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What You Should Know About Unhealthy Posture Causes

  Many individuals attribute to some degree, their neck or back pain to unhealthy posture. Can knowing the causes and underlying factors help guide lifestyle adjustments and seeking medical rehabilitative treatment? Unhealthy Posture Causes Numerous factors can cause individuals to regularly practice unhealthy postures. Unhealthy posture can be caused by day-to-day activities and the effects of gravity on the body. ( Dariusz Czaprowski, et al., 2018 ) Unhealthy posture can also be brought on by an injury, illness, or genetics. A combination of these factors is also common. Practicing healthy posture is a form of exercise where the muscles support the skeleton in stable and efficient alignment that is present in stillness and movement. Injury and Muscle Guarding After an injury, muscles can spasm to protect the body and help stabilize injuries and protect against further injury. However, movements become limited and can lead to pain symptoms. Prolonged muscle spasms lead to weakened mus

Understanding Friction Massage for Tissue Adhesions and Scar Tissue

  For individuals having difficulty moving or functioning normally due to injury, surgery, or illness, can a chiropractic and physical therapy team help expedite recovery? Friction Massage Individuals may develop scar tissue or tissue adhesions that limit normal motion after injury or surgery. A pain management team may use various treatments and modalities and may incorporate friction massage as part of a rehabilitation treatment plan. Friction massage, also known as transverse friction or cross friction massage, is a technique used to help improve scar tissue and adhesion mobility to move better and decrease the negative effects. The therapist uses their fingers to massage the scar in a direction that is at right angles to the scar line. It is a specialized technique that breaks up tissue adhesions that are limiting normal movement in the skin and underlying tissues. ( Haris Begovic, et al., 2016 ) Scar Tissue and Adhesions For individuals who require surgery due to an injury or an

Don't Make These Common Muscle Building Mistakes

  For individuals trying to build muscle but are not seeing results, can knowing factors like what foods to eat, how to work out, and genetics help achieve meaningful muscle gains? Muscle Growth Nutritional Mistakes Muscle growth is an important element of overall fitness and health. Individuals can make nutritional mistakes like not eating enough protein or carbohydrates and not properly hydrating themselves which can prevent them from gaining muscle. Factors that contribute to muscle building, include: Nutrition Genetics Training Individuals who want to increase muscle mass more efficiently can rework these issues to maintain consistency and commitment to exercise and nutrition. Benefits include: Building muscle helps strengthen bones Improves balance Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Building muscle enhances strength and speed and can also reduce the risk of injuries or falls as you age. ( American College of Sports Medicine. 2017 ) Factors Experts point out

Managing Chronic Sciatica: Multidisciplinary Treatment For Relief

  For individuals dealing with chronic sciatica, when pain and other symptoms significantly impact daily activities and the ability to walk, can a musculoskeletal healthcare provider help relieve and manage symptoms through a multidisciplinary treatment plan? Chronic Sciatica Sciatica is a common condition that results from compression of the sciatic nerve in the lower back or leg. Chronic sciatica occurs when symptoms last for 12 months or longer. Advanced Sciatica Symptoms Advanced or chronic sciatica usually produces pain that radiates or travels down the back of the leg. Long-term sciatic nerve compression can result in: Leg pain Numbness Tingling Electrical or burning sensations Weakness Weakness Instability of the legs, which can impact the ability to walk. Severe nerve compression can progress to leg paralysis if the nerve is significantly damaged from chronic compression. ( Antonio L Aguilar-Shea, et al., 2022 ) Sciatica can progress to nerve damage of the smaller nerves and tr

Rehabilitation and Treatment: What Pain Management Specialists Do

  For individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions can having a better understanding of pain management specialists help in developing effective multidisciplinary treatment plans? Pain Management Specialists Pain management is a growing medical specialty that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating all types of pain. It is a branch of medicine that applies scientifically proven techniques and methods to relieve, reduce, and manage pain symptoms and sensations. Pain management specialists evaluate, rehabilitate, and treat a spectrum of conditions, including neuropathic pain, sciatica, postoperative pain, chronic pain conditions, and more. Many primary healthcare providers refer their patients to pain management specialists if pain symptoms are ongoing or significant in their manifestation. Specialists Healthcare providers specializing in pain management recognize the complex nature of pain and approach the problem from all directions. Treatment at a pain clinic is patient-ce

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