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Radiofrequency Ablation Non-Surgical Minimally Invasive Treatment

Radiofrequency ablation, also known as RFA is a minimally invasive procedure performed in an outpatient clinic to treat neck, back, facet joints, and sacroiliac joint pain. It involves the use of radio waves pulsing at a high frequency that temporarily disable the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Relief can last three to six months. Radiofrequency ablation treatment could be an option to manage chronic back and neck pain. There are other names, but the radio frequency concept is the same. They are:

Pulsed radiofrequency ablationRF ablationRadiofrequency lesioningRadiofrequency neurotomyRadiofrequency rhizotomy

Chronic neck, back, and hip pain take a significant toll on the body. Finding the right treatment can make all the difference. However, it does not work for everyone. For those that might have tried other non-surgical treatments to manage the pain, including physical therapy and steroid injections, that did not bring relief then radiofrequency ablation could be …

Bone Broth, Healthy, Comforting, and Good for the Spine

Bone broth is a soothing, low in calories, flavorful comfort food that is packed with nutrients and highly beneficial for the spine. Bone broth is made from slowly simmering meat or poultry and is an old-fashioned home remedy for a variety of ailments. These include:

Improves joint movementHelps wounds heal fasterImproves immune system functionRebuilds bones
Nutrients are connected with healthy bones and joints. These include:

CalciumPhosphorousVitamin DCollagen protein
All of these are concentrated in animal bones. The bones are cracked and cooked in a stockpot of water on a slow simmer. The breakdown releases vitamins, fatty acids, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium. The broth helps supply the bones with these nutrients.

Bone broth is also effective when keeping track of weight because it is nourishing and hearty but low in calories. One cup of broth eaten or drank a half-hour before a meal can keep appetite in check. When hunger stays in check it is easier to maintain a healthy diet,…

Certain Medications Increase Risk for Osteoporosis and Spinal Fractures

Medications can be lifesavers when it comes to the treatment of various conditions. But they can also open the door to other serious conditions. Medications fall into pharmacological drug classes. Certain medications can interfere with bone health, and induce bone density loss. Users of these medications could put them at risk for osteoporosis and possible spinal fracture/s. Medications that can potentially weaken bones and how to protect yourself is the focus. Not all of the medications listed are for treating spinal disorders or neck and back pain.

Steroids taken by mouth are commonly prescribed for spinal conditions. This includes:

Low back painNeck painSpinal inflammatory arthritis
These medications carry anti-inflammatory compounds that are pretty powerful. These help the pain but can cause bone loss with long-term use. These types of steroids put the bones at risk because of how they slow down the osteoblasts, which are bone-building cells. As the osteoblasts are slowed…

The Spinal/Vertebral Column

The spinal/vertebral column extends from the skull to the pelvis and consists of individual bones known as vertebrae. It is what holds the body upright, allows the body to bend, twist, and is the conduit for major nerves running from the brain to the rest of the body. The vertebrae are grouped into four regions. They are the:

SpinalTerminologyNumber of VertebraeArea of BodyAbbreviationCervical7NeckC1-C7Thoracic12ChestT1-T12Lumbar5-6Low backL1-L5Sacrum5 fused vertebraePelvisS1-S5Coccyx3TailboneNone
Cervical Vertebrae
The cervical spine breaks down into two parts. The upper cervical C1 and C2, and the lower cervical C3 through C7. The C1 vertebrae are known as the Atlas and the C2 the Axis. The Occipital Bone is a flat bone that forms the back of the head.

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra and is abbreviated as C1. This vertebra supports the skull. It appears different from the other spinal vertebrae, as it resembles a ring and is made up of two masses joined at the front a…

Neck Brace or Collar for Neck Pain Disorders

Using a neck brace or collar can be part of a treatment option for individuals dealing with a neck injury, pain, and recovery. Cervical-neck spinal conditions can go from mild to debilitating if left untreated and could progress to chronic pain. Whiplash and abnormal cervical lordosis, which is an unnatural curvature of the spine, can happen from looking down at a phone too long, known as text-neck. These are common but different neck disorders that can be helped with a neck brace.

Being prescribed a neck brace depends on the severity of the pain symptoms. Does it present with or without upper back pain, radiate into the shoulders, cause headaches/migraine? These details will help a doctor or chiropractor figure out the best treatment option. If the patient can benefit then a neck brace, also called a cervical collar or cervical orthosis could be used.

Neck Brace
Fortunately, spinal surgery is rarely necessary. There are plenty of non-surgical treatment options that can help manage a…

Osteoid Osteoma of the Spine: Muscle Spasms, and Pain

Osteoid osteoma refers to a benign tumor/s that can grow on the spine as well as other areas of the body. They are not cancerous, but they can cause pain and abnormal curvature of the spine. It can begin as a small benign spinal tumor that can cause pain, especially at night. They do respond well to over-the-counter pain relievers and can go away on its own. However, if symptoms are unmanageable, other treatments are available.

Osteoid Osteoma
Osteoid means a type of tissue that eventually turns to bone. Osteoma means a type of tumor unique to bones. They are small typical size is less than one inch across. These growths represent around ten percent of all benign bone tumors, with one percent representing spinal tumors.

They can appear and also affect the bones of the arms, hands, fingers, ankles, or feet. They are discovered on the spine around fifteen percent of the time. Osteoid osteomas of the spine affect the posterior, or back area of the vertebrae rather than the anterior, or fr…

Healthy Aging of the Body's Muscles

Healthy aging is not the easiest to do. The muscle aging process breaks down faster than they get repaired as the body ages. This makes it difficult to participate and carry out regular activities. For healthy aging to be achieved exercise is a must. Specifically, strength training helps to regain muscle loss from aging/inactivity. Strength training reduces the difficulty of daily tasks, enhances the body's energy, and composition. Strength training combined with vitamin D supplementation will slow down muscle loss, help regain muscle mass/strength, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and prevent falls.

New health problems, new aches, pains, and new fragility caused by muscle loss. What steps can be taken to promote healthy aging and staying healthy and fit? The science of aging, and what can be done to age gracefully and maintain optimal health.

The body and aging
The body's muscles are constantly going breaking down and repairing themselves. As the muscles are used throughou…

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