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Back Spasms

Back Spasms - El Paso Chiropractor
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Back pain is one of the most common debilitating symptoms affecting a majority of individuals. A greater number of people though will often overlook the possible source of their pain and continue throughout their regular lifestyles, postponing medical attention when their symptoms lessen. But, what happens when one day, you bend over to pick up a small object and you can’t stand up? Back pain or spasms are usually a sign of spine complications that, if left untreated, can ultimately alter your lifestyle.

Back spams are a sudden and involuntary contraction, or tightening of a muscle in the back as a result of strain, overuse, weakness, or muscle pain relating to an injury or condition. While the most appropriate action would be to seek immediate medical attention, back spams can be temporarily relieved using ice therapy. At the time of a back spasm, the muscles fail to contract only enough to support the body’s structure, causing pain and stiffness when bending over. By applying ice to the affected area, the cold serves to reduce the inflammation on the muscles, decreasing the pain and loosening the tight muscles.

Also, after experiencing a back spasm, make sure to keep moving. With back pain or other symptoms, an individual’s natural response is to lay down and avoid movement but, in fact, resting and immobilizing the body after a back spasm will only cause the surrounding muscles to spasm and tighten further. You can follow a muscle spasm with a short distance walk, for example, a walk down your drive way back and repeating it once more. This will help prevent more muscle contraction.

Then, it’s time to seek medical attention. A chiropractor can diagnose the underlying cause of your back pain and follow with an appropriate treatment procedure depending on the individual’s level of injury or grade of condition. Relieving symptoms often isn’t achieved on the first visit although, regular chiropractic treatment with a specialized chiropractor can ensure a more efficient and often complete recovery. After several sessions of chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor will have enough time to get to know your spine and apply the most appropriate procedures according to each person individually. It’s always important to be patient with any form of treatment. While the back spasm that brought you to seek medical attention came on suddenly, the problem that caused your symptoms generally developed gradually over time. Receiving chiropractic treatment for any spine complications is crucial in order to avoid a back issue that could drastically affect your quality of life.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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