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Breathing Back Discomfort Causes: Functional Chiropractic Team

  Back discomfort symptoms include stiffness, spasms, tenderness, and headaches often caused by unhealthy posture and overuse muscle strain. Breathing back discomfort can be caused by injuries to the spinal musculoskeletal system, conditions and/or disease in the back, lungs, or heart, and other conditions unrelated to the back. When taking a breath, the intercostal muscles surrounding the rib cage contract, expanding the chest and allowing the lungs to fill with air. These muscles directly affect the spine, which is why back issues can present when breathing. Chiropractic care, decompression, and massage therapy, combined with a functional medicine approach, can realign the spine, release tight muscles, and restore function. Breathing Back Discomfort A problem in the back could be a root cause for discomfort and back problems while breathing. Spinal Conditions Scoliosis Scoliosis causes the spine to curve sideways, either in one direction, creating a C shape, or generating an S shap

Training Oneself To Enjoy Vegetables: Functional Chiropractic Team

  First, know that it is not crazy, and you're not alone. It is difficult for individuals to achieve health and fitness goals when they don't like to eat vegetables. Intermittent fasting, Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, or New Nordic , almost all healthy nutrition plans require vegetable consumption to achieve optimal health. However, it is never too late to learn to enjoy vegetables. Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic can recommend ways not just to eat vegetables because they are healthy but to truly enjoy them. Training Oneself To Enjoy Vegetables Everyone's taste preferences are different. Many individuals grew up in homes where vegetables were prepared in unappetizing ways. Over boiling and steaming are common preparation methods that many had experience with, including broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts, which made them flavorless, mushy and is where many decided they were not going to eat these foods. Many don't like vegeta

Stomach Back Pain Causes: Functional Chiropractic Team

  Back pain is one of the most common reasons individuals go to a doctor, massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, and chiropractor. Various health conditions, some spine-related, others not, list back pain as a symptom. Many of these conditions begin in the stomach or abdominal cavity, which leads to stomach and back pain. Stomach and back pain happening simultaneously, independently, or in combination could be caused by gut problems, back issues, or something completely different. Understanding what causes these two types of pain simultaneously can help figure out a treatment plan. Stomach Back Pain Causes  Problems in the abdominal cavity and stomach issues can cause back pain and vice versa. Symptoms can also include referred pain when the pain is felt in one part of the body but is caused by pain or injury in another area. Stomach back pain causes depend on the type of condition/s that can include: Appendicitis Inflammation in the appendix can cause sudden sharp pain in the

Percussive Massage Therapy: Functional Chiropractic Team

  The body's musculoskeletal system consists of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues. These parts get pushed to the extreme with everyday wear and tear, job, school, house chores, and tasks. All the flexing and contracting cause tightness, strain, and soreness that can contribute to negative muscle behavior that holds the muscles in an unhealthy position and in a semi-flexed or tightened state. An example is an unhealthy posture that becomes the norm for an individual. A percussive massage can release tightness, maintain flexibility, relieve discomfort, alleviate stress, and improve circulation. Percussive Massage Therapy A percussive/percussion massage is a form of physical therapy that utilizes vibration through repeated pressure bursts to massage muscles. Percussive therapy offers more control over targeted muscle groups than foam rollers and other static massagers. The treatment involves using an electric massage device to relieve muscle tension. Differe

Baseball Training: Injury Medical Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Team

  All sports differ in the relative importance of various physical skills contributing to the game and individual performance. Baseball is a precision sport with fast, explosive movements and full-body activity. The ability to repeatedly perform near maximum level with little rest is necessary for baseball players. Baseball training involves a multidimensional approach that focuses on speed, agility, and strength in a way that is relative to the motions and requirements of the sport . Baseball Training Trainers have to assess the unique needs of the sport and determine the time needed to improve each quality within the athlete. They should focus on the following: Improving core strength and trunk rotation. Increasing shoulder stability and strength. Improving quick reactive movements. Increasing explosiveness. Improving running, throwing, and bat speed. Injury prevention. Baseball training workouts are targeted at increasing running speed, bat speed, pitching, and throwing velocity tha

Sacroiliac Joint Surgery: Chiropractic Team

  The function of the SI joints is to allow torsional or twisting movements when moving the legs that act as levers. Without the sacroiliac joints and the pubic symphysis at the front of the pelvis, which allow these precision movements, the pelvis would be at higher risk of a fracture. The sacroiliac joints transmit body weight and all the physical forces down through the sacrum to the hips and legs. Individuals, especially athletes with pain in the lower back, hip, groin, or leg, could be experiencing SIJ/sacroiliac joint dysfunction . A physician or surgeon could recommend sacroiliac joint surgery for severe SI joint dysfunction and pain that has not resolved with conservative treatment. Sacroiliac Joint Surgery There are two sacroiliac joints. They connect the large iliac bones that make up the sides of the pelvis and the sacrum or triangle-shaped vertebrae between the iliac bones at the base of the spine. Pain in this area can come from sacroiliitis or inflammation of an SI joint

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