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Finding Relief for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Low back pain could be due to a variety of reasons, identified by the common symptoms of sciatica, but an additional pain, numbness, or tingling in both of your legs could signal another condition commonly associated with low back pain known as lumbar spinal stenosis.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a progressive spinal condition characterized by a natural wear and tear degeneration of the spine, causing the spinal canal to narrow. Through time, a narrow spinal canal begins to compress the spinal nerve roots leading to low back pain along with sharp pain that trails down your legs, a tingling sensation on the lower extremities, and/or local numbness.

Once diagnosed with spinal stenosis, seeking medical help from a physical therapist will improve your symptoms, benefiting your condition. A degeneration of the spine as we age is unavoidable, but preventing low back pain and spinal stenosis from ever developing in your body can be achieved by receiving treatment from a physical therapist and following a proper exercise routine. By loosening the tension on your lumbar spine with a daily series of low impact exercises or stretches, one can find relief for their spinal stenosis because by strengthening the lower back and hip, the compression of the spinal nerves is released, improving your range of mobility and posture.

Within time, you should notice a positive change in your spinal stenosis symptoms where your normal lifestyle activities, such as walking or sitting, will be restored. Once you begin to find relief from seeing your physical therapist, you can continue exercising on a fixed routine to maintain your spinal stenosis at bay.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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