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The Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

  Individuals tend to think of chiropractic treatment for pain relief, injury recovery, and help with poor posture. This is correct, but regular chiropractic spinal adjustments can provide numerous benefits to feel your absolute best and improve an individual's quality of life. Doctors of chiropractic/DCs perform a thorough physical and neurological evaluation of the individual to diagnose the root cause of spine pain. The proper diagnosis is essential to the individual's customized treatment plan. Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments Chiropractic spinal adjustments address a variety of health-related issues. A chiropractor will work with the individual to determine the most beneficial treatment possible. This includes posture training, exercise, stretching, massage therapy, and more. Below are a few of the benefits of chiropractic spinal adjustments: Better joint health and mobility Enhances physical and athletic abilities Restores muscle balance which is seco

Supporting A Spouse, Partner With Chronic Pain

  For individuals that have a partner or spouse with chronic back pain , life can feel like it revolves around the pain. For the individuals going through the pain, it does. The pain can be debilitating to the body, emotional and mentally. The physical and emotional exhaustion of chronic pain can affect a partnership. But with the right support, treatment can be enhanced making the couple's life a lot better. Partners and spouses with Chronic Pain Individuals unhealthily deal with chronic pain communication in two ways. The first is, the individual dealing with the pain talks frequently about it . This can be viewed as constant complaining, resulting in their spouse or partner becoming irritated, cold, resentful, and frustrated by not knowing or being able to help. The second way is, again the individual dealing with the pain wants to avoid sounding needy, never talk about the pain. This means instead they deal with the pain in silence. However, this wears the individual down p

Diabetic Back Pain: Ways To Bring Relief

  The diabetic disease processes can be a contributor to chronic back pain. Diabetes can damage the human body from the eyes to the feet if left untreated, and the spine/back is a prime target. Data from 11 studies consisted of individuals over 18 years of age diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The results showed individuals with diabetes had a 35% increased risk of experiencing lower back pain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 34 million people were found to have diabetes in 2021. Diabetes primarily impacts blood sugar/glucose levels. However, the disease can affect several of the body's systems . It is a state of chronic inflammation. Diabetic Back Pain Connection The connection between diabetes and back pain include: Neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy happens when constant high glucose levels damage/injure the nerves. The result is symptoms like pain, tingling, and numbness. It affects up to 50% of individuals with diabetes and can lead t

Pelvic Pain and Chiropractic Relief

  The pelvis is designed to bear and distribute the weight of the body along with regular everyday movement. It is built to properly distribute weight between the upper and lower body that utilizes the core muscles, ligaments, and joints creating a complex pelvic girdle that helps the body function properly. The bones of the pelvis house and protect organs like the: Reproductive system Bladder Below the digestive tract When pain in the pelvis presents, daily physical activities can become difficult to get through. Chiropractic treatment combined with lifestyle adjustments can bring pain relief and strengthen the pelvis muscles/bones to maintain optimal function. Causes of Pelvic Pain When pain presents there can be a variety of underlying causes contributing to it. Certain causes are more serious than others. This is why seeking professional medical guidance is highly recommended for the best outcomes. Possible causes include: Core weakness Spinal misalignment Injury from falls, auto

Lifestyle Adjustments and Chiropractic Enhancements

  Individuals are realizing the enhancements that chiropractic produces along with lifestyle adjustments. Chiropractic is about total body health. This includes: Alleviating pain from injuries and musculoskeletal conditions Reversing low energy levels Healthy lifestyle adjustment support Neck Pain Back Pain Chronic Pain Herniated Disc/s Headaches Migraines Sciatica Sports Injuries Healthy living and regular chiropractic adjustments will elevate the body's health to new levels. Chiropractic unlocks the body's potential Getting to the root cause of any symptoms that are presenting and addressing them is essential before the body can be at its optimum. A common root cause of pain, low energy, and various general health complaints is spinal misalignment. Poor spinal alignment leads to poor nerve energy flow and poor blood circulation. When the body and nervous system function incorrectly , there is interference with the body’s ability to process normal functions that leads to v

Ways Chiropractic Treats Whiplash Effectively and Successfully

  A whiplash injury can cause pain for months, even years after the accident/incident. It can cause persistent pain in the neck, shoulders, back, as well as, headaches, and sleep problems. Waiting to see if it will go away is not recommended. Chiropractic treatment can effectively and successfully expedite the healing process getting back to normal life as quickly as possible . Chiropractors treat whiplash successfully using a combination of techniques, approaches, and exercises for pain relief, recovery, and long-term spinal health. The extent and severity of the whiplash injury determine what type of chiropractic treatment will be implemented. The Severity of a Whiplash Injury Whiplash injuries are often the result of: Automobile accidents Work injuries Sports Amusement park rides It is primarily an injury of the neck muscles and ligaments, but can also damage the vertebral discs. It is not considered a serious or life-threatening injury, but it can cause long-term complications and

Belly Fat Can Cause Back Pain and Injury

  Belly fat is a gateway to back pain/spinal issues that can lead to various health problems. The bulging belly population has grown a bit since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 37% of individuals have gained weight since it began, according to a global Ipsos survey. If back pain is presenting and there is excess weight around the abdomen known as abdominal obesity , this could be a contributing factor. Belly fat and posture When the natural curves of the spine are normal, the core is stable and well-supported. Excessive weight, including a large abdomen, shifts these curves out of correct alignment. Excessive abdominal fat has been associated with lordosis , which is an excessive inward curve of the spine toward the lower back. One study found that severely obese individuals had pain and changes in posture. This was especially visible in the spine, knees, and feet. Front-loading shift The back pain felt from a bulging belly can be caused by a shift in posture and body mecha

ATV Accidents, Injuries, and Chiropractic Treatment/Rehabilitation

  Many individuals enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs. It is a fun pastime and it gets individuals outdoors. However, when driving/riding any type of motor vehicle there is potential for crashes and accidents that can result in severe injuries . Unfortunately, many individuals get on an ATV without properly understanding how the vehicle operates, safety measures, and what to do in an emergency. Several facts about ATV accidents, provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission : 130,000+ individuals are injured every year from ATV accidents Over 700 individuals are killed in these accidents every year Around one-third of the individuals killed are under the age of 16. Many of the accidents could have been prevented if proper safety protocols were followed Many of these accidents are based on negligence or recklessness of the driver or other individual/s doing the same in close proximity. The causes range from: Speeding recklessly Steep hill-climbing Rollovers Drunk driving E

Sciatica Pain and Symptoms Improvement

Determining if sciatica pain and symptoms are showing improvement can be as simple as the pain significantly reducing or it could be a bit more complex, depending on the severity of the condition. Chiropractic treatment keeps track of the location and movement of the pain as a reliable indicator that complete relief is getting closer. When the pain retreats up the leg, it is a sign of improvement even with back and buttock aches/pain that feel like it's worsening. Various Symptoms The most common symptoms include: Tingling Numbness Sharp pain Dull pain Radiating/spreading pain A feeling like insects crawling or water trickling down the leg Changing sensations in the buttock, back, leg, or foot Does It Get Worse Before Getting Better? Sciatica can get worse before it gets better. This is known as centralization where the pain moves or retreats back towards the midline of the spine after repeated movements or guided/chiropractic positioning and adjusting. It can be misleading, ma

Sleep Apnea and Back Pain

  A good portion of the population deals with night back pain . But there is another group that can attribute their back pain to sleep apnea . The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that 26% of adults between 30 and 70 have this disorder. Sleep apnea back pain can turn into a vicious cycle. Unrestful sleep caused by sleep apnea can make an individual more susceptible to pain. Back pain can cause sleep problems, and the cycle begins again. Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is a chronic sleep disorder in adults in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Symptoms include: Excessive sleepiness during the day Snoring Abrupt waking during sleep Risk factors include: Obesity Smoking Diabetes Narrow airway History of sleep apnea in family There is ongoing research about risk factors for sleep apnea. The Sleep Apnea and Back Pain Connection Back pain could be a symptom of a vertebral fracture. Sleep apnea has been found to be associated with a higher risk of vertebral fractures. Research has

Injury Related Stress And Anxiety Addressed With Chiropractic Care

Going through traumatic accidents that result in injuries can cause injury-related stress and anxiety for individuals. It is understandable that stress and anxiety are high as individuals figure out how to navigate through the situation. Therefore, it is very important to find ways to manage stress and anxiety because if they go unchecked it could become chronic leading to poor health and quality of life. Stress/Anxiety Affects Health Injury-related stress and anxiety can be exacerbated through different factors. These can include: Medical bills Employment Relationships Independence The causes/reasons can vary however, the physical response the body goes through is the same. A stress-inducing situation can leave an individual feeling threatened and generate a physical stress response. The body responds to stress by releasing hormones that shift the body into survival mode. This requires a lot of energy placing massive strain on the body. This is an important mechanism for healthy l

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