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Numbness & Tingling on the Hands

Numbness & Tingling on the Hands - El Paso Chiropractor
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Numbness in any portion of the hand or in specific fingers, followed by a tingling sensation and sharp pain traveling through the hands can occur as a result of various underlying conditions. Many people report symptoms suggesting the development of carpal tunnel syndrome but, although diagnosis might indicate the cause for the condition, sometimes a diagnosis could point to the incorrect root of the problem.

The median nerve and various other tendons travel from the forearm to the hand through a small indentation in the wrist known as the carpal tunnel. The role of the median nerve is to provide movement and feeling in the thumb and first three fingers, excluding the smallest finger in the hand. When an individual begins experiencing the associated symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain in the fingers or hand, these could be the result to an impingement of the median nerve at the carpal tunnel, generally caused by irritation on the nerves of the wrist.

Although many people could experience numbness in their fingers, the compression could be occurring at another region within the body. Occasionally, an individual’s forearm could be full of trigger points, a tight area within the muscle that causes pain in different areas of the body, which could be causing the carpal tunnel symptoms. Also, hand numbness and other symptoms similar to the condition could be caused by complications to the cervical spine, or neck. If there is a misalignment of the spine, a herniated disc or an injury or other condition that could be causing compression on the nerves that exit the spine, pressure can begin to build up on the nerves, blocking the nerve signals and causing other areas of the body to not function properly.

Regardless of the cause of your symptoms, if you’re experienced numbness in the hands and fingers, you should consider seeking chiropractic care. A chiropractor can help diagnose and treat complications such as carpal tunnel syndrome, among others. Through chiropractic adjustments, the specialist will gradually restore the alignment of the spine, releasing compression within the nerves and helping improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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