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Broken Ankle

Broken Ankle - El Paso Chiropractor
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The ankle is an important joint found in the human body because it supports the balance and movement of the feet. The ankle is an intricate joint made up of three bones, the tibia and fibula, both housed in the lower leg above the joint, and the talus, housed below the joint. A sudden twist of the ankle in an abnormal degree can result in injury to the ankle, often times causing a broken ankle.

Ankle fractures are considered the most frequent type of injuries that occur around the ankle joint. There are several types of these fractures, identified by their location on the ankle and the degree of the injury. Usually, a broken ankle indicates a broken tibia or fibula. Suffering a bone fracture can be very painful since the bone often becomes dislocated from the joint and the most minimal movement could trigger severe pain along with other symptoms.

A broken or fractured ankle can make normal activities and movements challenging. The common symptoms associated with this injury can help diagnose the severity of the fracture to determine the appropriate treatment to follow up. The first symptom indicating an ankle fracture is severe ankle pain. The affected area may be painful to the touch and sometimes, the pain of the injury can be so severe, the individual may be unable to stand up. Other symptoms suggesting the presence of a broken ankle include swelling on the area around the ankle along with the appearance of bruises. Due to a break in the ankle bones, the ankle may appear deformed and out of place.

After diagnosis, it is crucial to allow the ankle bone to heal completely after a fracture to avoid further complications. Treatments for an ankle fracture include an immediate ice compress to reduce the swelling around the injury and control the pain. After minimizing the swelling, a doctor may suggest the application of a cast to help hold the bone in place as it heals. Most importantly, treatment for a broken ankle should include plenty of rest.

The process of healing for a bone fracture cannot be sped up, the bone will take its own time to heal.  If the bone doesn’t heal properly, it may lead to permanent injury and may require corrective surgery to restore the ankle joint.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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