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Muscle Strength Chiropractic Fitness and Optimal Health

  Muscle strength can mean different things to different people. But in general, the body's muscles need to be strong and agile enough to endure work, sports, and regular physical daily activities . Exercise and chiropractic fitness complement each other with strong evidence supporting exercise as being as effective as other non-surgical treatments for low back pain .     A chiropractic fitness treatment program is highly effective for increasing core muscle strength and reducing acute lower back pain . This combined with light aerobic exercise helps with digestion, keeps the muscles toned, and promotes better circulation . An acute and chronic low back pain treatment/management plan could include: Chiropractic manipulation/balancing Massage therapy to keep muscles loose and circulation moving Core strengthening with an exercise regimen - Example could be walking around the neighborhood, core strengthening , yoga, and more. Stretching regimen Injury prevention guidelines Healt

Myofascial Chains, Body Instability, and Chiropractic Manipulation

The body is made up of muscles and fascia that can be thought of as myofascial chains or linked muscular tissue systems . When the fascia is healthy it is smooth and flexible . The fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that envelopes and holds each: Organ Blood vessel Bone Nerve fiber Muscle   The tissue provides and supports the body's internal structure. However, the fascia is also made up of nerves that can be as sensitive as the skin . Stress, injury, strain, overuse, etc can cause it to tighten up . The fascia can appear as a large sheet of tissue. But it is made up of multiple layers with hyaluronan fluid that lubricate s and increases the elasticity of the surfaces . It is made to stretch with movement. It can dehydrate, tighten around the muscles, limiting mobility, and causing painful knots to develop.     Symptoms Symptoms can be felt throughout the body's myofascial chains, but are often intensified in the lower back and neck. They include: Aching musc

Chiropractic Alignment Can Help With Acid Reflux and Digestive Problems

  Acid reflux is a common digestive problem. It happens when the stomach acid flows back into the esophagus or food pipe and irritates the lining. Sensations of burning discomfort in the abdomen and chest are also known as heartburn. Other digestive problems include : Heartburn that can be chronic or short-term Constipation Diarrhea Irritable Bowel Syndrome   If there are two or more episodes a week, it can be diagnosed as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease/GERD . Symptoms usually present after eating. And symptoms can be especially pronounced if an individual lies down soon after. Additional symptoms can include: Feeling that the throat is blocked Acidic taste in the mouth Bad breath Pressure in the upper abdomen Cramping Nausea Inability to swallow - if trouble with swallowing and choking persists or becomes severe, seek medical attention immediately   A chiropractor can help restore the body's spinal balance and alignment. This can promote proper digestion without acid refl

Smoking Destroys The Spine and Can Cause Chronic Back Pain

  Smoking negatively impacts an individual's health, as most know about its effect on the lungs. However, it can cause chronic back pain, and affect spinal health, as well . Research has discovered that having a history of smoking, hypertension/high blood pressure , and coronary artery disease are all risk factors for atherosclerosis and have a significant connection with low back pain development.     Despite all the anti-smoking ads created by The American Lung Association or American Cancer Society showing longtime smokers with tracheotomies , oxygen tanks, etc, individuals continue to smoke.   Risks associated with smoking High increase for many cancers Increased risk for heart disease Injury/s, wound/s take longer to heal Increased risk of infection after surgery Aggravating pre-existing health conditions like asthma Chronic back pain   Chronic pain and blood vessels Smoking can generate general body pain that can overwhelm the vascular system. These are the blood vess

Chiropractic and High-Blood Pressure Management

  The heart never stops working. The efficiency of the heart and how it operates depends on various factors related to individual health. High blood pressure management can include chiropractic treatment for proper spinal alignment. This promotes improved nervous system function, regulation, and optimal blood flow throughout the body . High blood pressure is also known as hypertension , often it has no symptoms, and if left untreated, it could lead to heart conditions like heart disease and stroke. Blood pressure is the force the heart exerts on the arteries each time it contracts and relaxes . It is measured with a blood pressure cuff or monitor. Normal is around 120/80 mmHg A blood pressure reading of 130/90 mmHg or more , is categorized as high blood pressure .   High blood pressure Any type of heart condition can place added strain on the body and can lead to poor quality of life, disease, and be fatal. When the body's ability to pump the proper amount of blood gets comp

Sciatica Fitness and Chiropractic A Win-Win!

  Because sciatica is an inflammatory condition , with the sciatic nerve specifically being the target, sciatica fitness and exercise is one of the first recommendations from chiropractors . Sciatica is a series of symptoms from a variety of underlying medical causes and condition/s. This could be: Too much sitting, which most of us are doing these days Work injuries Automobile accident injuries Sports injuries Awkward movements/motions that pulled the sciatic nerve in the wrong direction Twisted sciatic nerve with other muscles Back and leg muscle spasms Herniated disc Degenerative disc disease Hernia   A Proper/Correct Diagnosis Is Essential A correct diagnosis of the cause is essential to help the chiropractor formulate a customized optimal treatment plan. Individuals can experience the same symptoms across the board, however, despite the similarities, sciatica requires a careful, customized precision approach to treatment. An ideal treatment plan often requires a very specifi

Chiropractic Hip Realignment for Imbalanced Hips

  The number of individuals experiencing hip along with back pain is increasing and could benefit from chiropractic hip realignment . Chiropractic treatment is the recommended first-line option for hip pain and other issues related to misaligned hips. It is non-invasive and allows the body to heal naturally .     Shifted Hips Hips that fall out of proper alignment have the potential to cause a variety of health issues in the body . The hips support a great deal of the body’s weight and facilitate substantial movement. The hips need to be properly balanced to allow for optimal mobility without compensation from the lower back and legs . A shift in the hips can occur from: A sedentary lifestyle can cause anterior pelvic shifts Repetitive/Overuse injury/s Sports injury/s Work/Personal injuries Arthritis Osteoporosis Pinched nerve/s Trauma   Shifted hips can cause pain in the low back, hips, and legs. This occurs from an altered gait and range of motion in this region. However, the h

Understanding Inflammation & Immune Dysfunction Part 2

Inflammation is the human body's natural response to protect itself against injury, infection, and illness. Trauma, exposure to foods (poor diet), microbes, and/or toxins, can commonly cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation can happen due to continued exposure to a trigger, such as when an injury hasn't healed yet or when a person has unknown food intolerances, and due to immune system dysfunction. According to healthcare professionals, most chronic health issues are associated with chronic inflammation. Avoiding exposure to triggers and regulating inflammatory mediators released by the immune system with nutrition and physical activity can ultimately help reduce inflammation. In part 2 of the following series of articles, we will discuss eicosanoids as inflammatory mediators.   What are Inflammatory Mediators?   An inflammatory mediator is a messenger that acts on blood vessels and/or cells to promote an inflammatory response. Several well-known locally acting inflammatory m

Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression, and Back Pain

  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that has to do with the changing of the seasons, specifically when fall begins to. It affects around 10 million Americans during the fall and winter seasons. Back pain can be a symptom of the disorder . For most individuals, the condition follows a pattern: It starts with lethargy or lack of energy Craving carbohydrates Heavy low mood These are typical symptoms for many dealing with the condition. The individual can experience aches and pains throughout the body, but especially the back . Recent studies have shown how various forms of depression, like Seasonal Affective Disorder, can present with pain, specifically back/spinal pain. Many individuals play it off as the blues, but research has found, depression can have a much more significant impact on an individual's quality of life. The exact cause is still unknown. But research is finding a connection related to the level of sunlight an individual receives throughout the

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