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Cancer Back Pain

  Back pain and soreness are widespread conditions that affect all genders, races, and lifestyles. The causes for back pain are varied from injury, poor posture, arthritis, age, overuse, etc. If back pain is frequent, perhaps the last assumption is that the pain could be caused by cancer. While it’s far from the most common causes, cancer back pain is possible, which makes consulting a doctor that will figure out the root cause, especially if there are other non-related symptoms, and treat the back pain very important. Cancer Back Pain Back pain that could be caused by cancer usually occurs with other symptoms and include: Back pain that is not related to movement. Pain does not get worse with activity. Back pain usually presents at night or early in the morning and fades away or improves as the day progresses. Back pain persists even after physical therapy or other treatments. Changes in bowel movements or blood in urine or stool. Unexplained, sudden weight loss. Unexplained fatigue/

Orthopedic Massage

  Orthopedic massage is part of injury rehabilitation that focuses on the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joints and ligaments. Pain could be caused post-surgery, an acute injury, or overuse/repetitive motion injury from work or sports. The objective is to: Decrease pain Release tension Restore balance Increase mobility and flexibility Preparing the body to return to everyday routines and activities. Whatever the cause of the muscle damage or injury, an orthopedic massage will lengthen and soften the muscles and ligaments, allowing for a better range of motion of the affected joints. Orthopedic Massage All massage techniques can improve joint movement and function. Orthopedic massage is specifically designed to return the joints to their normal position function and alleviate pain with movement. Swedish massage focuses on overall relaxation. Deep tissue massage reduces deep muscle pain and strain. Orthopedic massage therapists have an extensive understanding of anatomy, soft

Spinal Goals

  Setting spinal goals is important for an individual's treatment plan to ensure a thorough and successful recovery following: Surgery Trauma Spinal condition When developing goals with a surgeon or spine specialist, utilizing a well-known method known as SMART is recommended. Individuals are encouraged to set goals to accomplish personal growth and improvement. It is a model for forming goals and objectives that for medical purposes include: Pain management Physical Rehabilitation Mental health Exercises Stretching Anti-inflammatory diet S.M.A.R.T Spinal Goals The acronym stands for: Specific Target a specific area for improvement. Measurable Find ways to track progress . This could be fitness trackers, daily journaling - writing, video, health coach, etc.  Attainable Determine if the goal is achievable. Figure out what tools or skill sets are needed to reach the goal. Realistic Results-oriented goals. Measure results or output, including accomplishments. Time Frame Set goals wit

Chiropractic Wellness and Health

  When individuals think about wellness and health, they usually think about a checkup with their doctor. However, wellness treatment with chiropractic is much more proactive. Chiropractic focuses on keeping the body functioning properly and allowing its natural healing properties to activate and do its job. Chiropractic checks to ensure the spine is correctly aligned and correct any subluxation/misalignment before pain occurs. Pain is one of the body's warnings that something is wrong. Chiropractic wellness care aims to catch and correct any issues before it becomes a problem, keeping the central nervous system in top form, increasing the immune system's strength, making the body healthier. Chiropractic Increases Wellness and Health Levels The body's baseline level of health can be improved. Individuals can feel that they are fulfilling their responsibilities and maintaining health by engaging in physical exercise and eating a healthy diet. It is believed that lifestyle i

Exercising To Detoxify and Cleanse The Body

  Detoxifying does not necessarily mean juicing and going on a diet. Detoxing is about cleansing the whole body of environmental pollutants, food waste, bacteria, and toxins. Things like medications and alcohol also need to be flushed from the body. When the body becomes unhealthy and overweight, it can put its systems in a chronically stressed state, leading to nerve energy production failure, fatigue, a weakened immune system, and disease. The body constantly works to cleanse itself. Exercise helps expedite the process. Exercise To Detoxify Exercise removes harmful toxins by getting the lungs and the blood pumping and increasing sweat production, which encourages detoxification. More blood circulating throughout the body allows the liver and the lymph nodes to flush out toxins properly. With exercise, fluid intake increases, allowing more sweat production to release toxins. Drinking more water during workouts also helps the kidneys function at optimal levels to flush out toxins, fa

Chiropractic Anti-Inflammation Diet

  Chiropractors understand the need to treat the whole body to reduce and alleviate pain. Many types of pain are caused by inflammation. Inflammation is a natural and healthy response to injury; however, chronic inflammation is not. Low-grade chronic inflammation can lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. If not treated, chronic inflammation can spread throughout the body, causing pain and aggravation. When it comes to nutritional health, the foods can worsen chronic pain. Chiropractors and doctors recommend an anti-inflammation diet for chronic pain. Anti-Inflammation Diet When the body gets injured, the nervous system sends signals to the immune system to send chemicals and new red and white blood cells needed for healing. The immune system works correctly when it fights infection by activating when the body recognizes anything foreign entering the system. This could be plant pollen, chemicals, or invading microbes. Stu

Sciatic Nerve Injury

  Sciatic nerve injury happens from trauma to the nerve and can cause numbness, tingling, loss of muscle power, and pain . The traumatic experience can be a muscle spasm that pulls and/or pinches the sciatic nerve, force/pressure impact injury, over-stretching injury, or a laceration/cutting injury. A slipped disk, or herniated disk, is the most common cause of irritation on the sciatic nerve. A slipped disk occurs when one becomes slightly dislodged, pushing out from the spine. This places pressure/compression on the sciatic nerve. Sciatic Nerve Injury Causes Trauma Hip dislocation Acetabular fracture Trauma to the lower back, buttocks, or leg from an automobile accident, sports injury, work injury. Medical treatment causes: Direct surgical trauma. Total hip replacement surgery can cause nerve compression and stretch during the procedure, causing damage to the sciatic nerve resulting in dysfunction. Faulty positioning during anesthesia. Injection of neurotoxic substances. Injection i

Chiropractic and Spinal Health

  Chiropractic and spinal health . Most individuals seek out chiropractic care only after an injury and when pain presents. Because traditional medical care tends to focus on treating disorders and diseases, individuals are used to seeking care only when something is imbalanced. For many, chiropractic is known for its ability to resolve back and neck pain, correct postural misalignments, manage acute or chronic conditions and accelerate the healing of injuries. Chiropractic is different in that it is a tool for increasing overall wellness and vitality when no injury or imbalance is present. Chiropractic and Spinal Health Chiropractic is an invaluable treatment that raises the baseline of an individual’s health by: Increasing performance Extending lifespan and longevity Improving overall comfort Increasing agility in the body Chiropractic helps to achieve these transformational results by improving the function of the: Circulatory system Immune system Respiratory system Muscular system

TMJ: Jaw Disorders

  The temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-man-dib-u-lur) joint TMJ acts as a sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. There is one joint on each side of the jaw. TMJ jaw disorders are also known as temporomandibular disorders - TMD. These disorders affect the connecting point between the jaw and the skull that causes swelling and pain in the joint and the muscles that control movement. The disorder can be caused by a combination of factors, like stress, genetics, arthritis, or injury. The symptoms, pain, and discomfort are often temporary and can be relieved with self-care and nonsurgical treatment like chiropractic. Jaw Disorders If the jaw is not moving correctly or becomes imbalanced, it can stress the temporomandibular joint . If this happens, the jaw muscles and the neck and shoulder muscles can tense up and over time become fatigued as they overwork to compensate and keep the jaw balanced. The bones that interact in the joint are covered with cartilage and are separated b

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