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Auto Accident Hidden Injuries and Bio-Chiropractic Care/Rehabilitation

  After an auto accident that might not have caused serious damage, individuals often believe that they're fine only to find out later that there is a serious injury. How do these hidden injuries happen ?  It is because of the body's fight or flight response that it activates into high gear. It does whatever is necessary to get out of harm’s way. T he result is that individuals might not realize/discover that they have been injured until after the dangerous circumstances have passed. Auto accident doctors and chiropractors are very familiar with these types of hidden injuries. The injuries sustained from non-damage-causing auto accidents are often not visible . This can be internal injuries and joint and muscle misalignments that can often only be seen through extensive x-rays, MRIs, or detailed physical examination. However, a  professional chiropractor can determine the root causes of an injury from a single consultation. Hidden Injuries Whiplash Some injuries, like delayed w

Acute and Cumulative Soccer Injuries

  Although many soccer injuries involve the legs and lower extremities, other body areas are susceptible to injury/s. Acute or cumulative is how soccer injuries are generally described . Acute injuries are traumatic. They are usually caused by a slip, trip, and fall, getting hit, and crashing into other players. Cumulative injuries involve repetitive stress on a muscle, joint, or connective tissue. This triggers progressive aches, pain, and physical impairment that gets worse with time. Understanding how and why they happen is the first step in injury prevention. The more common injuries experienced among soccer athletes include. Concussion This is a form of mild traumatic brain injury mTBI caused by a sudden hit/impact to the head. Players are trained to head the ball; however, concussions can happen if not ready for impact or heading at an awkward position. Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are when there is stretching and tearing of ligament/s that surround the ankle joint. Lateral ankl

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Downward Posture Hip and Back Pain

  APT is short for anterior pelvic tilt.   APT is when the pelvis tilts more down than forward, which can cause strain on the surrounding muscles and the spine to hold the torso up. The body's own anatomical structure causing the condition and/or part of a bad habit that an individual has grown accustomed to. This can be from injury/s, back, and/or hip pain causing an individual to take on awkward postures to compensate for the discomfort and try and avoid it. However, these unhealthy postures cause their own set of musculoskeletal problems. Addressing this form of poor posture can help reduce and alleviate low back and hip pain and prevent further injuries.  Chiropractic can pinpoint an anterior pelvic tilt and fix it. Anterior Pelvic Tilt What happens is the pelvis becomes tilted or rotated forward. Place the hands, specifically the fingertips, on the hips. There are bone ridges. These are the iliac crests. If they’re facing more toward the ground than directly forward, this cou

Re-Energize From Lack of Energy and Fatigue With Bio-Chiropractic

  Re-energize from a lack of energy and fatigue with Bio-chiropractic. Millions of individuals struggle to get through the day or night depending on work/school schedules because of deficient energy levels that result in fatigue. Unfortunately, many begin taking over the counter or prescription medication, drinking coffee or highly caffeinated/energy beverages, or taking days off to catch up on rest. There is a wide range of high-sugar and caffeine energy products to help with fatigue. But, research has shown how overconsumption of these products can contribute and/or cause: High blood pressure Cardiovascular disease Diabetes When a tired body takes in caffeinated energy, it is only for a temporary energy boost. Energy products can mask the fatigue causation. This could be a disease, a type of condition, or an overlapping of causes.   Nervous System The nervous system is the body’s life energy source . It is responsible for facilitating millions of functions that occur throughout the

I Threw Out My Back, What That Means

  I threw my back out. Most of us have heard and possibly experienced throwing our backs out. But, what does throwing out your back really mean? Find out from our experts. When talking about throwing one's back out, it’s usually a result of twisting, turning, coughing, sneezing, or lifting incorrectly. The medical equivalent to this injury is an ankle sprain.  It can be excruciating, individuals might not see or feel a tear, but the ligaments have been injured, causing inflammation and pain. The same thing can happen to the spine. What it means when you throw out your back. Most experience acute pain in the lower region of their backs. Individuals can throw out their back at any age doing all kinds of activities. These can range from: Changing a tire Moving lifting boxes, going upstairs, etc House chores/tasks Gardening  Sports Working out Bending over to pick up an object It is more common as individuals age. This is when individuals notice how they could take a serious injury an

Different Individuals Different Sciatica Treatment Approaches

  Living with sciatica can be debilitating and exhausting. Find out how different individuals reduced their pain from this condition. Sciatica has different treatment options. It is often  a matter of trial and error to find a treatment/therapy that works for the individual. These include: Physical therapy Medication Chiropractic Injections Acupuncture Surgery Different individuals with sciatica share what works for them. Here are their stories. Rudy Found Relief With Self Care A bad fall left Rudy, a graphic designer, with a broken pelvis and broken foot. I was in the hospital for a few days, and when I came home, I noticed I was hobbling. I had developed sciatica. I was in a lot of pain but decided to try the treatment that had helped me manage chronic migraines. This was yoga. Specifically, it was hot yoga sessions that, despite the pain, worked. However, for others, he recommends not staying still. The body can't stay stagnant with no movement. Rudy follows a plant-based diet.

Chiropractic Care For Individuals Post Back Surgery or Spinal Fusion

  Individuals that go through severe low back pain caused by degeneration, herniated discs, vehicle, personal, work, and sports injuries, surgery, or spinal fusion is usually a last resort if non-invasive treatments fail to provide relief or not enough relief. Patients try to avoid spinal fusion because it can be an intense experience and requires a year-long recovery period. Unfortunately, individuals still experience discomfort and pain after surgery. Do individuals want to know what other treatment options are available, including chiropractic care? Doctors will inform post-op patients of the risks involved with chiropractic therapy. However, chiropractic medicine can bring natural pain relief after surgery . Chiropractic treatment requires that an individual be adequately or fully healed before beginning a personalized treatment plan. At Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic , we consult patients post-surgery about the effectiveness of rehabilitation spinal ad

Lower/Lumbar Back Total Disc Replacement or Fusion Options

  Many doctors/surgeons rely on the widely adopted lumbar spinal fusion . However, experts have asserted that lumbar total disc replacement or TDR should be made available and increased for treating degenerative disc disease and other spinal conditions. Individuals interested in total disc replacement, the ability to have it done, and if insurance will pay? What to know about TDR and fusion before deciding and moving forward. Total Disc Replacement Spinal fusion has been the traditional approach for relieving lower back pain. In this procedure, a bone graft is inserted between two or more vertebrae . This eliminates movement that causes pain or could be dangerous to the individual. Total disc replacement demands more on a technical level than spinal fusion. However, the worn-out, injured, or damaged disc is fully replaced, even a completely degenerated disc, with a metal and/or plastic one. Benefits from lumbar TDR surgery include: Shown to be a safe procedure with minimal complicatio

Summer Heat Can Affect Joints and Movement

  Although it is not officially summer, the past few weeks sure feels like it. Especially for those with joint discomfort and pain. As the body ages, individuals may notice their joints have some mobility/flexibility issues in the summer heat. Again, the  heat and humidity are the culprits. The hotter it is, the more the body is susceptible to inflammation and swelling. The more prone an individual's body is to swelling, the more pain can present. Barometric pressure can also have some form of impact on joint health. The pressure changes can cause the joints to become more sensitive. When the pressure changes, individuals often speak of their joints feeling tighter combined with stiffness, leading to a cycle of swelling and pain. Joint Anatomy Whether it’s the hip, knee, elbow, or hand, all of the body's joints have fluid in them. It is a gel-like substance known as synovial fluid. This is what lubricates the joints and keeps them functioning smoothly. However, the  temperatu

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