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Testing For Piriformis Syndrome or Sciatica through Chiropractic

  Identification of piriformis syndrome or sciatica requires proper testing and examination . The piriformis muscle begins at the sacrum near the sacroiliac joint and is attached to the femur/thigh bone at the outer area of the hip. The sciatic nerve passes typically under or through the muscle before going down the back of the thigh . The piriformis helps to turn the hip outward and bring the thigh outward to one side while the hip is bent. This could be when raising the knee and bringing the leg out. An example is stepping out of a car. The muscle also helps to stabilize when walking, running, and standing . Individuals with the sciatic nerve passing through the piriformis have an increased chance of developing piriformis syndrome. It can also be called piriformis sciatica since it is not true sciatica . Symptoms Piriformis syndrome does not always present the same way . Common symptoms include pain, tingling, and numbness in the buttocks that becomes worse when sitting. Other symp

Eliminate Migraines From The Source with Chiropractic Treatment

  Chiropractic adjustments can eliminate headaches and migraines from the source. Many individuals visit medical doctors complaining of headaches and migraines. Most hope for immediate relief from these debilitating issues. However, most are sent home after a quick exam and are given a prescription for medication. Finding, treating, and eliminating the root cause should be the objective , instead of just taking medication after medication. Root Cause The root cause can be traced back to dehydration and misalignment of the spine specifically the neck . Most doctors will take out the prescription pad and move on without fully addressing the problem. There has been a significant rise in poor health and disease. This comes from unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor posture habits. Many of us lean and hunch over at a desk station then go home to more computers and television screens. Constant phone check-ins with the head tilted down creates massive pressure on the neck's muscles and ne

Post-Injury Chiropractic Health and Wellness

  Post-Injury: We push ourselves throughout our lives, and accidents that result in injuries are just part of the process. The top causes of injury include: Falls Automobile accidents Sports injuries Work injuries Many of them lead to prolonged injury to the spine, knees, hands, and feet . The objective after an injury is to make sure the body heals properly. Without proper treatment, disability, chronic pain, and the development of other health issues are increased. Post-Injury Care Injuries cause pain that can result in spinal misalignment, range of motion problems, and a poor quality of life. Seeking care from a spinal expert in alignment and movement will help recover quicker and sustainably. Chiropractic is a research-oriented, top-quality approach that provides natural whole-body care. A chiropractic practitioner will promote proper recovery and decrease the risk of disability and chronic suffering. Proper spinal alignment Chiropractic providers are experts in spinal alignment.

Patient Medical History Importance for Optimal Treatment

  The first step in chiropractic care is getting the individual's medical history . Many visit a chiropractor with certain expectations of how things will go. They will lay down on a table while the chiropractor adjusts the spine. There will be pops and cracks, and the tension will go away. And afterward, they’ll feel better. However, without an individual's medical history, the treatment will not be as effective because of the lack of information. This means that a chiropractor is only able to perform general adjustments but is not able to get to the root cause and maximize the full potential of the adjustments. Patient education starts the moment someone walks into the clinic. The nature of holistic medicine Some questions a chiropractor might ask include: What type of pain is presenting - shooting, burning, aching, throbbing, etc? Have you had any recent surgeries? Is there a history of chronic pain? What medications are being taken? Each will be explained in further deta

Consistent Chiropractic Care, How Many Follow-Ups Are Necessary?

  Consistency is what makes chiropractic care work. A common misunderstanding about chiropractic medicine is the number of follow-up treatments necessary after the initial adjustment. Every individual requires a unique customized treatment plan. There are a few general guidelines chiropractors use to determine how they schedule follow-ups. Here is some insight into the nature of corrective chiropractic adjustments. Consistent Chiropractic The critical nature of follow-up visits is that a single chiropractic adjustment is not an instant cure. It is an ongoing corrective process. Follow-up appointments are to ensure that the adjustments are on the right track and that whole-body wellness is maintained . Consistent chiropractic treatments maximize effectiveness and ensure proper functionality. Types of Care The need for consistent care can be placed in types or phases. Types of care are: Urgent Reparative Preventive Rehabilitative Urgent Individuals go to a medical clinic because they ar

Holiday Weight Gain, Back Pain, and Chiropractic Recommendations

  Chiropractic recommendations to avoid holiday weight gain and back pain . All the food, gravy, pies, cookies, candy, chocolate, wine, eggnog, hot cocoa, and whipped cream are great, but moderation is key to keeping unwanted weight gain that can lead to back pain. Research has found that up to 70% of individuals typically gain weight during the holidays. Holiday weight gain Also known as the seasonal seven or a month-long celebration with the diet starting in the new year. Any type of extra weight can contribute to back discomfort and pain. A body that is overweight can begin to overwork the spine, as it tries to adjust to bear the extra weight . This can contribute to injury and back pain. When the body is overweight, the potential for a back injury increases and can be more difficult to recover from, which can result in chronic back pain. Too much weight can exacerbate and/or lead to symptoms of: Degenerative disc disease Compression fracture Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis Spinal steno

Sleep Soundly With Chiropractic Adjusting

  Chiropractic adjusting: Poor sleep is detrimental to the body's general health. If it becomes chronic side effects like high blood pressure, brain fog, exacerbation or development of a disease, and chronic fatigue can set in. Getting the proper quality amount of sleep needs to become a priority. The hard work and to-do lists can only get done when the machine that is the human body is functioning well-rested and at full capacity. When the body is starved of sleep it sets in motion a downward spiral of system failure, burnout, declining health, and decreased productivity. Assessing sleep quality 7 to 9 hours should be the objective for the quantity each night or day depending on shift work, etc . Quality of sleep is just as vital as the proper amount. Sleep quality can be affected by: Chronic pain Poor sleep hygiene Poor diet Lack of physical activity Improper sleep hygiene can be associated with: Poor stress management Not having a sleep routine Eating before sleeping Electron

Calcium and Vitamin D for Optimal Bone Health

  Calcium and Vitamin D for optimal bone health. The body's bones/skeletal system contains a huge amount of calcium. Close to 100% of the body's total calcium is in the bones. Calcium is a nutrient that helps the body rebuild/repair bones . This means an individual needs enough calcium throughout their lifetime for healthy bones. Individuals with osteoporosis have an increase of fracture/s, which means it is even more important to have the proper amount of calcium. However, the body also needs enough vitamin D to properly absorb the calcium . When the body does not have enough vitamin D, the body will not be able to utilize all the calcium being taking in. Maintaining bone health requires keeping track of calcium and vitamin D intake. Calcium How much calcium the body needs depends on various factors, that include age . Listed are basic recommendations of calcium intake by age, but individuals should talk with a doctor about how much calcium is best for them on a daily basis. C

Chiropractic Sedentary Prevention for Seniors and Staying Active

  Sedentary lifestyle prevention through chiropractic is highly recommended for seniors . With advanced age, the body's muscles, bones, and spinal system begin to wear down and need to be maintained to retain their mobility and flexibility. Regular chiropractic adjustments are recommended as part of an active/fitness lifestyle for seniors and can help older individuals maintain optimal health . Sedentary Lifestyle Prevention Many seniors tend to reduce physical activity after reaching retirement age . Many individuals just want to kick back and relax. However, living too laid-back can impact overall health. A lack of exercise and physical activity can cause the muscles, cardiovascular system, and skeletal system to prematurely wear out . Living an active lifestyle will keep individuals at their best when retiring and maintain a healthy quality of life. Pain Management Chiropractic can help individuals realize their full potential. The chiropractic approach to achieving top health m

Chiropractic Alignment For Increased Well Being and Positivity

  Chiropractic alignment is often the go-to option when injured or experiencing various types of pain. And for good reason, because it works. However, chiropractic medicine goes beyond injuries, and pain conditions. Individuals can reap the benefits of regular chiropractic for increased well being and maintaining optimal health . Chiropractors understand the importance of balancing all areas of the body's health. This is done through a combination of spinal adjustments and educating individuals on how to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Chiropractic care can increase positivity, overall life, and well-being. Regular Chiropractic Alignment Benefits Being able to enjoy a full and healthy life is more than just being free of pain or injury. It means all of the body's functions are operating properly and cleanly. Understanding what helps the body thrive can take an individual's quality of life to another level. Chiropractic can help guide individuals to feel their best with

Back and Neck Pain Therapeutic Tools for Wish List

  Individuals with neck and back pain should consider adding a few pain-relieving therapeutic tools to the holiday wish list. Spine specialists/experts have some tools for their patients and others who are dealing with back and neck pain. Looking at various points, these therapeutic tools offer the gift of helping to reduce neck and back pain, when unable to see a chiropractor or physical therapist. Foam Rollers Foam rolling is effective for different types of aches and pains, especially backaches. Foam rolling benefits include: Releasing muscle knots and tension Reduces inflammation Decreases pain Improves range of motion Returns flexibility Wedge Pillow A wedge pillow for the back is a necessity. A wedge pillow removes the stress from the spine and neck when lying down. Flipped around will take the tension off the legs also bringing back pain relief. Deep Percussive Massager Percussive massagers can provide a deep massage to various areas of the body especially the lower back. Ther

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