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How Custom Foot Orthotics Can Relieve Hip Pain El Paso, Texas

The hip joint is the body’s largest ball-and-socket joint that allows for fluid movement during running, walking, and more.

There is a cushion of cartilage that helps prevent friction when the hip bone moves.

The hip is durable, but with age and use, this cushion can wear down or sustain an injury. So can the muscles, tendons, and bones surrounding the hip, caused by several conditions. These include:
Arthritis, Avascular necrosis (or osteonecrosis)Certain cancersBursitisHip fracturesHip labral tearMuscle or tendon strainTendinitis Treating your hip is successful when the focus is on restoring the balance and function of the entire body. This starts from the ground up with the feet, beginning with chiropractic care plus custom orthotics have been proven to help, instead of merely reducing the pain and inflammation in the irritated areas.
Symptoms of Hip Pain Depending on the condition that's causing your hip pain, you might feel the discomfort in:
Inside of the hip jointOutside of …
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Plantar Fasciitis and Sciatica Symptoms

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of chronic heel or foot pain. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, approximately 2 million plantar fasciitis cases are diagnosed and treated each year. An estimated one in 10 people will develop plantar fasciitis at some point during their lifetimes. Moreover, plantar fasciitis accounts for between 11 and 15 percent of all foot symptoms, as demonstrated by research studies associated with the health issue. Most heel symptoms are caused by plantar fasciitis or the inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot.

What are the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis?
Plantar fasciitis is a foot health issue characterized by sharp, stabbing heel pain which generally manifests when a person gets out of bed in the morning or stands up after sitting for an extended period of time. Although the most frequent symptom of plantar fasciitis is shooting pain, the health issue may also cause swelling and inflammation in the heel. …

Chiropractic A Fantastic Choice For Preventative Care No Matter What Your Age

For many chiropractic patients, the first experience with chiropractic comes during early adulthood or middle age. Most adults seek out chiropractic care because they are in some sort of pain. If you are one of those that are new to chiropractic, its effectiveness may surprise you. Your next thought might be about how chiropractic could help others in your life—friends, family and more.

Fortunately, sharing chiropractic with your loved ones is easy because it is so well-suited to just about everyone. Whatever the age of the individual, chiropractic can be adapted to provide gentle preventative care and to improve overall health.
How Chiropractic Helps at Any Age A few visits to the chiropractor makes it pretty obvious that the practice can help you feel better, relieve pain, improve your mobility and just generally aid in your overall health. But what about your parents, grandparents, or children? Let’s look at the benefits for children and older adults:

Benefits of Chiropractic for …

Knee Pain and Sciatica

Many individuals assume that knee pain is always associated with knee joint health issues. However, according to healthcare professionals, knee pain can also occur due to spine health issues. While pain and discomfort can be the result of a knee problem, it can also be the result of a herniated disc or a pinched nerve root, commonly the sciatic nerve, in the lower back.

If healthcare professionals suspect that the patient's knee pain is due to another underlying health issue, they will perform a diagnosis utilizing a variety of evaluations to determine the source of the patient's knee pain. The purpose of the article below is to describe how low back pain and sciatica can also cause knee pain as well as other painful symptoms.

Sciatica, Low Back Pain and Knee Pain
The sciatic nerve, the largest and longest nerve in the human body, extends from the lower back, or lumbar spine, and travels down the buttocks, hips, and thighs into the legs, knees, and feet. With age or due to …

How Chiropractic Treatment Keeps The Joints of The Spine Healthy El Paso, Texas

Healthy joints have obvious benefits, including aiding in movement, keeping you flexible and allowing you to stay active. The health of some of your joints is readily apparent—you only have to bend your knees, ankles, elbows or wrists to see how they are functioning at any given moment. But there are some joints in your body that are even more important, although you may not be as aware of them. The joints in your spine, where each vertebra connects to another, are vital to the normal, healthy function of your body. Without healthy spinal joints, you can expect pain and loss of mobility, among other unpleasant symptoms.

Fortunately, keeping your spinal joints healthy is made much easier with regular chiropractic care. Periodic visits to your chiropractor will help you keep your spine operating as well as it possibly can, year in and year out!

Ways that Chiropractic Aids Spinal Joint Health
1. Increasing circulation. Stiffness in the spine can be caused by a variety of issues, includi…

Hip Pain and Sciatica

People will often visit the doctor looking for hip pain relief while other people will often attempt to take care of it themselves. Hip pain can frequently occur due to an injury or underlying condition as well as a variety of health issues. However, not many people who visit the doctor or attempt to take care of their hip pain expect it to originate as a result of sciatica. Many people's misunderstanding concerning the origin of their pain is due to not understanding back and hip anatomy.

Understanding Back Pain
Because of the complexity of the spinal cord and its nerve roots, back pain can often radiate or travel down buttocks, hips, and thighs, sometimes even extending as far down into the legs, knees, and feet.  Sciatica, or sciatic nerve pain, is a collection of symptoms, rather than a single injury or underlying condition, caused by the compression or impingement of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is characterized by pain, tingling sensations, and numbness along the length of …

What To Know About Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and Chiropractic El Paso, TX.

Asking questions is the best way to learn, of course, and chiropractic patients often ask questions about some of the health issues they face. Some chiropractic patients are curious about back problems, for example, because chiropractors are well known for being extremely knowledgeable when it comes to spine health and the musculoskeletal system. A few chiropractic patients want to know about TMJ disorders.

Here are a few of the most common things chiropractic patients want to know about TMJ disorders.
Chiropractic Patients Most Frequently Asked Questions about TMJ Disorders What is a TMJ disorder? A TMJ disorder affects the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is the joint where the jawbone connects to the head, just in front of the ear. The bones and muscles of the TMJ allow the jaw to move up and down, and side to side, enabling a person to talk, chew and yawn.

TMJ disorders (TMDs) can cause pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control the movement of the jaw.

How common …

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