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Repetitive Motion Disorders (RMDs) and The Spine El Paso, Texas

How RMD's affect the spine

Most repetitive motion injuries or RMDs affect the arms and hands. However, they can also happen in the spine.

The majority of back injuries, especially in the workplace, are often the result of long-term repetitive wear and tear on the:
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Spinal discs
Repetitive work motions like:
  • Pulling
  • Reaching
  • Twisting
  • Bending
All of these movements can weaken and stress the spine and increase the risk of injury.

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Treatment for RMD's

When first treating an RMD, the first step is to reduce or stop the motions that are causing the symptoms. Other therapies include:
  • Ice therapy reduces pain and swelling.
  • Medications like cortisone and anti-inflammatory's also reduce pain and swelling.
  • Chiropractic/Physical therapy relieves soreness and pain in the muscles and joints and strengthens the muscles to help prevent future injuries.
  • Splints relieve pressure on the muscles and nerves.
  • Surgery in rare cases can help relieve symptoms and prevent permanent damage.

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RMDs can be prevented. Here are some important tips to reduce repetitive motion injury:
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid overuse of muscles with little rest breaks of whatever muscles/ligaments you are using.
  • Regular exercise along with stretching and relaxation helps build strength, increase mobility, range of motion and prevent future injury.
  • Look at your posture to make sure it is correct for the task at hand. This helps the elbows, wrists, hands, and spine maintain alignment during repetitive motions.
  • Don't stay in a single position for too long. Change your posture frequently during any type of activity to relax one set of muscles and use another set, then switch and so on and so forth.
  • Practicing correct form and technique will go a long way in preventing a repetitive injury.
  • Avoid over-reaching, stretching and twisting.
  • Use protective equipment and gear.
  • Have a properly designed workstation with office or work equipment at the proper height, distance and allows you to work safely and comfortably.

11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Repetitive Motion Disorders (RMDs) and The Spine El Paso, TX.


Staying Healthy

Staying healthy and avoiding RMD's is first priority if you work at a job or regularly participate in activities where repetitive motion/s and movement/s are used.

Give yourself time to rest, exercise, and implement proper techniques. See a doctor or injury chiropractor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed. Ergonomically evaluating the causes is an important part of the diagnostic evaluation for patients with these conditions.
Therefore, mapping out a customized treatment plan for changing the way you work/perform these motions is the ultimate goal.

We focus on what works for you. We also strive to create fitness and better the body through researched methods and total wellness programs. These programs are natural and use the body’s own ability to achieve goals of improvement, rather than introducing harmful chemicals, controversial hormone replacement, surgery, or addictive drugs.

We want you to live a life that is fulfilled with more energy, a positive attitude, better sleep, less pain, proper body weight and educated on how to maintain this way of life. I have made a life of taking care of every one of my patients.

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Barring traumatic injury due to an accident, working in a factory environment can cause problems with mobility, pain, and flexibility. The nature of the job places specific demands on the human body that can lead to certain types of injuries and health conditions, which include:
  • Repetitive motion injury – When a worker performs the same task that involves the same movements over and over, it can lead to certain types of injuries. Carpal tunnel is a common repetitive motion injury.
  • Overexertion – Lifting, pulling, even standing can take a toll on the body, especially when it is done without adequate breaks. The person can get muscle fatigue, pulled muscles, and pulled tendons.
  • Body movement injuries – When the worker is continuously reaching, twisting, crawling, and bending, it can cause problems with the muscles and joints.

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