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Osteopenia & Osteoporosis, Exactly What Is The Difference?

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are two very similar conditions, but one is more severe than the other. Both conditions are decreased bone density, but osteopenia is to a lesser degree than osteoporosis. Osteopenia is still a problem though because it can increase a person’s chances of breaking a bone due to bone fragility.

What are the symptoms? Osteopenia usually doesn't cause symptoms unless a bone is broken. However, some patients who present with osteopenia complain of dull back pain.
Symptoms associated with osteoporosis include the following:
Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebraLoss of height over timeA stooped postureA bone fracture that occurs much more easily than expected What are the causes and who is at risk? Women (primarily small-boned Caucasian and Asian) are most at risk for both conditions, primarily those who are age 65 or older as well as women who are postmenopausal. However, men can also be affected.

Anyone who meets any of the criteria for bein…

The Role of Methylation Adaptogens

Dr. Alex Jimenez Discusses the Role of Methylation Adaptogens When we support DNA methylation in the human body with high-dose supplements, such as folate and vitamin B12, essential nutrients in the production of methyl donor compounds, we are doing a lot to prevent methylation deficiencies. However, healthcare professionals suggest that we are not promoting methylation support by utilizing this approach.

Research studies evaluating the epigenome have demonstrated that both the increase and decrease of DNA methylation can cause health issues. DNA methylation imbalances can occur in different regions of the same gene. One area of the genome might be hypermethylated and turned off while another area of the genome might be hypomethylated and turned on.

Methylation imbalances in cancer cause tumor suppressor genes to become hypermethylated and turn off, allowing the tumor to continue to grow. Moreover, cancer-promoting oncogenes may also become hypomethylated and turn on, also allowing…

Spinal Abnormalities That Chiropractic Can Correct El Paso, Texas

Sometimes there are abnormalities of the spine that can cause misalignment of the natural curvatures or exaggerate the natural curvature. These unnatural curvatures of the spine are characterized by three health conditions called lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis.

The spine is comprised of vertebrae, small bones that are stacked on top of each other with impact cushioning discs between each one. These bones act as joints, allowing the spine to bend and twist in a variety of ways.

However, it is not intended to be naturally bent, twisted, or curved. The natural state of a healthy spine is somewhat straight with slight curves running front to back so that a side view would reveal them.

They gently curve, sloping slightly inward at the small of the back, and again slightly at the neck. The pull of gravity, combined with body movement, can put a great deal of stress on the spine and these slight curves help absorb some of the impact.

Viewing the spine from the back, you should see some…

*Neck* Pain Chiropractic Care | El Paso, Texas (2019)

Balanced nutrition and good lifestyle habits help promote optimal health and wellness. However, for people with neck pain, their painful symptoms may tremendously affect their ability to engage and participate in normal, everyday activities. Patients describe what their neck pain did to their quality of life.

Dr. Jimenez helps patients achieve neck pain relief by utilizing chiropractic care, a safe and effective, alternative treatment option which carefully corrects any spinal misalignments, or subluxations, which may be causing neck pain.

These patients are ever grateful for the help Dr. Jimenez gave them through his treatment and helped them recover their quality of life. They highly recommend Dr. Jimenez as the non-surgical choice for neck pain.
Injury Medical Rehabilitation & Integrative Medicine

We are blessed to present to you El Paso’s Premier Wellness & Injury Care Clinic.

Our services are specialized and focused on injuries and the complete recovery process. Our are…

What to Eat to Improve DNA Methylation Part 2

Dr. Alex Jimenez Discusses What to Eat to Improve DNA Methylation Methylation is an essential process which happens in every single cell of the human body. It is used to trigger a variety of bodily processes, such as creating and managing hormones and neurotransmitters, producing immune cells, and regulating the detoxification of exogenous chemicals, as well as developing histamine, among other fundamental processes. Methylation is important for cellular renewal to modify genetic expression.

By altering your nutrition and lifestyle habits you can improve your DNA methylation to promote your overall health and wellness. If people are diagnosed with a methylation deficit, such as an abnormal MTHFR gene or elevated homocysteine levels, you can safely and effectively increase your DNA methylation by eating a variety of healthy foods and drinks.

As previously mentioned, methylation support can be beneficial for a variety of health issues, including; aging, pregnancy preparation, pregnan…

What to Eat to Improve DNA Methylation Part 1

Dr. Alex Jimenez Discusses What to Eat to Improve DNA Methylation Methylation is a fundamental process which occurs in every cell of the human body. It is utilized to promote a variety of bodily processes, such as producing and regulating hormones and neurotransmitters, developing immune cells, and managing the detoxification of exogenous substances, as well as clearing histamine, among other essential processes. Methylation is also important for cellular renewal to help modify genetic expression.

By changing your diet and lifestyle you can optimize your DNA methylation to improve your overall health and wellness. If you have a methylation deficit, such as an altered MTHFR gene or increased homocysteine levels, you can improve your DNA methylation by eating a variety of healthy foods.

Methylation support can benefit many health issues, including; aging, pregnancy preparation, pregnancy lactation, prolonged strenuous physical activity, ADD/ADHD, addiction, allergies, Alzheimer's…

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