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Whiplash Symptom Improvement with Chiropractic

For Questions Call/Text Dr. Jimenez Personally @ 915-540-8444 or Contact Us @ 915-850-0900 Whiplash refers to a soft-tissue injury of the cervical spine, or neck, caused by a strong, abrupt, back-and- forth movement of the head, typically caused by an automobile accident, although this type of injury can also be the result of a sports accident or other trauma. Several studies suggest that up to 43% of individuals generally suffer from long-term symptoms following a whiplash injury. The signs and symptoms for whiplash usually develop within 24 hours of the injury and they most commonly include neck pain and stiffness, headaches, as well as, tenderness and pain in the shoulders, upper back, or arms, and tingling or numbness on the arms. Further studies also suggest that of those individuals whom still experience symptoms after three months of the injury, almost 90% of the time, they will develop chronic whiplash symptoms. When the symptoms associated with this type of injury beg

Reducing Pre and Post-workout Knee Pain

For Questions Call/Text Dr. Jimenez Personally @ 915-540-8444 or Contact Us @ 915-850-0900 Individuals with a previous knee injury often describe feeling continuous symptoms for an extended period of time after the original trauma. Fortunately, the majority of knee injuries usually involve minor damage and injury to the ligaments of the knee. Most knee complications that chiropractic doctors and other medical specialists diagnose are often caused by stiffness and soreness that, when left untreated, can eventually lead to further complications on the knee and its surrounding tissues. Warming up the body before any workout is important to prevent injuries. Before starting a physical activity routine, stretching or simple exercises help warm up the knees by getting the fluid within them moving and lubricating the cartilage. First, begin by practicing several deep knee bends. Then, follow with knee rolls by bringing the feet close together, putting the hands on the knees and rotat

Core Strength and Performance

For Questions Call/Text Dr. Jimenez Personally @ 915-540-8444 or Contact Us @ 915-850-0900 When participating in any sport, core strength is crucial towards an athlete’s overall performance. The body’s core consists of the back and the abdominal muscles and for many athletes, this area can be a weakness. In runners for example, a strong core can prevent injuries to other joints including the hips and knees. In cyclists, a strong core is essential to apply power to each pedal. And finally, skiers depend on a strong core to allow them to continue supplying their body with energy for longer distances while reducing the effort on the rest of the body. Essentially, having a strong core helps stabilize the body to allow the individual to perform to their fullest capacity. Strong back and abdominal muscles ultimately improve agility, stamina, and strength. Increasing core strength to improve performance for any sport is not difficult, in fact, a regular routine of crunches togeth

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