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The Wonderful Benefits of Sage

Do you feel:

  • Inflammation in the joint and the mouth?
  • Your glucose levels rising a little bit?
  • Unpredictable abdominal swelling?
  • Hormone imbalances?
  • Weight gain?
If you are experiencing any of these situations, then why not try adding some sage into your dishes.


Throughout the world in the culinary arts and the health world, traditional foods and tasty recipes always required certain spices and herbs that will boost the flavors of the dishes that a person is creating to be consumed. Like for example, sweet potatoes pairing with cinnamon, it is like tasting heaven. Any meat products or vegetables thrive when a person is seasoning these products with many herbs and spices. The herb salvia officinalis or sage fills the air with its aroma and enhances the flavor of many foods.


Like any other herbs, sage is a powerhouse in the nutritional food world. Studies show how a large quantity of sage can have a significant amount of micronutrients when it is seasoning poultry and different kinds of animal meat products. What is a surprise of this herb is that it is not just to make poultry mouthwatering, but sage can be used as an essential oil as well. Research shows that sage essential oil can exhibit antimicrobial effects against any harmful bacteria that enter the body. It even has antioxidant properties to protect the body against lipid peroxidation.

Sage Benefits

There are many benefits that sage can provide the body and can protect the body’s cells from free radicals that can damage the body and impaired not only the immunity but can also develop chronic diseases. Some of the beneficial properties that sage can provide are:

Treating Alzheimer’s

Sage can have a positive impact on a person’s cognitive skills and can protect the brain from neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent study, it showed how sage is a cognitive- enhancing agent to increase the brain's function. Since sage has been used in traditional remedies to treat a wide range of problems in the digestive tract and body circulation. It can enhance the head and brain function by improving a person's memory, quicken their senses, and delay any age-associated cognitive diseases.

Lowers Glucose and Cholesterol

Sage can help lower the body’s glucose and cholesterol levels. One study showed how 40 participants with diabetes and high cholesterol took sage leaf extract for at least three months, and the results were astounding. The results showed that the participants had low levels of glucose and low levels of cholesterol.

Another study found that people who have type 2 diabetes use sage to lower their blood sugar levels to prevent DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). The study concluded that sage could be beneficial for anyone that has diabetes to reduce glucose levels. By consuming sage into a person’s diet is marvelous because of the properties that it provides for anyone who may have a higher glucose level or even a high level of cholesterol.

Reduces Inflammation

There is more evidence that sage has certain compounds that has anti-inflammatory actions. Studies show that sage has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects for inflammation in the connective tissues of the gums in the mouth. Sage's anti-inflammatory properties have been used in a dentist's office since it is used as an oral antiseptic to dull the pain of gingival fibroblasts.

Ease Menopause Symptoms

When the body experiences a natural decline of hormones, both males and females can experience menopause, and this can cause a wide range of unpleasant symptoms for anybody. From hot flashes, excessive sweating, low levels of testosterone and estrogen, to mood swings, and even being irritable. Studies have shown that common sage has been used as a traditional medicine to reduce menopause symptoms from the body. There are even more studies showing that the sage has estrogen-like properties that will allow the compounds to bind to neurological receptors in the brain to improve the body’s cognitive memory and function.


There are many usages for sage as this herb is a powerhouse when it comes to everyday products. Sage can even be used to purify the toxins that are in the air and seasoned poultry and different kinds of meats. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can dampen inflammation and prevent it from turning into chronic inflammation in the body. So by adding sage into dishes can not only boost the dishes that need sage in the recipes but can also provide beneficial properties to the body. Some products can help support the immune system and are designed for more excellent stability, bioavailability, and digestive comfort.

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