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Body Flexibleness: Decompression

  Body Flexibleness: The body loses a small amount of flexibility during normal aging. Decreased body flexibility can negatively impact everyday life by preventing normal function. If the muscles are not taken through their full range of motion to maintain length, strength is lost, and decreased flexibility increases . This can happen from: Water loss in the tissues and spine. Increased stiffness in the joints. Loss of elasticity throughout the muscle tendons and surrounding tissues. Body Flexibleness Individuals of all ages struggle with flexibility, but there is a difference in age stiffness . However, a sedentary lifestyle can make everyday activities feel more strenuous than before. Less flexibleness can also cause pain. For example, if the muscles in the front of the legs become tight, it can limit movement in the pelvis and hips, leading to low back pain. Several problems can result from decreased flexibility, including: Shorter steps while walking. Slower walking speed. Back pa

Spinal Decompression and Digestion

  Spinal decompression and Digestion . No one wants to worry about stomach issues. A rich and unhealthy diet can cause digestive issues, stomach pain, and back pain. This can turn into a severe chronic condition; studies have found links between spinal problems and gastrointestinal tract symptoms , which include: Abdominal pain that radiates. Constipation. Difficulty controlling bowel movements. Diarrhea. Nausea. Vomiting. Chiropractic treats the spine that is essential to the function of the central nervous system, which is responsible for digestion . When the nervous system is not functioning correctly, the other systems begin to malfunction. Chiropractic manual and motorized spinal decompression can help with digestion by releasing trapped gas from joints while improving blood circulation that is natural and non-invasive. Spinal Decompression and Digestion Spinal alignment and digestion are closely connected . The nerves in the thoracic and lumbar regions affect digestion. When the

Health Consequences From Poor Posture

  Posture is the positioning of the body. There are two types of posture. Dynamic posture is how individuals position themselves when moving, like walking, running, or bending to lift an object. And static posture is how individuals position themselves when not in motion, like standing, sitting, or sleeping. Minimal stress is applied to the muscles and joints when practicing healthy posture . High-stress work and school combined with unhealthy body positions can cause health consequences to the spine, extremities, and musculoskeletal imbalances. Health Consequences Poor postures do not always present with spine or extremity pain right away. This is because individuals will feel discomfort and have the strength and mobility to correct unhealthy/awkward positions and minimize stress. However, eventually, the pain will begin to present as the muscles and joints can only take so much that the ability to correct poor positioning does not matter as there is a developing injury taking pl

Leg Injuries Car Accidents and Crashes

  Individuals drive to jobs, to school, run errands, take road trips, spending a lot of time on the road. Accidents and crashes happen more frequently with all kinds of injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission has found that 37% of car accidents and crashes involve leg injuries and damage. Chiropractic physical rehabilitation and functional medicine can help heal injuries getting the individual back to everyday life. Leg Injuries Common leg injuries include: Bruising and Cuts Bruising and cuts are typical from the impact and the body getting slammed around. Lacerations can be noticed right away, but bruising comes from blood pooling underneath the skin and can take time to present, possibly 24 to 48 hours. Most bruises and cuts heal independently from home first aid care. A standard recovery used to take care of bruising is R.I.C.E or rest, ice, compression, and elevation . This helps the healing process; however, if the injury/s are more severe, chiropractic can help

Spinal Stress Nerve Injury

  Spinal stress can affect nerve health. Neuropathy happens when disease or damage is sustained in the nerves that transmit messages from the brain through the spinal cord to the whole body. The source of the damage can be inside the spine, where a herniated disc could be squeezing the nerves, impeding or completely blocking blood circulation until deterioration begins to disease or damage nerve receptors. Removing the pressure from the spine and reversing the stress on the nerves can be done through manual or motorized spinal decompression . Spinal Stress and the Nerves The peripheral nervous system is comprised of three types of nerves that are directly influenced by the central nervous system, each with a distinct function which is why there is a wide range of symptoms associated with neuropathy. The types of nerves include: Autonomic nerves regulate respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, bladder function, etc. Motor nerves control muscle movement. Sensory nerves

Sciatic Nerve Decompression

  Sciatica is experienced as lower back pain and pain that radiates down the back of the legs. It is pain caused by compression, irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It is generally experienced on one side of the body. Body movements like twisting, bending, sitting, or responses like coughing and sneezing can worsen the pain. Individuals with sciatica also experience muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, or electrical shock-like sensations. Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic offer manual and motorized sciatic nerve decompression to stretch/realign the spine, release the compressed nerves, and relieve pain. Sciatic Nerve Decompression The spine consists of 23 spinal discs that are shock absorbers for the body during movement. Each disc consists of a soft inner core of a gel substance and a thick outer layer. Wear and tear of the spinal discs from aging, degenerative disc disease, repetitive physical activities like lifting and bending, obesity, and po

Motorized Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

  Motorized non-surgical decompression helps relieve pain, removes pressure on the nerves, promotes healing, and increases blood flow to the spine. Spinal discs cannot attain nutrients from the blood without circulation. Decompression opens the spine, flooding the discs with nutrients that result in quicker and optimal healing. This, combined with manual chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage, can help get an individual to a pain-free lifestyle. Spinal Discs The soft disc material that separates each spinal bone can lose hydration, causing the material to dry out and compress. The discs can also compress from pressure from added weight, trauma from an automobile accident, work, school, and sports injury. Often the soft gel center of the discs spills out, causing a disc herniation . This is usually accompanied by: Numbness Tingling Soreness Stiffness Sharp pain Dull pain Achiness Muscle Weakness Stinging/Burning sensation Leg pain Poor balance These are often indicators of a

Lumbar Hyperextension Injury and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts work hard to stay in shape, but they are also at an increased risk for a lumbar hyperextension injury. Lumbar hyperextension injuries happen when the low back is bent backward repeatedly or overarches repeatedly. The repetitive stress can lead to severe complications and damage the nerves, vertebrae, and backbones. Motorized decompression therapy could be a treatment option. Lumbar Hyperextension Injury Injuries can be caused by overuse, improper mechanics and technique, lack of proper conditioning, insufficient stretching, or trauma . When looking for symptoms of lumbar hyperextension injuries, the first is low back pain that is severe and lasts at least a few days while becoming more intense with time. The lower back pain that worsens when extending, or arching the back, in addition to stiffness, muscle spasms, radiating buttock and thigh pain, tight hamstrings, and difficulty standing or walking, can be indicators of a lumbar hyperextension injury.

Spinal Decompression Institute

  Injury Medical Chiropractic Functional Medicine and Spinal Decompression Institute offer progressive technology to treat neck and back-related injuries, conditions, and disorders. We utilize a non-surgical spinal decompression system combined with chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage that combats back and neck pain. These combined techniques relieve nerve compression and separate the vertebrae in the back or neck to allow for optimal healing. Individuals suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, or pinched nerves can undergo decompression treatment to slow, stop, and reverse back issues. Spinal Decompression Institute The spine/back is a complex structure of joints, bones, ligaments, and muscles. Individuals can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, and irritate joints, leading to back issues and pain. Injuries from work, school, automobile accidents, and sports can lead to health issues that can become chronic and cause permanent damage. Mot

Spinal Decompression Nutrition

  Non-surgical spinal decompression relieves pain related to spinal conditions, injuries, and disorders that provides a comfortable, affordable alternative treatment option to costly and invasive surgical procedures. Non-surgical spinal decompression can also relieve pain associated with post-surgical rehabilitation. A key to successful outcomes is including added components of the treatment that includes spinal decompression nutrition. Spinal Decompression Nutrition Proper nutrition and a balanced diet are essential elements of overall health. Individuals suffering from herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerated discs, sciatica, and chronic low back and neck pain are often deficient in vitamins and minerals, leading to inflammation and pain. These deficiencies can cause or exacerbate the pain and prevent or slow down healing. The bones, muscles, and other structures in the spine need proper nutrition to be strong enough to support the body and perform functions optimally. A health co

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