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Core Strength and Performance

Core Strength and Performance - El Paso Chiropractor
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When participating in any sport, core strength is crucial towards an athlete’s overall performance. The body’s core consists of the back and the abdominal muscles and for many athletes, this area can be a weakness. In runners for example, a strong core can prevent injuries to other joints including the hips and knees. In cyclists, a strong core is essential to apply power to each pedal. And finally, skiers depend on a strong core to allow them to continue supplying their body with energy for longer distances while reducing the effort on the rest of the body.

Essentially, having a strong core helps stabilize the body to allow the individual to perform to their fullest capacity. Strong back and abdominal muscles ultimately improve agility, stamina, and strength.

Increasing core strength to improve performance for any sport is not difficult, in fact, a regular routine of crunches together with several other basic exercises can help. Planks are another common core strength exercise. These are performed by holding a push-up-like position while the body’s weight is carried on the forearms, elbows, and toes. A side plank, also used to increase core strength, is similar to a plank except its performed by turning the body onto its side, keeping the legs extended while the feet and hips are resting on the ground and stacked on top of each other then placing the elbow directly under the shoulder to prop up the torso and alight the head with the spine.  When participating in core exercises, always be sure to not over-exert your body as many athletes commonly experience injuries from forcing greater repetitions especially when their core is not properly contracting. If you feel the contraction leaving your stomach and going toward your back, buttocks, or hip flexors, an injury can often occur.

Occasionally, an individual’s core muscles might not contract properly due to a possible complication of the spine that could be causing nerve compression or damage. Individuals who’ve previously suffered from chronic back problems or had a recent back injury can experience difficulty exercising their muscles to their fullest potential. A chiropractic doctor can help determine where the spine is impacting your muscle strength. For athletes and the general public alike, its essential to maintain a good physical condition in order to remain active and continue enjoying the sports they enjoy.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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