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Neck Injury Prevention

El Paso Chiropractor - Neck Injury Prevention
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A cervical fracture, best known as a broken neck, is identified when a single or multiple of the seven vertebrae located in the cervical area of the spine undergoes trauma from an injury that outcomes with a fracture, break, or crack, in the bones of the neck. Fractures to the cervical spine are known to be moderately common, especially among athletes, but an injury that caused a broken neck usually leads to further complications and pain. There’s various ways of preventing a fracture to your cervical spine.

 Tips for Preventing a Neck Fracture

The vertebra in the neck form the essential structure that supports the head, attaching it to the shoulders and the body as well as guarding the spinal nerve roots that connect from the brain to the rest of the body. Avoiding injury is optimal for anyone as a fractured neck can result in serious complications depending on the grade of the injury. Considerable precautions can be taken to prevent an injury to the neck.

A key element of neck injury prevention during high intensity exercising is to warm up. Beginning your work out routines with several stretches is not enough, you also want to include a series of aerobic exercises to release the tension in the muscles. If during any part of your warm up you don’t feel well, consider taking a break from physical exercises for the day.

Another important element for neck injury prevention is to wear protective headgear. Protective headgear fitting to each sport were designed to ensure safety from experiencing injuries and wearing them is advised at all times to be effective. A helmet should fit securely and snug around your head and the straps should be closed and tightened.  

Neck injuries can occur for numerous reasons but not taking the necessary precautions or measures to avoid them are some of the major causes. Prevention is key for a cervical fracture but when precaution is not enough, seeking the appropriate treatment from a physical therapist and continuing with rehabilitation will help improve your injury.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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