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Exercise Reduces Symptoms from Fibromyalgia | Central Chiropractor

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disorder that has been misunderstood for many years, however, there are lots of treatment options available to relieve its symptoms. When it comes to fibromyalgia, exercise can be beneficial to relieve it.

How does exercise help fibromyalgia?
Exercise will be an essential part of fibromyalgia therapy, although your chronic pain and fatigue may make exercising seem excruciating. Physical activity reduces symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and can even help you sleep better. Exercise can be a fundamental part of managing your symptoms.

Exercise for Fibromyalgia
Getting regular physical activity 30 minutes per day, helps reduce perceptions of pain in people with fibromyalgia, according to a 2010 study published in Arthritis Research & Therapy. The signs of fibromyalgia may make exercising a challenge, although exercise is a commonly prescribed treatment for chronic pain.

During a research study, the research team separated 84 minimally active patients…

Empowering the Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Empowering the Schroth Method for Scoliosis - El Paso Chiropractor

The Schroth method can help control scoliosis, a spinal condition with little medical advice available for patients to know how to help themselves, aside from wearing a scoliosis brace. On the contrary of popular belief, a proper program utilizing the Schroth method exercises can ultimately help people achieve spinal balance, providing them with an increased grade of control regarding a patient’s scoliosis.

Careful instruction from a qualified and experienced healthcare professional who specialized in the Schroth method for scoliosis can empower a scoliosis patient in multiple ways. Most importantly, one-to-one training between a chiropractor or physical therapist and a patient helps properly educate the individual on the most effective ways to counteract the abnormal curvature of their spine.

Finding Relief for Scoliosis

The Schroth method exercises alone aren’t enough to provide relief from scoliosis and its associated symptoms, altering the way an individual engages in their daily activities can also help ease the progression of the spinal condition. As the patient, learning which Schroth method exercises are recommended for each specific curvature of the spine and practicing curve-pattern-specific breathing exercises can be beneficial for the overall health of the spine. There is an additional empowering element, however, in learning what not to do to prevent the scoliosis from advancing.

When a child or adult follows the correct Schroth method exercises from a qualified and experienced healthcare professional, including multi-part movements combined with breathing to promote spinal stabilization to strengthen the spinal musculature, feeling relief from their symptoms as well as seeing the improvement in the alignment of the spine can be empowering and motivating. The Schroth method can be an effective treatment for scoliosis.

Moreover, its essential for the patient with scoliosis to consult an experienced and qualified healthcare professional who understands the complex anatomy of a spine with scoliosis and its effects on the rest of the body. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and other healthcare specialists who focus on spinal complications, such as scoliosis, should also be capable of spending as much time as necessary to explain the bends, twists, curves and effects of an individual’s scoliosis on the rest of their body. Make sure to seek the proper treatment for your scoliosis or other spinal issue.

Scoliosis Assistance for Children and Adults

From a parental perspective, when a child is diagnosed with scoliosis, or simply if the adult is diagnosed with the spinal condition, its common for them to have a variety of questions regarding their complication. From, which is the proper posture to avoid the progression of scoliosis and whether the bending, twisting and collapsing of the spine with each movement is affecting the scoliosis, to, what are the safest, most effective treatments available for scoliosis, these common questions can be answered accordingly by an experienced and qualified healthcare professional. Furthermore, once a child, or adult, has been diagnosed with scoliosis, its fundamental for them to seek immediate medical attention in order to avoid further complications from the spinal condition, such as the threat of spinal fusion resulting in surgery. The sooner scoliosis is treated, the better for the patient.

When considering the Schroth method for scoliosis, utilizing a specialized exercise program for a child or adult with scoliosis, there’s one final consideration the patient, and parents alike, must become aware of, treatment for scoliosis may be a lifetime commitment. Scoliosis doesn’t end with skeletal maturity. Children become adults and adults will eventually begin to experience the natural degeneration of their spine, as well as other structures in their body, which may lead to scoliosis and other spinal complications. It’s essential for patients to continue seeking regular medical care from a qualified and experienced chiropractor, physical therapist, or other healthcare professional, regarding their scoliosis.

The Schroth method and its specific exercises are for life and after participation in a comprehensive program, the patient will have the necessary skills and tools needed to manage their scoliosis and other similar spinal issues. This empowering treatment option can help ultimately avoid the progression of scoliosis, providing overall health and wellness for a lifetime to come.

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By Dr. Alex Jimenez

Additional Topics: Neck Pain and Auto Injury

After being involved in an automobile accident, the sheer force of the impact can often cause whiplash, a common type of neck injury resulting from the sudden, back-and-forth motion of the head against the body due to a car wreck, or other incident. Because of this, many of the complex structures found within the neck, including the spine, ligaments and muscles, can be stretched beyond their normal range, causing injury and painful symptoms.

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