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El Paso Workers' Compensation Lawyers

El Paso Workers' Compensation Lawyers - El Paso Chiropractor

With over 25 years of experience treating patients who've suffered injuries or aggravated a previous condition due to direct trauma from an accident, among other factors, Dr. Alex Jimenez is a qualified doctor of chiropractic who's helped many individual's recover their original health and wellness. Being injured at the job can be unfortunate and Dr. Jimenez, using the worker's compensation plan, can help. 
Work accident lawyers for El Paso, Texas, and El Paso County, Texas, work injuries dedicate themselves to making sure that injured workers receive the compensation they are entitled to after an on-the-job injury or occupational injury.
Workers around El Paso, TX and throughout El Paso County are injured every day as they perform the tasks necessary to fuel large, wealthy corporations. Workers are often injured at El Paso construction sites, industrial manufacturing plants, refineries, or assembly plants. In addition to a variety of other claims, state laws provide for workers’ compensation, commonly known as “workers’ comp,” to assist the victims of workplace injuries and their families in these times of hardship.

Proving Fault is Not Necessary

Unlike normal negligence claims where proving fault is necessary, if you suffer an injury while in the "course and scope of employment" at a workplace in El Paso, Texas, you should get your El Paso workers' compensation payments (indemnity) and your medical bills paid regardless of who caused your work injury or how it was caused.
If you or a loved one have been injured on the job in the State of Texas, then you or your injured family member should be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp is a statutory scheme designed to compensate the injured employee even if he or she was 100% at fault for causing their injuries. That is, the employee receives compensation for their disability and medical care if they are injured on the job regardless of their role in the injury, and even if the injury occurred wholly due to the employee’s own fault.
In Texas, workers’ compensation laws are found in the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act - Title 5 - Texas Labor Code - Chapters 401-506. Additionally, you may find more helpful and up-to-date information on Texas workers’ compensation laws at the website maintained by the Texas Department of Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Division.
If you or a loved one has been involved in an El Paso, TX workplace injury, please contact one of the qualified El Paso workers’ comp attorneys serving injury victims throughout the El Paso and El Paso County areas.
Texas Workers’ Compensation Field Offices for El Paso are located at:
El Paso Divisional Office
El Paso State Office Building
401 East Franklin Avenue, Street 330, El Paso, TX 79901-1250

Federal Worker's Compensation Law - El Paso County Postal & Federal Workers

An El Paso workers’ comp attorney can help you in many ways, and will work to make sure that you pursue compensation under the appropriate statute and through the appropriate methods. For example, your El Paso workers’ comp attorney will make sure that federal government employees injured on the job seek recovery under federal law.
As under the state workers’ compensation scheme, federal law provides injured federal government workers, such as postal service workers, compensation for injuries occurring on the job or as a result of their employment with the federal government. This federal workers’ compensation program is administered by the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor also administers the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), which provides compensation to longshoremen and other such workers if they are injured on the job. If you are an El Paso County resident employed by the federal government and you have been injured on the job, you should contact an El Paso work accident lawyer to discuss your rights today.
The U.S. Department of Labor claims office serving the El Paso area is located at:
U.S. Department of Labor, OWCP
525 South Griffin Street, Room 407
Dallas, TX 75202
(972) 850-2409
Workforce Solutions
300 E Main Street
El Paso, TX 79901-1372
(915) 313-3000 [Ext. 3023]

What Can a Lawyer Do if Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Texas law generally does not require that an employer provide workers’ compensation coverage. Employers who opt out of the state workers’ compensation system are referred to as “non-subscribers.” These employers can be sued directly under what is called a “non- subscriber claim.” A non-subscriber claim is a very strong injury claim because the employer gives up their right to assert any fault on the part of the injured employee (plaintiff) and can also be sued for the work-related injury. Employees in the El Paso area who work for non-subscriber employers may sue for personal injury, in court or through arbitration. These claims are made directly against the employer for their negligence; however, if you work for a non-subscriber, you have wider possibilities in terms of your right to proper medical care, compensation for lost wages, and for any disabilities you have suffered, in addition to your right to initiate a direct personal injury claim for employer negligence.
Contact an El Paso workers’ comp attorney or other El Paso County workers’ comp attorney today for advice regarding an injury sustained during employment with a non-subscriber employer.

Why Should You Contact an El Paso Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

If you are suffering from a work-related injury, you should not hesitate to contact a qualified El Paso work accident attorney who can help you process your claim. People are injured on the job every day, many times causing them to suffer pain as well as lost wages and physical disability. El Paso workers’ comp attorneys are admitted to practice before state and federal courts in Texas, but, more importantly, they are experienced with handling workers’ compensation claims like yours. An experienced El Paso or El Paso County, Texas workers’ compensation attorney can expedite the process and help you get your money faster and without confusion or hassle.
Work related injuries fall basically into two categories:
  • Injuries where there is, or should be, workman’s compensation or worker’s compensation insurance; or
  • Injuries where there is no workers’ compensation (Maritime Injuries & FELA Railroad Injuries).
Texas workers’ compensation law provides injured workers in the El Paso area with certain types of income and medical benefits. Under state law, your employer’s insurance company is required to pay you these medical benefits for all necessary treatment as well as benefits to compensate you for your lost wages. However, insurance companies frequently seek to deny deserving, hardworking people their workers’ compensation benefits. This is how the insurance companies turn a profit: they collect insurance premiums while refusing to pay out benefits whenever possible. An experienced El Paso, TX workers’ comp attorney has the skills and know-how to fight the insurance companies to get you the money you deserve. Contact one of the El Paso workers’ comp attorneys listed on this page for help in obtaining a settlement.
Specifically, an El Paso workers’ comp lawyer can help you in the following ways:
  • Strive to get you the highest monetary compensation under the law.
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury to determine whether you should pursue any other courses of action or claims aside from collecting workers’ comp—for example, whether you should sue your employer for further damages or pursue a third party claim against someone other than your employer, or against your coworkers for the role their negligence played in your injuries.
  • Ensure that you receive proper medical care and adequately maintain records of your injuries and treatment.
  • Get a second opinion or help you determine whether a doctor is acting in the best interests of the insurance company instead of in your best interest.
  • Help you increase your workers’ comp checks if the amount has been incorrectly calculated by an insurance company.
  • Protect your job during the time of your disability so you don’t find yourself unemployed after your recovery.
  • Complete and file all workers’ compensation records required by the Department of Workers’ Compensation for you to begin receiving your checks.
  • Serve as liaison between adjusters, employers, medical personnel/doctors, and government employees to get you your money quickly and without hassle.

Is There a Deadline to File for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Texas?

In Texas, injured employees have only one (1) year to file their workers’ compensation claims from the date on which the injury occurred. If the injury is an occupational disease, or one sustained over a period of time, then the one-year limitations period begins to run when the employee knew or should have known of the employment-related disease.
Because you only have one year to file your claims, it is in your best interest to contact an El Paso workers’ comp attorney immediately to help you begin the process!


El Paso Injured Employee Hotline:
(800) 252-7031
Designated Doctor Scheduling:
(512) 804-4380
Medical Fee Dispute Resolution
(512) 804-4812
Additionally, if you would like to report a workplace safety violation discovered in connection with your injury, the following phone numbers and e-mail addresses may be useful:
Workplace Safety
Workplace Safety - Accident Prevention Services
(512) 804-4626 | APS@tdi.state.tx.us
Workplace Safety - Approved Professional Source Program
Workplace Safety - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
(866) 237-6405
Workplace Safety - OSHCON
(800) 687-7080 | OSHCON@tdi.state.tx.us
Workplace Safety - Resource Center
Workplace Safety - Safety Violations Hotline
(800) 452-9595 | SafetyHotline@tdi.state.tx.us
Many corporations and other work settings provide safe, labor environments for their workers, however, it's not unheard of for individuals to suffer an accident which may cause injury. Every day, people can be at risk of experiencing work injuries, especially in construction sites. Fortunately, if an injury occurs, the affected individuals can utilize worker's compensation to settle a personal injury claim. Many El Paso lawyers are qualified and experienced to help workers gain the compensation they need and deserve.
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