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Delayed Injury Symptoms

  Automobile accidents and crashes can cause all kinds of damage to the body even when the accident/crash is not severe. Physical symptoms might not present at all for several days, even weeks. This is known as having delayed injury symptoms . These can include: Swelling. Stiffness. Aching. Pain that radiates all over the body. Sleep problems. Headaches. Brain fog. Disorientation. Memory problems. Chiropractic and physical therapy rehabilitation can restore the body's alignment, stop inflammation, loosen, stretch and strengthen the musculoskeletal system restoring optimal health. Adrenaline When the body is involved in a dangerous physical situation, it protects itself by releasing a surge of adrenaline . This hormone protects the body, causing the fight or flight response when in danger. Adrenaline causes several preservation responses that include: Intense increase in energy. Little or no pain. Enlarged blood vessels and airways increase oxygen flow. Increased strength from incr

Neuromusculoskeletal Optimization

  Chiropractic is a form of neuromusculoskeletal care that repairs and re-optimizes the nervous system that helps to relieve tension, inflammation, pain and restore body health . Like any piece of machinery that requires regular maintenance to operate correctly without issues, so too is the body an exquisite machine that needs regular maintenance. Treatment restores and maintains optimal function to the nervous system, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Neuromusculoskeletal Care Central Nervous System - CNS The Central Nervous System or CNS is the body's computer. It processes functions in the body and mind. It s made up of the brain and spinal cord. It helps process external information through sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. The CNS interprets sensory information that goes through the spinal cord to the brain, and the body responds accordingly. It controls voluntary movements like walking, talking, exercising. It controls involuntary movements like blinking,

Sacral Fracture

  For older individuals, experiencing frequent low back pain could turn out to be a sacral fracture . They tend to occur in individuals over the age of 60 often because there has been a degree of bone loss. Sacral fractures tend not to be the first thing doctors think of when low back pain symptoms are presenting. They are often not picked up on X-rays and are either not diagnosed early enough to take steps or not diagnosed at all. However, they are common. Sacrum The sacrum is shaped like a triangle and comprises five segments fused into one large bone. It sits at the base of the spine,  between the two halves of the pelvis, connecting the spine to the lower half of the body. It stabilizes the body when walking, sitting, or standing. The nerves in the lower spine control the bowels bladder and provide sensation to the region. The two dimples that can be seen on individuals' backs are where the sacrum joins the hipbones or the sacroiliac joint . The point where the low back joins t

Body Stretching Fundamentals

   Stretching Fundamentals: Stretching benefits the body by keeping the muscles flexible, strong, healthy, and able to maintain optimal physical performance. As with any other discipline stretching correctly requires using the proper form, correct technique, and practicing regularly. The angles need to be accurate; the body has to move at the right speed and maintain correct posture. The focus should be moving the joint as little as possible as the muscle/s stretch and elongate. Stretching Fundamentals Stretching should become a daily activity that turns into a healthy habit. The muscles need frequent maintenance from daily/nightly bending, twisting, reaching, carrying, and lifting work. This is especially true for individuals dealing with constant soreness, aches, pains, and problems with tight, tense, and stressed-out muscles. When the body is stressed, heart rate increases, and individuals tend to tighten up. Stretching benefits include: Stress relief. Increased muscle blood flow. I

Hip Sprain

  The hips are highly active joints. Hip sprains are rare but do occur. A hip sprain is caused by tearing or stretching the ligaments that surround the hip and join the bones to each other. This is different from a hip strain , which is an injury to the muscles and is generally caused by over-use of the hip flexor muscles and tendons, causing them to tear. Hip sprains usually happen after a fall or a sudden twisting motion, which can occur during sports or an accident. Individuals involved in sports that require quick stops, body shifting, and sudden direction changes, like soccer, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc., have an increased risk. Most hip sprains can be effectively treated with conservative treatments like self-massage, rest, ice, and nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medications. For more severe cases, physical therapy and chiropractic can treat the condition. Hip Sprain Symptoms Tenderness in the hip increases when lifting the thigh. Cramping sensation/s in the mu

Tremors and Spinal Cord Compression

  Tremors are extremely rare, but they can result from spinal compression and not necessarily a brain condition like Parkinson's disease . Tremors are abnormal, involuntary body movements with various causes , most of which are connected to the brain and not the spine. A study reports that more than 75% of individuals with Parkinson's experienced a resting tremor, and about 60% experience tremors while moving. Sometimes the spine is the contributor caused by compression of the spinal cord. Spinal Compression Study A 90-year-old man was hospitalized after having tremors, with Parkinson's being the initial diagnosis. The tremors progressed to the point where the man could not feed himself or walk without support. The case became the focus of a medical report published by physicians in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Division of the Spine, Singapore Tan Tock Seng Hospital . Along with the tremors, symptoms progressed to: Difficulty with fine motor skills like buttoning

Squat Exercises Causing Low Back Pain

  Squat exercises are highly effective, as they strengthen the back and core muscles, helping the prevention of injury. They can be done anywhere with or without equipment like weights and resistance bands and can be part of an aerobic workout . Squatting requires following proper form and posture. Using the improper form, adding too much weight too soon, overdoing it without enough recovery time can cause soreness, back pain, and injury. Having muscle soreness after performing squats is expected; however, if symptoms like chronic soreness, tingling, numbness, or sharp aches that come and go , begin to appear, it is recommended to consult a medical trainer, chiropractor, doctor, or spine specialist to evaluate the symptoms, and if necessary develop a treatment plan, as well as a prevention plan to continue exercising safely. Squat Exercises Squatting is a highly beneficial form of exercise. Athletes, trainers, coaches, and individuals just staying healthy use the technique as a part

Sports Specific Performance Training

Sports-specific performance training is an approach to develop an athlete's full potential in their sport. This involves three different factors: physical, technical, and experience. Physical ability is the exercise physiology that consists of strengthening and conditioning the body to handle the conditions of the sport. This includes: Strength Power Speed Endurance Mobility Stability Flexibility Balance Technical ability involves the skill sets needed for the sport. This includes: Running Jumping Kicking Throwing Catching Hitting Sliding And finally is the athlete's experience. This takes the knowledge, combined with the physical and technical abilities brought together to perform at optimum levels. However, it all begins with physical ability that needs to be developed. Even naturally gifted individuals need to develop their physical ability. Sports Specific Performance Training Strength & conditioning objectives are to develop the whole athlete . This involves: Health

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