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Chiropractic Adjustments Over Massage

Chiropractic Adjustments over Massage - El Paso Chiropractor
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Many people experiencing symptoms of back pain or neck pain due to an injury or other underlying condition often question whether to seek chiropractic care or massage therapy for themselves. The fact is, a combination of both can be beneficial for treating many injuries and conditions.

The muscles attach to the bones through numerous tendons found across the body while the nerves function to control the muscles even when these contract and tighten. Considering the structure of the body, receiving a chiropractic adjustment to treat an injury or condition first can greatly help with the symptoms. Once a person is under regular chiropractic care and the spine, along with other bones and tissues of the body, start moving and functioning as they should, then receiving a massage would serve as a great addition to their chiropractic treatment.

The proper function of the bones and muscles can be identified easily by asking yourself a serious of simple questions. Have you ever experienced neck pain or discomfort when turning to look up at the ceiling? Do you comfortably sit straight at the desk of the office or do you progressively feel yourself slouching? How about while turning your neck, do you experience muscle stiffness or do your shoulders turn alongside your neck? These everyday movements are normally smooth, pain free, and can be achieved with ease, but if discomfort and other symptoms such as pain start up, there could be a complication with your skeleton and chiropractic treatment would be the best choice for you.

Although, not all symptoms of back or neck pain originate from a skeletal or muscular issue. Occasionally, damage to the nerves may also cause these symptoms. A tingling sensation and numbness on the tips of the fingers or toes along with pain that radiates throughout the arm or leg could suggest a complication on the nerves usually either from an injury or an underlying condition. As with many complications of the bones and spine, nerve damage or injury can also be treated through chiropractic care.

Massage is also a good choice for treatment. Massages can increase blood flow, stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal as well as relaxing the body but, these alone cannot cure back or neck problems as typically, the reasons for sore, achy muscles reach beyond a simple muscle problem. Back or neck pain can occur as a result of improper posture, or from a sedentary lifestyle where the body is not receiving the appropriate amounts of exercise.

With structural and articular injuries, chiropractic treatment should be your first choice to improve any symptom and rehabilitate the spine.  Massage supplements chiropractic adjustments. These two together can be greatly beneficial.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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