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Six Day *DETOX* Treatment | El Paso, Tx 2019

Fred Foreman is a basketball coach who depends on his overall health and wellness to be able to engage in his everyday responsibilities. As a result, coach Foreman started the 6 Day Detox Program from Xymogen , designed to help renew and enhance the human body's cleansing and detoxification capabilities. Fred Foreman discusses his experience with the 6 Day Detox Program, describing the benefits he developed as well as the effort he had to implement, to support his overall health and wellness through the detox. Fred Foreman feels a great sense of fulfillment with the 6 Day Detox Program and he encourages other people, who also wish to improve their well-being, to detox their body. Coach Foreman highly recommends the 6 Day Detox Program as an alternative treatment choice for overall health and wellness. Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic We are blessed to present to you  El Paso’s Premier Wellness & Injury Care Clinic . Our services are specialized

Knowledge About Herniated Discs | El Paso, TX.

A herniated disc is one of the most common spinal disc issues. The spine is a very intricate structure, and when one component fails to function correctly, it can affect the entire body, causing pain and loss of mobility. Tiny bones, called vertebrae, are stacked on each other to form the spine. They are joined in such a way to facilitate movement, flexibility, and a wide range of motion. There are small, fluid-filled discs that rest between each vertebra, providing a cushion between the bones. When one of these discs becomes damaged, it can affect the surrounding nerves, causing pain and making movement difficult. What is It? A herniated disc is a common spinal condition that typically affects the cervical spine (neck region) or the lumbar spine (lower back), although it can occur in any part of the spine. Most often, a herniated disc happens at the L4 – L5 and the L5 – S1.  This is because this portion of the spine, the lumbar region, bears the bulk of the body’s weight. It

Assessment Of Methylation Status Part 1

Healthcare professionals can utilize a variety of clinical assessments to evaluate the methylation status of patients. However, there is no single assessment method or technique which can accurately demonstrate the complexity of methylation in the human body. Current assessments can help provide an understanding into methylation-related genetic polymorphisms, nutrient status, methylation-related neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter metabolites, amino acids, hormones and metabolites, oxidative stress, and detoxification load, all of which can also help provide the understanding of a patient's methylation status. Understanding Methylation Status Some assessment methods and techniques, including measures to determine DNA methylation status, are generally limited to research studies and are not yet available to healthcare professionals. As DNA methylation status assessments become available, healthcare is necessary to understand data because conflicting outcome measures have

When Methylation Goes Wrong Part 2

Dr. Alex Jimenez Explains Why Methylation Can Go Wrong As previously discussed, many healthcare professionals have demonstrated potential concerns associated with folic acid and methyl-folate supplementation. Some risks of folic acid or other folate derivative supplements, such as commonly used alternatives like 5-mTHF and folinic acid, have become widely recognized and they aren't frequently discussed. These diseases are described below. Several of these diseases can usually be treated with vitamin B12 supplementation, respectively, and although fundamental, these are not the main focus of the article. However, we will continue to discuss whether or not the side-effects of folic acid supplementation, or aberrant DNA methylation activity, are a result of methylation gone wrong. Epidemiological data suggests an inverse association between folate status and risk of health issues. Research studies have demonstrated that excessive methylation may be harmful. Diseases Caused b

When Methylation Goes Wrong Part 1

Dr. Alex Jimenez Explains Why Methylation Can Go Wrong Many healthcare professionals have demonstrated several potential concerns associated with folic acid and methyl-folate supplementation. Several risks of folic acid or other folate derivative supplements, including commonly utilized alternatives such as 5-mTHF and folinic acid, have become widely recognized and they aren't frequently discussed. These health issues are described below. The increased intake of these supplements can mask a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are normally characterized by megaloblastic anemia, however, when folate levels are too high, cell division will continue to occur within the bone marrow and this will mask the anemia. Unaddressed vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause irreversible neurological damage and cognitive impairment. Folate or folic acid supplements may also reduce the efficiency of certain anti-folate drugs and/or medications, such as methotrexate, anti-cancer, an

Intolerance to Methylation Donors

Although high-dose methyl donor supplements can help patients with methylation deficits, some healthcare professionals may occasionally encounter patients with an intolerance to methylation donors. Patients with an intolerance to methyl donors can experience worsening symptoms as well as the appearance of neurological symptoms, regardless of their need for methylation support. Neurological symptoms may include, anxiety, depression, irritability, and brain fog, among other symptoms. Intolerances to methyl donor supplements are not properly understood and further research studies are required to help determine the frequency and effects of these problems. It's believed that the impaired metabolism of catecholamines through COMT and MAOA may play a role in the intolerance of methylation donors. Increased SAH is also believed to cause a variety of adverse effects. Case 1.0: Methyl Donor Intolerance with COMT Polymorphism A 31-year-old female diagnosed with a long-term panic

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