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Nerve Flossing Exercises for Sciatica

  Traditional medical treatment for sciatica can sometimes be not as effective or ineffective for individuals, but nerve flossing is an option that could help . Flossing is not something individuals expect to hear from a medical professional treating their sciatica. However, when sciatica does not respond to common treatment methods like light physical activity or medications , a physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist might suggest combining traditional treatment with nerve flossing to alleviate sciatic nerve pain. Nerve Flossing The nerves can get jammed/stuck between the tissues and are not able to move, flex as they should. Nerve flossing involves performing gentle exercises to mobilize and stretch the nerves that help reduce irritation, inflammation, and improve mobility, especially in the hips. Nerve flossing is also known as: Neural gliding Nerve gliding Nerve mobilization The exercises can be done at home with no equipment and simple instructions. When used in combina

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Self Cracking and Self-Popping The Spine

  Self-cracking and popping the spine can feel good but should it be done without professional/chiropractic assistance ? We’ve all done it getting up from bed or the couch, lean back, and wait for the sound of the spine cracking/popping. Some even have a friend help pop the spine to get that satisfying feeling. There are proper stretching techniques to follow , but cracking the spine without professional help is not recommended as it could lead to problems or worsen any underlying spinal issues. Sounds Self cracking, popping the spine refers to the sounds the neck or back make with certain movements. The joints in the spine contain fluid and gas. When the body moves, stretches can create cracking popping sounds as different pressures are exerted. The sound is known as joint cavitation , is the normal exchange of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide around the joints. Spaces form in the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints. These spaces make an audible sound when the pr

Whiplash, How Long Does It Last?

  Motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, work injuries, and falls are a few causes of whiplash. It is a condition that affects over 1.5 million individuals. It can cause serious side effects that can last for months and sometimes years . If not treated, the symptoms can worsen and lead to chronic conditions and pain. Mild Whiplash Mild whiplash can last around three months. During this time individuals might notice other symptoms other than neck pain that includes: Dizziness Headaches Tinnitus Insomnia Concentration problems In certain cases, these symptoms happen immediately or they can be delayed. Severe Whiplash Severe whiplash means symptoms last longer than three months. The side effects can progressively go away or may not disappear at all. Severe whiplash falls in the whiplash classification of three to four. This indicates that there is a: Loss of motion Neurological problems Fracture/s Taking Time Off Work Taking time off work for a whiplash injury depends on how severe

Seeing A Chiropractor Regularly for Injury Prevention and Maintenance

  Seeing A Chiropractor Regularly for Injury Prevention and Maintenance. A common question that comes up is how often is it necessary to visit a chiropractor? Everyone is different and the frequency of treatment depends on each individual's specific situation/condition, health goals, and needs. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that can help get an idea of what to expect. Seeing a Chiropractor Chiropractors are the top experts in addressing underlying issues concerning the spine and musculoskeletal system . The most common reasons for seeking chiropractic treatment are musculoskeletal : Conditions Injuries - work, sports, automobile, personal Rehabilitation Pain relief Fitness Chronic fatigue Brain fog Sleep problems As an example , back pain is one of the top causes of disability . The workforce and medical community are seeing the effectiveness of chiropractic in reducing medical costs and loss of productivity. Spinal misalignment is an overlooked problem that can lead

Tight Hip Flexors and How To Release

  Tight hip flexors are a common complaint among individuals. Sitting for too long is the usual suspect, but highly active individuals can experience tightness. Here is a hip flexor test to determine if there is tightness: Lie on back on a table or bench Let the lower part of the legs hang off the side at the knees Pull one knee up to the chest while keeping the head, shoulders, back, and hips in contact with the table/bench The other leg will stay in contact with the table/bench with the knee at a 90-degree angle if the hip flexors are not tigh t If they are tight, the other leg will come up from the table/bench, causing the knee to come out of the 90-degree angle Perform on both sides, because one hip flexor could be tighter than the other However, if the hip flexors are not tight but there is still discomfort, soreness then the most common cause is weak hip flexors. Why Hip Flexors Become Tight Figuring out what’s making them so tight varies from person to person. Some individuals

Personal Injury Chiropractic Specialist and Common Injuries

  Most individuals see their family physician or general practitioner after an automobile accident or other common personal injury/s . However, seeing a chiropractor is more beneficial. Chiropractors specialize in treating, rehabilitating, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system after different types of personal injuries. Auto accidents are the most common personal injuries. The next most common type of injury comes from slip and fall accidents. These accidents are a leading cause of hip and head injuries. A chiropractor can help with injuries that involve the : Muscles Tendons Joints Ligaments Hips Neck Shoulders Spine Nervous System Chiropractors are specifically suited to help individuals recover after one of these accidents. Because of this individuals are turning to chiropractic treatment after an auto accident or a slip and fall accident. Who pays for chiropractic treatment after an accident? There are many different factors that determine who pays for chiropractic treatm

Vitamin D For Bone Health and Injury Prevention

  Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine pill, can help keep the musculoskeletal system healthy and prevent injury by keeping the bones strong . In recent years, vitamin D has been praised for its various benefits, like helping to treat Seasonal affective disorder and in the regulation of calcium. Vitamin D deficiency can lower the effectiveness of an individual's immune system. A 2010 study confirmed a positive association between vitamin D deficiency and various types of nonspecific bone pain . Daily vitamin D supplement intake can help alleviate painful, bone-related conditions, including back pain. Vitamin D Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and hormone-type compound that has multiple functions in the body . Low vitamin D levels have been identified as a risk factor and associated with chronic diseases that include: Osteoporosis Fractures Autoimmune disorders Upper respiratory infections Rickets and asthma in children Vitamin Supplementation Can Help The vitamin has been p

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