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Top 4 Botanicals That Promote A Good Night Sleep El Paso, Texas

After a long day of work, you tiredly march your way to your bedroom. You take off your work clothes, slip on your comfiest pajamas, your bed is inviting you to just go under the covers and get that full 8 hours of recommended sleep that the media tells you to. However, you realize that you have that project you have to finish in two days to show your boss. Thus, you are working on that project in those two days; after work, in the wee hours of the night until completion. Surprisingly, when your head hits that pillow and you close your eyes for a few hours; your alarm starts to alert you awake to start your workday and you are exhausted. The world today is still experiencing a lack of sleep , as people still have busy lives and are just getting about 5 hours or less of sleep.  Japan still holds the record for having 5 hours of no sleep, while the U.S. is in second place of getting about 6 hours or less of sleep. But there is some good news as there are some natural ways to get t

Protein Folding and Neurological Disease

We often think of proteins are nutrients found in the food we eat and the main component of muscles, however, proteins are microscopic molecules located inside of cells which actually perform a variety of fundamental roles. The function of a protein depends on its shape, and when protein formation goes awry, the resulting misshapen proteins can cause numerous health issues, such as when proteins neglect their essential roles or when they form a sticky, clumpy clutter inside of cells. Protein formation is an error-prone procedure and mistakes along the way have been associated with neurological diseases. There are approximately 20,000 to over 100,000 unique types of proteins found inside a common human cell. Why so many? Proteins are the workhorses of the human cell. By way of instance, several of these proteins are structural, lending stiffness and rigidity to thin neurons or muscle tissues. Other proteins shuttle them to new places and bind to specific molecules and others cata

Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis & Chiropractic Orthotics El Paso, Texas

Around 3 million individuals suffer from plantar fasciitis Heel pain Foot pain Spurs Tight tendons Stiffness Signs of a long day, wearing the wrong shoes, both or you may have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. We don't take our health seriously until we go through excruciating pain or some form of debilitation. Feet are the foundation of the body and when they are not at 100% there are going to be problems. Identifying, diagnosing, and treating plantar fasciitis can be fast and easy with chiropractic orthotics! What is it? Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the tissues in your foot. People think it only affects the heel, however, it can affect any or all of the bottom of the foot. Because it’s the tissue between the toes and heel that gets inflamed. The tissue is called “fascia” hence the name of the condition: plantar fasciitis. Heel spurs were once thought to be the cause of the discomfort, but now is a symptom of plantar fasciitis. Many peopl

What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Mitochondria are the "energy factory" of the human body. Several thousand mitochondria can be found in nearly every cell. Mitochondria also play several fundamental roles in the body, such as converting chemicals from the foods we eat into energy as well as to process oxygen. Mitochondria produce 90 percent of the energy the human body requires to function accordingly. The purpose of the following article is to describe an overview of mitochondrial disease and well-being. What are Mitochondrial Diseases? Mitochondrial diseases are characterized as chronic, genetic, and often inherited health issues which ultimately occur when mitochondria fail to produce enough energy for the human body to function properly. Mitochondrial diseases may develop from birth however they can frequently develop at any age. Mitochondrial disease can affect any region of the human body, including the cells of the brain, muscles, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, ears, and nerves, among

Stay Calm and L-Theanine El Paso, Texas

Stressed Out - L-Theanine Ever wondered why your job is so stressful? Or that you haven’t gotten enough sleep due to partying with your friends, even though you were supposed to finish that essay for that one class you signed up for and now you are typing away to meet the deadline and turning it in. Or even better… the two p.m. slumps. Well, it might be because your L-theanine is a bit low. However, there are many ways to make sure that you get a boost of energy even though you feel tired and you are probably drinking it right now. Green tea seems to help us when we are overly stressed and when it’s nice and hot, we feel relaxed and whatever stress we hold onto melts away. However, L-theanine can also stimulate the brain and overall make you feel good, as well as blocking out certain neurotransmitters in your brain. Try Green Tea If you are wondering about the benefits of green tea , you can look at many Google searches and they will tell you different things about the hea

What is Cerebrovascular Disease?

Cerebrovascular disease is characterized as a group of diseases, conditions, and disorders which ultimately affects the blood vessels and the blood supply to the human brain. Brain damage can occur when a blockage, malformation, or hemorrhage prevents the brain cells from receiving enough oxygen. Cerebrovascular disorders can include stroke, transient ischemic attack or TIA, aneurysm, and vascular malformation. Cerebrovascular disease can develop due to a variety of health issues, such as atherosclerosis, where the arteries become narrow; thrombosis or embolic arterial blood clot, which is a blood clot in an artery of the brain; or cerebral venous thrombosis, which is a blood clot in a vein of the brain. In the United States, cerebrovascular disease is one of the most common causes of death. In 2017, it caused about 44.9 deaths per 100,000 individuals or 146,383 deaths in total. Fortunately, people can decrease their risk of developing cerebrovascular disease. In the following

Healthy Minds, Healthy Life El Paso Texas

A Healthy Mind Our brain is one of our most important organs that controls everything that we do. From learning how to walk at our earlier stages, learning new motor skills, to remembering nostalgic events in our lives. However, when tragedy strikes, our brain is the first one to get impacted. The brain has many functions in the past that were structured, fixed, and therefore, hard-wired. That changed in the 1970s when neuroscientists discovered that the brain was the opposite of what they originally thought. It turns out that the brain is continuously changing and gathering information for many life events called neuroplasticity . Our brain’s neuroplasticity has helped us re-learned simple motor skills by training our bodies to do these functions through rehabilitation from any brain injuries that anyone has been through. However, for some people, when they are recovering from any tragic events can encounter many mental struggles and have a hard time to bounce back. The mo

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