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How Psychologists Help Fibromyalgia Patients | Central Chiropractor

About 30% of people with fibromyalgia experience nervousness, depression, or some form of mood disturbance. Researchers have not yet determined whether fibromyalgia causes these conditions or vice versa, but what has become clear is that when your psychological state succumbs to your physical pain, your pain gets stronger. That's why your physician may recommend you seek a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a counselor.

How can mental and emotional support help with fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is a complex condition. Its symptoms will often impact your life in a way that transcend pain and are varied. The pain and fatigue alone could be sufficient to negatively alter your lifestyle, thus affecting your mood. To take control of your symptoms, you may have to have a multi-disciplinary strategy, incorporating psychology, physical therapy, and medications, to help provide overall relief from all fibromyalgia symptoms.

The Difference Between Anxiety and Depression
Many individuals frequent…

Evidence of Benefits from a Ketogenic Diet | Advanced Nutrition

Evidence of Benefits from a Ketogenic Diet | Advanced Nutrition

Until recently, ketosis was viewed with apprehension in the medical world, however, current advances in nutritional research have disregarded this apprehension and increased public awareness of its side effects. In people, ketone bodies are the only additional supply of brain energy after glucose. The use of ketone bodies by the brain might be a significant development that occurred in parallel with brain development in humans. Generation of ketone bodies during fasting is essential to provide glucose with an alternate fuel. This is essential to spare muscle's degradation.

A ketogenic diet is clinically and effective in remedies that are antiobesity and antiepileptic; nonetheless, the mechanisms of its actions remain to be elucidated. In some cases, a ketogenic diet is much better than modern anticonvulsants. Lately, it has been shown that a ketogenic diet is a safe potential solution to other existing remedies for infantile spasms. It was further revealed that a ketogenic diet could act as a mood stabilizer in bipolar illness. Beneficial changes in the brain energy profile are observed in subjects that are on a ketogenic diet. This is an important observation because cerebral hypometabolism is a characteristic feature of people who suffer from depression. It has also been discovered that a ketogenic diet influences signal transduction in neurons by inducing changes in the basal status of protein phosphorylation. In another study, it was shown that a ketogenic diet induced gene expression in the brain. These studies provide evidence to describe a diet within the brain's actions.

One of the mechanisms of a ketogenic diet in epilepsy could be related to increased accessibility of beta-hydroxybutyrate, a body easily transported through the blood-brain barrier. In support of the theory, it was found that a ketogenic diet was the therapy of choice for sugar transporter protein syndrome as well as pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency, which can be both associated with cerebral energy failure and migraines.

Ketogenic Diet for Obesity

One argument against the consumption of a high fat diet is that it causes obesity. The significant concern in this respect is whether a high proportion of dietary fat promotes weight gain greater than a proportion of fat consumption. Since fat has a higher caloric density than carbohydrate, it is thought that the consumption of a high fat diet will be accompanied by a greater energy consumption. On the contrary, recent research from laboratories have discovered that a ketogenic diet may be used as a therapy for weight loss in overweight patients.

It's been found that a sugary diet is the root cause of various diseases of the human body. A recent study revealed that sugar may accelerate aging. Several recent studies have pointed to how a diet with a high glycemic load is independently related to the development of cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Load refers to a diet of unique foods that have a high glycemic index. Index is a measure of the elevation of glucose levels following the ingestion of a carbohydrate. The classification of a vitamin based on its glycemic index provided a greater predictor of risk for coronary artery diseases compared to traditional method of classification of carbohydrate into simple or intricate types. In other studies, it had been shown that the risk of dietary glycemic load from refined carbohydrates was independent of other known risk factors for coronary diseases.

Keto Diet Side Effects Research

It's now evident that high carbohydrate diets raise fasting plasma triglyceride concentrations and decrease HDL cholesterol levels. These changes are correlated with improved atherogenesis. However, it's been proven that short-term ketogenic diets enhance the lipid disorders which are characteristic of atherogenic dyslipidemia. It has also been found that carbonated beverages decreased blood levels of vitamin E. It's been proven, beyond a doubt, that disrupting the oxidant-antioxidant status of the cell will lead to various diseases of the body.

The relation between cancer and a high fat diet is not conclusive. Recent epidemiological studies may not explain a particular causal connection between dietary fat and cancer. It has been found that modified energy metabolism and substrate requirements of tumour cells provide a target for discerning therapy. The supply of substrates for tumour energy metabolism can be decreased by dietary manipulation (eg, ketogenic diet) or by pharmacological means in the cellular level (eg, inhibitors of glycolysis or oxidative phosphorylation).

Both of these techniques are nontoxic methods for controlling tumour growth. Sugar consumption is positively associated with cancer in humans and test animals. This observation is very logical because tumours are known to be sugar absorbers. It has also been revealed that the risk of breast cancer decreases with increases in total fat intake. Studies on the role of a diet in antineoplastic therapy are in progress in our laboratory.

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By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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Overall health and wellness are essential towards maintaining the proper mental and physical balance in the body. From eating a balanced nutrition as well as exercising and participating in physical activities, to sleeping a healthy amount of time on a regular basis, following the best health and wellness tips can ultimately help maintain overall well-being. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can go a long way towards helping people become healthy.

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