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Office Fitness & Wellbeing - El Paso Chiropractor
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The human body was designed to move for the majority of the day but, in today’s society, people live very different lives where exercise is scarce and consuming calories is unavoidable. The majority of the population live almost completely sedentary lives with the constant use of computers, phones, cars, etc. Technology around us has made great advances, making human life easier but, due to this, people now have to work just as hard to reach the amount of physical activity necessary to live healthier lives.

Ideally, everyone would be more active throughout their days. But, when the job requires people to sit behind a desk for extended periods of time, we have to increase our efforts to participate in healthy fitness habits before or throughout our busy work days to raise our levels of activity.

The first opportunity to build a healthy physical activity habit before work depends on how each individual gets to work. If you ride the bus to work, for example, consider getting off a stop or two before your usual stop and walk the rest of the way to work. For those individuals who live near their workplace, biking or walking to work could be an option. Even people who drive to work can attempt to park their car in one of the farthest spaces from the door in order to benefit from a few more steps before work.

Then, while working from a desk, finding opportunities to stand can make a big difference. Some employers are starting to install desks that can be adjusted to a standing position. You can also try standing for your neck conference call. Another healthy fitness habit while at work is to use a bathroom on another floor or at the other end of the building where a little more activity than usual can be added into the person’s daily routine. Also, taking the time to walk over to a co-worker’s desk instead of using the phone or an e-mail gives the individual more steps throughout the day. While on a break, you can use the time to do some stretches or take a walk. Organizing a lunch walking group can help keep employers and employees motivated and active.

Also, when traveling from work, calling a hotel or checking online to see the type of exercise facility they have, if any, before booking a reservation can ensure you get a good amount of physical fitness while on those business trips. In addition, take a resistance band in your suitcase, that way, you can wake up and do a couple of toning exercises to stay alert and warm up your muscles. These tips can greatly help improve an individual’s daily physical activities and although many people might just be too busy to use them all, every little bit of exercise added to your daily routine can help.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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