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Athletes with Pectoralis Major Ruptures from Sports

Pectoralis major ruptures are considered to be significantly rare types of sports injuries . These specifically occur on contact, caused by a sudden, violent contraction of the muscle, usually with particular stretching positions, such as during the bottom of a bench press or during tackling in rugby or football. Although pectoralis major ruptures are believed to be uncommon injuries, these have become more frequent with the growing popularity of contact sports, such as body combat sports and weight training. Anatomy and Biomechanics The pectoralis major muscle is made up of two recognizable heads; the clavicular head and the costosternal head. The clavicular head emerges from the medial clavicle and the upper sternum while the costosternal head on the sternum emerges from the aponeurosis of the external oblique and the first six costal cartilages of the rib cage. They both incorporate to form the anterior wall and fold of the axilla, extending across the shoulder and insertin

Whiplash & Neck Sprains from a Car Wreck

Whiplash commonly occurs after a traffic collision . Although the symptoms for this type of injury usually ease on their own without the need of special treatment, it is recommended to maintain the normal mobility of the neck and seek medical attention immediately. In a majority of cases, people will turn to the use of painkillers to ease the pain but these only disguise the problem temporarily since they don’t directly treat the issues. Whiplash-related injuries are the result of a sudden, back-and-forth motion of the head, much like a whip, as a result of an extreme force acting against the body. On account of the force from the impact of a car crash, for example, the muscles, ligaments and other complex tissues in the neck can stretch, or sprain, beyond their normal range, sometimes causing tears. Who Can Get Whiplash? Neck sprains, or whiplash, are significantly common. Many individuals who unfortunately experience an unexpected automobile accident experience s

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