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The Funny Bone: Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Electric Shock-like Pain

  Can understanding the location of the funny bone and how pain can be managed after injury help expedite recovery and prevention for individuals who have hit their funny bone? Elbow Funny Bone Nerve Injury Behind the elbow is an area known as the "funny bone," where the ulnar nerve has less tissue and bone protection. This is where part of the ulnar nerve passes around the back of the elbow. Because less tissue and bone protect the nerve in this area, taking a hit like bumping into something can cause an electric shock-like pain and a tingling sensation down the arm and to the outside fingers typical of an irritated nerve. Most injuries to the funny bone resolve quickly, and the pain disappears after a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes, an ulnar nerve injury can lead to more persistent symptoms. Anatomy The funny bone is not a bone but the ulnar nerve. The nerve runs down the arm, passing around the back of the elbow. ( Dimitrova, A. et al., 2019 ) Because the ulnar nerv

The Truth About Hot Yoga and Toxin Release

  Can knowing about the health benefits of hot yoga help individuals decide if it is right for them? Hot Yoga The body has a system for ridding itself of what it can't use or doesn't need, called toxins. Individuals may have heard that they can sweat out toxins by doing various hot yoga styles. Hot yoga, practiced in a heated room, has become popular. The standard room temperature is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. ( Mayo Clinic 2020 ) Because of the temperatures, hot yoga is not for everyone, and those with heart problems or dizziness are recommended to stick with regular classes. However, the detoxification medical benefits may not be there, or there is still insufficient research to confirm. Body Detoxification Broken down by the liver, the toxins in the blood or bile are filtered in the kidneys or intestines and removed in urine or stool. ( Boyer J. L. 2013 ) Sweat is not part of the removal equation. The function of sweat is to cool the body down when it b

Achieve Better Alignment and Comfort with Correct Sitting Posture

  For individuals who sit at work for long hours, can years of practicing unhealthy posture be corrected through a step-by-step approach to ensure optimal body position while sitting? Sitting Posture Sitting up straight with a healthy posture requires the conscious alignment of the hips, pelvis, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. Learning or retraining oneself to maintain correct sitting posture can relieve lower back pain, improve respiration and digestion, and reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. ( Albarrati, A. et al., 2018 ) It starts by paying attention to posture throughout the day and correcting it whenever forward head posture, leaning, or slouching develops. Targeted exercises can also help build upper-body strength, and stretching can stabilize and strengthen the core muscles, lower back, and pelvic joints. ( Albarrati, A. et al., 2018 ) Sit Up Straight Guide Sitting up straight can be uncomfortable because it is not a natural position for the body to be

Tonic Water: A Deep Dive into Its Ingredients and Nutritional Value

  Can incorporating tonic water benefit individuals who want to drink more water? Tonic Water Tonic water is more than just water. Its bitter taste comes from quinine, a natural substance found in the bark of the Peruvian cinchona tree. Most store-bought tonic water contains quinine, with natural or artificial flavors from fruits or herbs to temper the bitterness, varying from brand to brand. Nutrition The following nutrition information for one 12-ounce serving of tonic water. ( U.S. Department of Agriculture 2018 ) Calories - 114 Fat - 0 grams Protein - 0 grams Sugars - 30 grams Sodium - 40 milligrams Carbohydrates - 30 grams Fiber - 0 grams Calories Tonic water calories can be high. Some brands can have up to 114 calories per bottle. The reason is they use a sweetener. Some brands have a diet version with zero calories and no sugar but may contain more sodium. Fats and Protein There is no fat or protein in tonic water. Sugar Some brands use high fructose syrup, while others use cane

Preventing Injury and Maximizing Results: Pilates' Neutral Spine

  For individuals wanting to try Pilates for back pain and exercise, can learning how to find their neutral spine help improve flexibility and increase the range of motion in the joints? Pilates Neutral Spine Pilates is a functional exercise modality emphasizing core stability, which is fundamental to developing a balanced body. The exercises strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility, and increase the range of motion in the joints. ( Kloubec J. 2011 ) It is considered a functional fitness method because its principles work to establish more graceful, efficient movements from everyday life, such as improving posture. Pilates has shown its effectiveness in that it is often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings. ( Byrnes, K., Wu, P. J., and Whillier, S. 2018 ) However, knowing how to find the neutral spine is essential for performing various Pilates exercises correctly. ( Barbosa, A. C. et al., 2018 ) This subtle adjustment during practice may help prevent injury and incr

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