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Ohio Attorney General Sues 5 Pharma Companies In Opioid Epidemic

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing five makers of opioid painkillers for their role in the state’s opioid epidemic. The five companies named in the suit are Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Solutions and Allergan. This is the second suit of its kind brought by a state, after Mississippi. Ohio attorney general sues 5 pharma companies over their role in the opioid epidemic   3 Hours Ago | 00:52 Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing five makers of opioid painkillers for their role in the state’s opioid epidemic. The suit , which DeWine said is the second by a U.S. state, after Mississippi, claims the drugmakers violated multiple state laws, including the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act, and committed Medicaid fraud. Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit, Teva Pharmaceuticals and its Cephalon unit, Endo Health Solutions and Allergan are all named in the s

History of the Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a well-known spinal condition which results in an abnormal, often lateral, curvature of the spine. While most cases of the issue are reported among children and teens, adults can also experience scoliosis, later in their lives. Fortunately, non-surgical procedures, such as the Schroth method of exercises for scoliosis, were created to correct this spinal condition, improving the lives of many affected with scoliosis. Katharina Schroth (1894-1985) developed the Schroth Method, based on her personal experience with spinal issues as a teenager. When Katharina was told she had scoliosis and would require surgery the system originated. Unwilling to possess surgery, she instantly began to formulate a way to place scoliosis in check plus it became her life’s work. She dedicated countless hours attempting different corrections of her curve and detected certain positions, movements and breathing techniques which made her own torso deformity clear. Trained as a teacher, Ms.

Psoas Major: Managing Dysfunction With Corrective Interventions

In the first part of his two-piece review on psoas major (PM), Dr. Alexander Jimenez discussed the relevant and complex anatomy and biomechanics of this unique and misunderstood muscle. In part two, Dr. Jimenez looks at how PM dysfunction may manifest as a musculoskeletal problem, and the corrective interventions a therapist can use to manage PM dysfunction. PM & Lumbar Back Pain Anecdotally, many therapists clinically find that patients with acute low back pain have myofascial trigger points in the PM when the muscle is palpated. Often deep trigger point releases into the PM can help alleviate and reduce the symptoms of low back pain. However, it is unclear whether the clinical correlation between low back pain and PM hypertonicity is causative. Is the hypertonic PM the cause of the back pain, or does it reflexively tighten up in the presence of back pain as a protective mechanism? In the ageless text ‘Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction’ by Janet Travel and David Simons

Lumbar Radiculopathy Associated with Sciatica & Low Back Pain

Around 80% of the population is plagued at one time or another by back pain, especially lower back pain. Associated leg pain (called lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica) happens less frequently. Pain could be debilitating and bothersome, restricting daily activities. Leg and back pain can result from a number of reasons, not all of which originate in your spinal column. With the aim of this particular article, we’ll concentrate on lumbar radiculopathy, which refers to pain in the low extremities in a dermatomal pattern (see picture below). A dermatome is a special place in the lower extremity that’s nerves going from a particular lumbar nerve to it. Compaction of the origins of the spinal nerves in the lumbar region of the back causes this pain. Diagnosing leg and lower back pain begins with assessment and a detailed patient history. Diagnosing Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Your medical history helps the issue is understood by the physician. It is essential to be specific when a

Active or Passive Recovery: Which is Better?

Training doesn’t make us fitter – recovery from training does. So, how do we recover? An easy jog or spin, or a lazy day on the sofa, asks Beate Stindt, chartered physiotherapist at Six Physio. Recovery can be either active or passive. Passive recovery is just that; total rest. A passive recovery day should not include any training. On these days you should rest and recover, which means no spring cleaning and no walking around the shops for the whole day. An active recovery session usually involves your usual sport, be it running, swimming, cycling or yoga, but at an easy to moderate intensity. Active recovery has been likened to a short nap – the aim is to feel better at the end of your workout than you did at the beginning. Training for an event places a huge amount of stress on your body and hard sessions result in the hormone cortisol being released. Cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory but, left to hang around in the blood for too long, can negatively interfere with musc

Psoas Major: Hip Flexor Or Lumbar Stabiliser?

Chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez looks at the detailed anatomy and function of psoas major, and the role it plays in lumbo-pelvic stability. The anatomy and function of the psoas major (PM) has received considerable attention in the literature over the last decade. More recently however, the traditional model and understanding of the PM – and its interaction with the iliacus as being a hip muscle that contributes to hip flexion force – has been questioned. Newer models based on cadaveric and biomechanical studies suggest that the PM relationship with the iliacus is not as intimate as first thought. Its role as a dominant hip flexor may be relatively unimportant, while the notion of its primary role as a lumbar spine stabiliser has gained popularity(1). The purpose of this two-part article therefore is to dissect the literature on the PM both in terms of its anatomy and its function, and outline the role it plays in lumbar spine stability and presenting pain and pathol

Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Diagnosis & Treatment

In the first part of this two-part article, chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez reviewed the recent research on the underlying biomechanics of iliotibial band syndrome . In part 2, he looks at diagnosis and treatment options. In some athletes, repeated knee flexion causes the iliotibial band (ITB) to produce friction over the lateral femoral condyle (LFE), or compression of the tissue underneath it. That tissue could be a fat pad or an outcropping of the synovial lining. Whether the cause is friction or compression, or the tissue is adipose or synovial, is really academic. The end result is the same: persistent lateral knee pain that can side-line an athlete. Functional Anatomy Every gait cycle requires an abduction moment during unilateral stance. As the weight transfers to the single leg, the posterior portion of the gluteus medius and the entire gluteus minimus produce force vectors parallel to the neck of the femur and stabilise the femoral head within the hip soc

Benefits of Eating Cinnamon, Turmeric and Ginger Daily

It is very well known that spices and herbs have a great many positive healthy qualities. But often we get confused as to how many, how much and which of the ingredients we must use as a supplement to boost our body. We have zeroed in on three basic but power house spices from your kitchen that can help you stay healthy. It goes without saying that in today’s times of excessive pesticide use, using organic varieties of these spices is the best and only way to go. Ginger Ginger root, which is a staple in every Indian Kitchen can work many wonders. Ginger has been known for over two thousand years as a medicinal herb effective in treating digestive problems, nausea, hangover and gases. Modern studies have found that it is effective in the treatment of vomiting, protects the gastric mucosa and improves inflammatory conditions. Turmeric Turmeric has anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is the magical substance, which gives turmeric its golden co

The Purpose of the Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as the abnormal, lateral deviation of the spine with a minimal Cobb angle of 10° in the coronal plane. It may be characterized as either non structural or structural scoliosis. Non-structural scoliosis is identified as a non-progressive curve resulting from a leg length discrepancy, herniated disc or improper bearing which can be corrected by removing the causing factor. Structural scoliosis is identified by not only its vertebral distorted shape, but by a vertebral rotation towards the convex side, where the spinal processes also rotate toward the concave side, additionally, including rib deformity along with the convex sided ribs shifting posterior and superior while the concave sided ribs changing anterior and inferior. After diagnosis, a person with scoliosis may present a pelvis that is not leveled in the transverse plane with unequal shoulder height, a thoracic or lumbar hump, and an asymmetrical lumbar triangle, loss of lumbar lordosis or loss of bala

Best Chair For Posture

Dr. Alex Jimenez takes a look at new concepts on posture and sitting.  Fact: Sitting is the new smoking.  It is highly destructive to the body on many levels.   Here are some good choices that may assist in reducing postural issues as a result of prolonged sitting. 15 Best Active Sitting Chairs For Better Posture, Productivity And | Source: hobbr.com   Best Office Chair For Posture Home Design Ideas | Source: drgulas.com Office Chair Back Exercises. Chic Fabulous Office Chairs Design | Source: stormicus.com 13 Best Office Chairs Of 2017 (Affordable To Ergonomic) €� Gear Patrol | Source: gearpatrol.com Top Good Posture Chairs With BEST OFFICE CHAIR FOR POSTURE OFFICE | Source: juuj.org What Are The Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain? – Quora | Source: quora.com 13 Best Office Chairs Of 2017 (Affordable To Ergonomic) €� Gear Patrol | Source: gearpatrol.com Top Good Posture Chairs With BEST OFFICE CHAIR FOR POSTURE OFFICE | Source: juuj.org Best Office Chair Reviews 2017 + (Ergonomic

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