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Metabolic Syndrome and Chiropractic Body Wellness

  Metabolic syndrome is the term for a group of risk factors like heart disease, diabetes, along with other health issues. The number of individuals dealing with the condition could be as high as 1 in 4. An individual can have one risk factor but most have several in combination. When there are three of these risk factors it becomes metabolic syndrome. The syndrome is a collection of conditions, that culminate in a correlative diagnosis. Risk factors/Symptoms include some or all of the following:   High blood pressure High blood sugar Increased triglycerides Low HDL cholesterol Obesity       The disease can lead to :   Gastrointestinal distress Insulin resistance Heart attack Stroke Heart disease   If left untreated and continued poor life choices that include unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity/exercise, and habit formation an individual can die from complications of the syndrome. The condition requires clinical treatment and medical assistance, however, chiropractic has been

Scar Tissue Break Down with Chiropractic, Mobility and Flexibility Restored

  Scar tissue if left untreated/unmanaged could lead to mobility and chronic pain issues. Individuals that are recovering from a traumatic injury often have issues brought on from scar tissue. Scar tissue build-up is part of the healing process but in some cases, the tissue build-up can create another set of health issues . Restricted mobility and range of motion and lack of flexibility can worsen over time.     Chiropractors are taught to consider the presence of scar tissue when performing adjustments . This is especially true for patients recovering from a traumatic injury. If left untreated it could affect: Recovery progress Treatment approaches The capability of the individual to handle the treatment The planning and execution for a chiropractic recovery strategy   Scar Tissue Breakdown Scar tissue can be broken up, managed, and kept loose/relaxed through various chiropractic/physical therapy techniques, stretches, exercises, and diet adjustments. Breaking up scar tissue an

Overuse/Repetitive Motion Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment

  Overuse/repetitive body movements occur in jobs, chores, video gaming, texting, and other forms of physical work. This means doing something over and over , with the hands and other muscles and bones of the body. Repeating bodily motions are common for individuals in their daily lives. However, doing these movements regularly and for too long can lead to muscle, ligament, tendon pain, and injuries. Performing the same motion over and over generates significant stress/pressure with a highly increased risk of injury/s. The shoulders, elbows, knees, or wrists could present with stiffness and pain , even though there is no recall injuring any of these areas. These injuries are very common but are treatable with rest, physical activity modification, and chiropractic injury treatment . Once diagnosed a chiropractor/physical therapy team can begin developing a customized overuse/repetitive injury treatment plan.     Identification of overuse/repetitive motion injuries Overuse/repetiti

Strengthening The Immune System With Chiropractic Support

  The immune system is made up of a network of cells and proteins that defend the body against infection/s . It is made up of specialized organs, and chemicals that fight microorganisms, specifically that are bacterial and can cause infection/disease. The system keeps a record of every germ so it can recognize and destroy any microbes if they enter the body again. Immune system abnormalities can lead to: Allergic diseases Immunodeficiencies Autoimmune disorders   The Immune System Protection from viruses and bacterias requires a long term solution/s for building and strengthening immunity. Chiropractic adjustments along with health coaching can help. The main organs of the immune system are: White blood cells Antibodies Complement system Lymphatic system Spleen Bone marrow Thymus   The Microbiome The health and variety of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract have been shown to have significant effects on overall health, including immunity. When gut health is optimized, it h

Activity Modification and Chiropractic To Help With Chronic Pain

  Chronic pain and a healthy spine can require activity modification . This is so an individual can participate in activities in a way to help prevent pain from presenting. This could include: Avoiding staying in static positions for too long Continuous stretches throughout the day Planning ahead when participating in physical activities that cause pain Dietary adjustments to reduce inflammation and gain strength/flexibility Customized exercise program Health coaching guide   Activity Modification Chiropractic treatment not only involves correcting spinal alignment but also continuing an individual's health education . The objective is to treat the source, not the symptoms. The goal with activity modification is to change the habit into a positive technique. Rigorous spinal adjustments will only help to a point if the habit continues . Whether there are any underlying conditions or it is an individual's lifestyle, variables like: Posture Ergonomics Biomechanics These are

Gastric Distress, Spinal Nerve Compression, and Chiropractic Release

  Stomach ache, acid reflux, gas, and other symptoms of gastric distress can be linked to spinal issues and misalignment. The spinal cord sends nerve signals to all parts of the body, specifically those affecting digestion functions. The lumbar spine/lower back includes the sacrum which is vital in terms of nerve function .   Various spinal cord issues could cause problems with the rest of the body. These include: Disc compression Herniated discs Strained ligaments Misalignments/problems in the lower back can result in gastric symptoms like: Constipation Diarrhea Bloating Gas Bladder malfunction   This is because this area of the spine includes sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves that are connected to the digestive system . Any problem with these systems can result in miscommunicated signals to the rest of the body . The wide-range effects that compressed nerves can have on the body, as well as, how the spine is affected by the obstruction of these nerves can be detrimenta

Spinal Misalignment Signs and Symptoms

  Most individuals go about their lives without thinking about poor posture and spinal misalignment, not to mention the spinal health problems/conditions that are associated with misaligned vertebrae . Most spinal misalignments come on as a result of: Poor posture habits Unhealthy diet Destructive lifestyle choices Sudden misalignments caused by accident/s or injury/s   Sudden misalignments can be associated with a direct cause that an individual can recognize increased symptoms and injury. It’s the long-term spinal misalignment that can become dangerous if left untreated and out of alignment. This is when it is time to see a chiropractor for an immediate spinal realignment.   Body Posture Mechanics Poor posture along with poor body mechanics contributes to spinal misalignment. This creates unnecessary and consistent pressure on the: Muscles Ligaments Joints Discs   The pressure also causes a stretching of the nerves in the neck and low back . These nerves are responsible fo

Disc Pain and Nerve Root Pain Understanding Spinal Disc Problems

  Back or disc pain is becoming increasingly common for individuals of all ages. The spinal discs are prone to injury because of the extreme amount of pressure/stress placed on the lower back and neck. Fortunately, most cases of back pain heal on their own, while others can cause long-term chronic pain that can be difficult to manage, without proper treatment.     Different types of pain can be caused by problems with the spinal discs. The spinal discs are elastic sections of the spine that sit between the vertebrae. They are made up of materials called annulus fibrosus on the outside and a gel-like material called nucleus pulposus on the inside.     These discs are flexible, which allows for a range of motion to the spine and body shock absorption to increase comfort when in motion. When an individual visits a chiropractor, the practitioner will not know the exact cause of the pain, but only that it hurts around a certain area. Our spinal experts will help individuals underst

Brachial Neuritis: Shoulder, Arm, Hand Pain, and Chiropractic Intervention

  Shoulder and arm pain can be debilitating, especially when there is no obvious cause or injury that needs to be treated. A rare condition known as brachial neuritis can cause spasms along with pain down the arm, followed by numbness, tingling, and weakness . If not diagnosed and treated early, the symptoms can worsen with time. The pain experienced can be described as sharp, searing, and shooting . Brachial neuritis can be intense and disabling when it presents for hours and even days.     Utilizing a chiropractic approach, shoulder and spinal adjustments can provide relief and a faster healing/recovery from the inflammatory condition. Individuals experiencing shoulder, arm, and possible hand pain should consult with a chiropractor about a potential home and clinic treatment plan to improve their condition.   Medical History and Examination The process of diagnosing brachial neuritis involves an individual's medical history and physical exam . Cases that are more complicate

Anterior/Posterior Pelvic Tilt Prevention with Chiropractic Foot Orthotics

  Few individuals realize they have problems with their feet. Flat feet can cause anterior or posterior pelvic tilt . This is a condition where the pelvis tilts too far forward or too far backward . Individuals can go through their entire life without realizing they have some type of foot issue. This can cause poor support in the lumbar spine generating back problems and chronic illness. The problem with foot issues is that it can set-up a chain of physiological deficiencies. This can include: Fallen arches Genu Varum - Bow-leggedness Back problems   Many accept these health issues as part of their normal physiology . However, flat-feet and other related musculoskeletal issues can be identified and corrected with proper support. Custom Foot Orthotics for the foot issue/s and chiropractic alignment for the whole-body. Based on the assessment of the spinal curvature and posture of the individual, a chiropractor will be able to determine to what degree the pelvic tilt and foot prob

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