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Learning How To Combat Insomnia With A Few Strategies

  Learning how to manage and combat insomnia. Being wide awake early in the morning, trying hard to fall back to sleep before the alarm goes off.  Individuals that have trouble falling asleep find that it usually happens right before a vacation.  Everyone experiences an occasional sleepless night, but if insomnia continues on a regular basis it can lead to various health issues. The average adult requires over eight hours of sleep for the body to function properly.  But managing hectic lives means individuals end up going to bed later than sooner and not following the body's natural biological rhythm . Remote and in-person learning, jobs, children, and other obligations require getting up with the birds with only 4-6 hours of sleep.  A disruption to the body's circadian rhythm that regulates : Hormone production Body temperature Sleep Can lead to insomnia. Mind and Body Performance The body needs adequate, restful sleep to perform its best. Insomnia that is prolonged can cause

How A Doctor Of Chiropractic Heals Sciatica

The spinal cord is the information pathway that transmits signals from the brain to the rest of the body. The body's limbs and organs cannot function properly without regular communication flowing through the spinal cord. Understanding how the sciatic nerve responds to the other parts of the body can clarify how a doctor of chiropractic heals sciatica.  When severe pain presents normal communications are overridden for the sake of body and health preservation. The sciatic nerve is an important part of the spinal cord and requires a trained professional to aid in proper and effective healing. Basics On Sciatica Sciatica happens when the nerves are compressed/pinched in some form. Lower back conditions can be the cause of such compression. Sciatica can be reduced and healed. Conditions that can lead to sciatic pain include: Herniated discs Subluxations Disc Degeneration Spinal Stenosis Lower back disc bulge Piriformis syndrome Symptoms Sciatica often includes: Sharp pain Numbness Bu

The Importance Of The Spine's Curvature

  Individuals believe that a straight spine is a healthy spine. This is a misconception, a chiropractor knows that a healthy spine has the proper curvature, specifically an S curve from the top to the bottom. This curve allows/enables the spine to properly function for balancing and stabilizing the body. There are three primary curves that make up the S shape. These are: Cervical lordosis - Neck curvature Thoracic kyphosis - Middle back curvature Lumbar lordosis - Lower back curvature Lordosis is defined as an inward curve , while kyphosis is an outward curve .  Curvature Significance When the spine is properly curved and aligned there is flexibility and optimal support of the body. The curves of each section/area create a spring structure that enables the spine to perform as a natural shock-absorber. If the spine was straight, it would take a significant toll with all the wear and tear from constant vibration and shock. This would lead to fractures and other injuries. The curvat

Cardio Exercise Equipment That Won't Worsen Back Pain

  At home or a gym, working out with cardio exercise equipment can be a highly beneficial treatment for back discomfort, soreness, and pain. However, when checking out all the cardio machines it is recommended to use those that will help with back pain and not worsen or cause further injury. The same goes for purchasing cardio equipment to use at home. Research has found that exercise training could be highly effective in the treatment of back pain . A study on pain found that the endorphins generated from aerobic exercise help to lessen low back pain. The North American Spine Society announced evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of back pain, and one of the top recommendations was aerobic exercise. Individuals can always go outside to: Walk Hike Run Bike ride But mixing it up with cardio equipment can have its own benefits for different reasons. It could be too hot, raining, sometimes individuals prefer a set workout program to reach calorie or distance goals, and it c

Chiropractic Mobilization For Cervical Joints With Radiculopathy

  Individuals experiencing radiculopathy in and around the neck notice it immediately often driving them to the medicine cabinet. This condition presents with: Acute pain Numbness Muscle spasms However, medication will only help relieve the pain temporarily but it won't alleviate what is causing the radiculopathy. This is because pain medication/s can exacerbate the condition by blocking the pain signals with the root nerve issue never being resolved. Chiropractic is a complete solution that specifically mobilizes the cervical joints where nerve impingement is happening. The objective is to help individuals understand the underlying cause of the acute pain induced by radiculopathy and provide long-term pain relief through cervical joint mobilization . Radiculopathy Pain   To determine what cervical nerve bundles are being affected by a subluxation or vertebral compression a chiropractor needs to isolate the pain. This is accomplished through a description of symptoms, radiologica

Problems/Issues With The Feet Can Affect The Entire Body

  The feet are the foundation of the body. The feet carry the body's entire weight allowing for movement with ease. The feet are a complex structure that consists of: Bones Joints Muscles Ligaments Tendons Nerve endings Because of this, the feet are a high-impact area taking the everyday forces that come from: Balancing Walking Running Stopping Twisting Shifting positions Tiptoe reaching Common Symptoms Symptoms commonly caused by foot issues include: Soreness Stiffness Leg pain Muscle Weakness Poor balance Flat feet, fallen arches, injuries, bone spurs , and other issues can cause problems with the rest of the body. The most common are: Back Problems When foot issues are present it's common to change walking postures to avoid pain and discomfort. Individuals often do not realize they are doing it until the awkward postures begin to present with pain and discomfort. Overcompensation combined with unhealthy walking patterns can cause back pain. This is because the spine is be

Eating Healthy And Chiropractic Medicine

  Eating healthy and spinal health are interconnected. Eating healthier will help to lose weight, and provide a healthier body mass index. This means more muscle mass, especially when integrated with more protein. The spine sustains and supports the whole torso and upper body. When weight increases in these areas it can cause an array of issues like subluxations, curvature problems, sciatica, and more. The extra muscle mass takes the added stress from any extra weight off of the spine. Strong muscles can carry the weight of the body, taking the pressure off the spine and keeping it healthy and operating in top form. Making Healthy Adjustments No matter where an individual is on their healthy eating plan, there are common practices that work for many and helps improve their diet. This involves integrating healthy food groups into the diet in different ways, and not giving up when mistakes are made, but learning from them. When developing new healthy habits it takes time, diligence,

Temporomandibular Joint, Jaw Pain, Chiropractic Lasting Relief

  Jaw pain can make chewing, yawning, and talking a painful experience. This is a syndrome known as Temporomandibular Joint syndrome or disorder or TMJ and TMD . What happens is the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull becomes inflamed. It is part of the musculoskeletal system , which means that chiropractors can treat the syndrome with various chiropractic techniques that include soft tissue work and temporomandibular joint adjustments. Chiropractic can bring lasting relief from Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome/Disorder. How to Tell if TMJ Is Present Jaw pain is the most common symptom but there are other factors that can cause pain. To help determine if it is TMJ, here is a list of additional symptoms: Difficulty or pain moving the mouth such as when chewing Popping sensation sound when opening/closing the jaw Cracking sensation sound when opening or closing the jaw Headaches that radiate to the facial muscles Tooth pain Pain in the neck and shoulders Tightness

Chiropractic Improves Circulation That Can Help Increase Productivity

  Brain fog, memory problems, concentration, and the inability to form clear thoughts is an issue that many will face at some point. The progression of losing the ability to focus or think clearly can lead to decreased productivity with normal daily tasks, work, or taking care of a household. It can be a short-term issue experience caused by sleep deprivation or stress. However, if these issues are allowed to continue it can negatively change an individual's quality of life. Affected Productivity Factors Causes that can lead to poor productivity include: Sedentary lifestyle Poor sleep habits Chronic Stress Chronic anxiety Unhealthy diet Chronic Pain Allergies Food allergies Illness Mental health difficulties Hypothyroidism Spinal Alignment Affects Brain Functions The underlying issue/s associated with brain function and the ability to focus are connected to the spine being out of alignment. Individuals often have poor spinal alignment without even realizing it is happening. It a

The Body's Proper Spinal Alignment Achieved Through Chiropractic Repair

  When a machine isn't working correctly because the mechanism's parts have slipped, shifted, become loose, and are on the verge of breaking down, an expert/professional is called in to repair the damaged parts. The same can be said of the spine. From all the movement at home, work, shopping, activities the spine also compresses and falls out of place becoming misaligned. That's when individuals need to call a chiropractor to repair/realign the spine. The spine is an integral component of the body's functionality and health. This includes: Structure Support Flexibility Shock absorption Protection of the neural tissues Healthy Spinal Alignment For the spine to operate at its best proper alignment is necessary. The spine is impacted by everyday activities that shift, jolt, bounce, and stress the spine. Exacerbating the regular wear and tear includes: Poor posture Awkward movement Injuries A poor diet that causes inflammatory responses Spinal misalignment disrupts the e

Spine Health Contributes To Optimal Body Health

 Chiropractic treatment is much more than just spinal adjustments. Regular chiropractic treatment stabilizes and keeps the body balanced. It provides individuals with the knowledge and tools to maintain optimal health and helps prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Treatment options and benefits that chiropractic care can provide includes: Soft Tissue Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Therapeutic Exercise Therapeutic Stretches Spinal Traction Diet and Nutritional counseling Lifestyle Modification health coaching The spine is what allows the body to maintain a stable, upright position. A strong spine combined with proper posture is essential to healthy mobility, An unhealthy spine can cause all kinds of issues . Recognizing the role the spine plays in overall health will help protect an individual's long-term quality of life.     Chiropractic Support With chiropractic care, the objective is on spinal health. The spine is the basis for all other aspects of the body's health. When the

Anti-Inflammatory Foods and A Customized Treatment Plan

Chiropractors do far more than provide musculoskeletal adjustments for proper alignment and function of the spine.   They help bring the body back into balance, achieve and maintain optimal health. Every individual receives a personalized/customized treatment plan that covers aspects more than chiropractic adjusting. This includes: Home pain relief Stretches Physical therapy Lifestyle adjustments When treatment only focuses on symptoms and not the whole body, the plan is incomplete and may not be successful. At Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic, we recommend incorporating a variety of treatment approaches for the best results. One area that is often overlooked in treatment is individual diet. The food that individuals consume could cause or be contributing to inflammatory responses that cause or worsen pain symptoms. Adding anti-inflammatory foods to an individual's diet can help reduce inflammation and enhance the treatment plan.     Chronic inflammation p

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