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Stress and Back Pain Symptoms on Teachers

Stress and Back Pain Symptoms on Teachers - El Paso Chiropractor
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The future of many students largely depends on teachers and educators to guide them through their many lessons and teachings. They are given the opportunity to create a tremendous impact on the lives of their students, however, teachers often face many mental and physical challenges through the process, which may frequently lead to stress, headaches, and insomnia, as well as injury, pains and aches. Back pain is among the most common physical complication affecting a majority of educators. 

Whether you’re a preschool teacher or a college professor, injuries or conditions that affect your natural well-being can be prevented or reduced, principally by improving posture and then following through with a variety of health tips to avoid and improve further complications.

Teachers frequently stand for an extended period of time for lectures which can place an additional amount of pressure on the lower back, pelvis, and thighs, often leading to the development of an incorrect posture. Also, prolonged standing on hard surfaces can cause sore feet, swollen legs, and aggravate back pain. Furthermore, sitting down for long periods of time, stooping over children at their desks, and even carrying small children, heavy objects, or paperwork, could cause damage or injury to the muscles and tissues surrounding the spine. Stress, especially caused when you are a first year teacher learning the curriculum, how to write lesson plans, classroom management, and paperwork, can be a huge factor towards a teacher developing mental and physical complications and symptoms, including back pain. Stress is the body’s reaction to any kind of demand, threat, or stimulus that can disrupt the balance of an individual’s mind and body.  Increased levels of stress in teachers can prevent them from getting a good night’s rest, resulting in insomnia that can eventually lead to fatigue due to lack of sleep, triggering physical complications. 

While there is a wide variety of complications that can affect teachers, fortunately, there are also numerous recommendations and treatment options to help prevent and treat many possible health complications.

Foremost, standing up to lecture can be almost inevitable for a teacher to properly engage a student’s learning process but alternatively, a teacher can use a high stool rather than standing for those extended periods of time. Also, using specially designed chairs with cushions as well as height adjustable tables to provide support on the lower back and pelvis can help prevent damage or injury from prolonged sitting. Even so, teachers should still attempt to stretch and move their body more frequently to avoid muscle stiffness and tightness and increase muscle flexibility and strength. Standing up and walking for approximately 20 minutes every day can make a big difference on your health. You can also help reduce muscle and spinal damage or injury by avoiding excessive reaching and twisting. Furthermore, a teacher can use proper footwear that offer cushioned support on the feet to help while standing for longer time spans.

Finally, chiropractic treatment can be utilized by teachers to both treat and prevent spinal complications as well as help decrease levels of stress. Chiropractic care is not frequently used to directly treat stress but a careful realignment of the spine can provide relief and relaxation from many complications and symptoms that could help reduce stress. A chiropractor will also determine the source of the back pain and follow up with a specialized treatment plan to gradually restore an individual’s health. Chiropractic treatment can include spinal adjustments, manual manipulation, and several stretches and exercises to speed up the healing process and promote wellness.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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