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The Importance of Lab Testing

Diagnostic laboratory testing has changed the way practitioners practice medicine and decide upon treatments. Integrative medicine uses diagnostic laboratory testing to reveal the underlying cause of an individual’s symptoms. However, laboratory testing is far more resourceful than ever before. We now have the ability to see if a patient is at an increased risk for autoimmune disease and take steps to slow the progression of this disease, based on the inflammation markers. 

Many patients suffer from headaches, joint pain, fatigue, bloating, and have bowel movement complications. Although patients would rather provide a serum sample, stool samples provide practitioners with the depth of information needed to diagnose. 

Stool testing provides practitioners with: 

  • Beneficial Bacteria

  • Dysbiosis

  • Digestion troubles

  • Absorption complications

  • Inflammation

  • Gut immunology

  • Intestinal health

  • And more

All of these factors above are used to determine an underlying cause of the patient’s health condition. In addition, we use this information to determine what diet and supplements will benefit the patient the most. 

By revealing if a patient is high or low in essential markers such as LCFA (long-chain fatty acids) or beneficial bacterias, we can determine what other factors are ailing their health. Beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria are responsible for nutrient production, vitamin creation, controlling pathogenic organisms, removing toxins, and aiding in absorption. 

Many daily occurrences that disrupt the gut and have an influence on these markers include: 

  • Ingesting contaminated water or food

  • Daily exposure to a toxin or chemical

  • Antibiotics

  • Oral contraceptives

  • Poor fiber intake

  • Stress 

It is important to remember that the information provided through stool samples provide a great amount of knowledge and allows practitioners to create a truly personalized healing plan. These numbers show what strains and strengths of therapeutic intervention is needed to overcome the imbalance in your gut.  

Stool samples and gut health go hand in hand. They are both highly important. Antibiotics can really cause a gut disturbance and it should not go unnoticed. Whenever I or my children get prescribed an antibiotic, I always increase our fiber intake, probiotics, and prebiotics. It is so critical to realize that the gut is a balancing act and takes a lot of work to keep it happy. Try to remember to give your gut its best fighting chance and get tested to see how what areas of your gut need extra help! – Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach 



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