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Hunger Digestion Regulating Hormones: El Paso Chiropractic Clinic

  Before the body can benefit from consumed nutrients, the gastrointestinal tract has to digest and absorb the foods. Before eating, the body needs to feel hungry. However, hunger is not the same as appetite. Hunger is a physical reaction caused by hormonal and chemical changes in the body when fuel is needed . Appetite is more of a desire to eat and can be a learned response . It is one reason why individuals can eat when they are not hungry. The body comprises different hormones that regulate hunger, digestion, and appetite. Hunger Digestion Regulating Hormones Hunger Hormones Hunger is the feeling when the body needs food. When the body has enough, hunger should subside. That's because various hormones regulate hunger. Leptin Leptin is a hormone secreted by adipose tissue/fat into the bloodstream. The more fat in the body, the higher the blood levels of leptin. Leptin level also increases with food intake and is higher in females than males, but overall, it lowers with age. In

Overtraining Syndrome: El Paso's Chiropractic Injury Team

  Individuals can become overly passionate about exercising. However, constantly training the body without taking enough time to rest and recover can impact athletes and fitness enthusiasts physically and mentally and lead to overtraining syndrome. Excessive training can cause decreases in athletic physical performance that can be long-lasting, sometimes taking several weeks or months to recover. Individuals who don't learn to manage overtraining can have injuries and more frequent illnesses and infections. And the psychological effects can also lead to negative mood changes. Learn the signs and how to cut back to prevent injury and/or burnout. Overtraining Syndrome Athletes and fitness lovers often exercise longer and harder than average to reach peak performance. Even individuals just getting started with exercise can push their limits as they try to figure out what works for them. This means taking into consideration the following: The mental side of training. How to get and s

Joint Injury Rehabilitation Exercises: El Paso Chiropractic

  Joints are the musculoskeletal areas where two bones connect. The joints have soft tissues around them, like cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Cartilage is the flexible tissue that covers the ends of the bones at a joint. The tendons are bands between the muscles and bones that connect everything to initiate joint movement. And the ligaments are a kind of bridge that connects the bones of the joints to keep the body stable when in motion. After an injury, the joints need to be worked out, stretched, and massaged to return to proper function and support. A chiropractic personalized rehabilitation program will include exercises that target joint stability. Joint Injury Rehabilitation The shoulders, elbows, wrists, knuckles, hips, knees, and ankles are joints. The spine is also made up of joints. The first step for achieving joint stability after a lower-body injury is to assess the joints for: Local strength Control Structural defects A physician, chiropractor, or therapist will check

Spinal Structure Restoration: El Paso Chiropractic Clinic

  General health, diet, exercise, and lifestyle are important, but the importance of the spinal structure is often forgotten. The spine, or backbone, is the body's central support structure that holds the body together, supports its weight, and protects the nervous system. It connects different parts of the musculoskeletal system to help sit, stand, walk, twist, and bend. When the spine is misaligned, injured, and/or damaged, it can lead to various health issues, from chronic conditions to organ dysfunction. Chiropractic spinal structure restoration benefits overall health and can help relieve symptoms and restore mobility, flexibility, and function. Spinal Structure Restoration Chiropractic care goes beyond relieving muscle or joint pain and discomfort. Although injury rehabilitation is a primary reason for going to a chiropractor, it is in its ability to reset and rebalance the body. Just like a vehicle or piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance, tune-ups, rotation, and

Nocturnal Leg Cramps: El Paso's Chiropractic Specialists

  Lying down on the couch or bed when the lower leg seizes with intense sensations and pain that doesn’t stop, and the muscle could be hard to the touch. When trying to move the leg, it feels paralyzed. Nocturnal leg cramps, called muscle spasms or Charley horses , occur when one or more leg muscles tighten involuntarily. Individuals can be awake or asleep when a leg cramp strikes. Chiropractic treatment, decompression, and massage therapies can help relieve symptoms, stretch and relax the muscles, and restore function and health. Nocturnal Leg Cramps Nocturnal leg cramps most often affect the gastrocnemius/calf muscle. However, they can also affect the muscles in the front of the thigh/quadriceps and the back of the thigh/hamstrings. Often, the tight muscle relaxes in less than 10 minutes. The leg and area can feel sore and tender afterward. Frequent calf cramps at night can cause sleep problems. Nocturnal leg cramps are more common among women and older adults. Causes There are no kn

Watermelon Nutrition: El Paso's Chiropractic Functional Clinic

  Watermelon, one of the summer's main fruits, is low in calories and rich in water. It provides an excellent source of vitamins A and C and lycopene and is less acidic than citrus fruits and tomatoes. The whole fruit is edible. The watermelon can be used as frozen chunks for water or seltzer drinks, smoothies, salsas, and salads; the rind can be stir-fried , stewed, or pickled , and the subtle sweetness pairs well with cheese, nuts, and other protein sources. Watermelon Watermelon poses few risks, with research deeming the fruit nontoxic. Side effects from eating too much watermelon can include abdominal discomfort, bloating, and gas. The fruit does contain sugar, recommending individuals with diabetes should be careful to avoid sugar spikes. Vitamins and Minerals A fully ripe red watermelon contains higher nutrients than a less ripe watermelon. A single serving is a healthy source of vitamins C and A, providing a significant percentage of the daily requirement. Vitamin C aids in

Olympic Athlete Discipline: El Paso's Chiropractic Specialist Team

  Olympic athletes are so fit they make everything look easy. It is one of the most amazing examples of athletic prowess to behold. Attempting these feats of athleticism could lead to injury without proper training and conditioning. However, you can draw inspiration from these incredible skills and commitment to reach your fitness goals. Individuals can emulate the Olympic athlete's discipline to get the most out of physical activity and workouts. Olympic Athlete Discipline This is not about the literal workout routines these athletes engage in but the mental state and discipline that keeps them motivated, especially when things get tough. This can help individuals get the most out of every workout. When momentum or motivation starts to dwindle, look to Olympic athletes and then apply that discipline to recharge motivation and achieve the goal. Learn to Train Daily Many can succumb to weekend warrior syndrome . After sitting on the couch after a long day of work all week, individu

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