Its requirement is driven in part by the attempts to make a theory of everything, an overarching view. What's Biocentrism? Biocentrism, in an ecological and political sense, as well as literally, is a moral standpoint that extends value that is inherent to all things. It's an understanding of how the earth works as it relates to biodiversity. It stands in contrast to anthropocentrism, which centers only on humans value. The biocentrism extends

State/Federal Employees and Back Injuries | El Paso Chiropractor

Federal employees who suffer with an on-the-job injury which prevents them from working are usually eligible for compensation benefits. The specific types and amounts of compensation depend on the employee's line of work, how the injury occurred and the severity of the work injury. In these situations, gains are available for employees. In every case, employees who qualify for benefits have to apply to them and prove their eligibility. Mistakes in the often-confusing program procedure can result in a claim being denied, causing you and your family delays and frustration. Back Injuries and Federal Employees There's a significant amount of lost productivity at federal offices every year due to back injuries. In reality, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that more than 600,000 employees suffer a back injury each year. This kind of disability may result from repetitive motions over long intervals or continual strain on muscles and skeletal structure until pain or re

FECA: Injury Compensation for State & Federal Employees | Chiropractic Care

Federal employees that are injured at work do not get benefits through workers' comp insurance or their nation's workers' comp program. Instead, federal employees receive workers' compensation benefits through the Federal Employees Compensation Act, abbreviated as FECA, except for railroad workers, longshoremen, black lung coal miners, and refuge workers (that are insured under their own national laws for workers' compensation). Members of the USA armed forces are also not considered federal employees for purposes of FECA. FECA provides benefits and injury compensation for workers injured on the job, or even if their injury happened during the course and scope of their employment offsite. FECA covers both injuries and occupational diseases that arise over time work conditions. The United States Department of Labor, through the Office of Worker Compensation Programs, administers the workers' comp benefits provided by the Federal Employees Compensation Act

Ketogenic Diets and Athletic Physical Performance | El Paso

Ketogenic and low-carb diets ahave been around for quite a while, and these share similarities with paleolithic diets. Studies have shown that lower-carb diets can help you lose weight and improve various health markers. On the other hand, the evidence on muscle growth, performance and strength is mixed. This report takes a thorough look in low-carb/ketogenic diets and physical performance. Low-Carb and the Ketogenic Diet The tips for a low-carb diet change between studies. According to research, low-carb is generally classified as less than 30 percent of calories from carbohydrates. Most typical low-carb diets consist of 50 to 150 g of carbohydrates each day, a high amount of protein and also a moderate-to-high fat intake. Yet for some athletes, "low-carb" can still mean over 200 grams of carbs every day. By comparison, a well-formulated ketogenic diet is more restrictive, usually consisting of just 30 to 50 grams of carbs every day, together with a very high fat

Keto Diet: Ketones vs Glucose for Brain Function | Advanced Nutrition

Ketosis is a metabolic state where the liver takes proteins and fat and produces molecules to use for energy. Ketosis allows a starving person to survive for days (or even months). Some athletes see improvements while others feel miserable whenever they are in a condition that is ketogenic. Is a ketogenic diet right for you? Ketogenic Diet and the Brain Your brain is about 2 percent of your body mass, even though it requires approximately 20 percent of your basal metabolic rate, more if you are a thinker. Various parts of your brain use different amounts of glucose, and almost twice as much in the morning. You will need to fuel your mind more if you are using your mind working hard through the day and solving problems. If you're working more on engine control, (state a skill involving precision or equilibrium), then you will use less glucose. Many people can attest to how much energy is used by the brain when challenged. Although sugar is run off by our brains rather tha

10 Common Ketogenic Diet Mistakes for Athletes | Advanced Fitness

Since ketones are a preferred fuel for the heart and the diaphragm, and because a state of ketosis may provide extreme focus and cognitive performance during difficult mental activities, a ketogenic diet can be extremely useful for endurance athletes such as triathletes, distance swimmers, cyclists, marathoners, ultra-runners, etc.. Problem is, there are not a ton of tools out there about how highly active people can really get into a state of ketosis. In this guide, author, triathlete, and ketogenic expert extraordinaire Patricia Daly explains how to do things the ideal way. Patricia just finished writing an amazing publication called "Practical Keto Meal Plans For Endurance Athletes: Tips, Tricks And How To's For Optimizing Performance Using A High Fat, Low Carb Meal Plan", and she has a wealth of information on this topic. So in this article, you're going to get the top 10 mistakes low-carb athletes make. Mistake #1: Being Scared of Fat The ketogenic d

Shoulder Injuries: Prevention Guide

Shoulder chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez examines the latest research into shoulder problems and gives practical advice on achieving balanced upper-body development. Chronic shoulder injury is a common issue, and not only for athletes. Among the people at large, day-to-day activities such as DIY or gardening can produce chronic pain, as may resistance work at the gym, when weightlifters pile on the weight without paying attention to the demand for balanced strengthening. Adults beyond age 50 are more vulnerable to general to rotator-cuff tears, the incidence increasing with age(1). One large group, known as 'overhead athletes', are at increased risk of chronic shoulder injuries. The overhead group covers a broad array of sports such as swimming, tennis, cricket, javelin and baseball, all of which include variations on the standard throwing activity where the arm moves over the head (see below). The throwing movement recruits a large number of muscles and unite

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