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Physical Therapeutics for Fibromyalgia | Central Chiropractor

Physical therapy often takes a hands-on approach, which might make you cringe if you're experiencing pain from several hypersensitive tender points. However, in managing your fibromyalgia symptoms, gentle and effective are used by physical therapy, and will most likely play a part in the recovery process.

Can physical therapy help ease fibromyalgia?
There are a variety of physical therapy techniques. Passive treatments include hydrotherapy, heat therapy, deep tissue massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound and relax the body. Your physical therapy program will often start with passive treatments. When you feel ready, you will begin active treatments that protect against fibromyalgia pain and strengthen your body. Your physical therapist may work with you to develop a suitable strategy.

Passive Physical Therapy Treatments for Fibromyalgia
Deep Tissue Massage: Unless you're in an extreme amount of pain, deep tissue massage is an ideal fibromyalgia treatment because…

Need El Paso Vehicle Accident Attorney? Some Thoughts..

El Paso Vehicle Accident Attorney - El Paso Chiropractor

Car accidents are, by far, the leading cause of transportation related injuries throughout the United States and locally in the El Paso area. Most Americans are completely dependent on using cars to perform each of our daily tasks, including driving to the store, work, school, shopping, doctors, and a variety of other commonplace tasks. The inevitable consequence is that, no matter how safe a driver you are, you will likely be involved in some sort of auto accident one day. This reality becomes even more likely in a city such as El Paso, Texas, which is an important West Texas center and due to the Air Force Base within the El Paso area.

When Should You Hire an El Paso Car Accident Attorney?

Of course, not every car accident requires that you hire a car accident lawyer. Car accident lawyers only become necessary when an accident results in an injury serious enough to warrant medical attention, or one that detracts from your quality of life and daily routine. In these cases, retaining an El Paso, Texas automobile accident lawyer can help protect your legal rights and ensure that you and your family receive the advice and compensation you deserve.
You should contact an experienced El Paso auto accident attorney when your injuries are such that:
  • You have a severe injury that will cause you some significant lost time or wages from work; or
  • Where a car accident causes you to be disfigured; or
  • You are caused to suffer permanent pain; or
  • You have suffered a “loss of consortium” as a result of an automobile injury to your spouse. Please note that loss of consortium claims encompass all negative effects on the martial relationship, including loss of love, affection, support, companionship and sexual relations.
If you or a loved one has suffered a car accident or other type of injury from an El Paso auto, truck, van, or bus and any of the above factors are present, then you should retain an El Paso car accident attorney immediately.

Why Do You Need an El Paso Auto Accident Lawyer?

Every state, including Texas, requires car owners to purchase automobile accident insurance. However, car insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying fair and just compensation to their customers, even when those customers have routinely made their insurance payments for years. Let’s face it, how do car insurance companies make money? Simply put: They love to take premiums and hate to pay claims.
El Paso car accident attorneys handle car accident cases, motorcycle accidents, and commercial truck accidents throughout the El Paso area and in all areas of El Paso County. Additionally, they represent drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists who have suffered an injury in an El Paso, Texas traffic accident where another driver may have been at fault. The defense lawyer will try to place fault on the injured party to reduce their award. This “fault” is called comparative fault and this is a very important reason why you need an experienced El Paso accident attorney.

El Paso Uninsured Car Wreck Lawyer

Even though it is required in Texas, that if you drive in El Paso you have insurance, people do not always have insurance. When they hit your car and injure you, that is called and uninsured motorist's claim. If this is happens, your uninsured auto accident lawyer in El Paso will try to successfully handle your El Paso car wreck against your car insurance company. Depending on how your insurance company treats you, it may also give rise to an El Paso bad faith insurance claim.
El Paso Car Accidents Involving Driver Charged with Driving While Intoxicated
Because of the unique set of laws in Texas having to do with drunk driving accidents, please visit our Driving While Intoxicated Car Accident page for a more complete understanding.

El Paso Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyer

Fatal accidents due happen in El Paso, Texas. When they do, your family has a claim under the Texas Wrongful Death Statute. If your family has suffered the loss of a loved one and you believe that the other party was at fault, contact an experienced El Paso fatal car accident Lawyer right away.
Other reasons to retain an El Paso, TX Auto Accident lawyer or El Paso County, TX Auto Accident lawyer include:
  • In Texas, the statutory minimum of liability insurance is $25,000.00;
  • A trained El Paso, Texas car accident attorney will get you quality medical care;
  • An El Paso County car accident lawyer will preserve vital evidence and immediately retain experts, called accident reconstructionists, who recreate the accident for the purposes of trial and legal settlements;
  • If alcohol and/or drugs played a role in the cause of the accident punitive damages may be available;
  • A licensed El Paso car accident attorney will make sure that:
  • Your automobile’s property damage is fully paid;
  • Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is recovered; and
  • That all layers of insurance coverage, such as excess levels of coverage are placed on notice;
  • A persona injury attorney in El Paso will not let your statute of limitations is two (2) years from the date of the accident;
  • An El Paso injury trial lawyer will be completely familiar with:
  • The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure;
  • The laws governing where your lawsuit should be filed. These are called "Venue" laws.
  • If your El Paso car crash lawyer determines that your car injury lawsuit should be filed in one of the below El Paso County Civil Courts or El Paso County District Court, they will also have a thorough knowledge of the Texas Rules of Evidence.
  • If your El Paso injury litigator, chooses federal court, he or she will be completely familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

For all these reasons, you should not hesitate to retain an experienced El Paso tractor trailer accident lawyer near you to help you pursue claims related to an accident in El Paso involving a commercial vehicle.

The before mentioned article presentation was a legal snippet and not to be misunderstood as clinical advice from a Clinical provider or Chiropractor.

Sourced from
Our Insight: 
After being involved in an automobile accident, the legal and medical complications that follow can be frustrating. Dealing with the insurance companies to gain compensation for your property damages and injuries due to the incident can be a tedious task if you do not have the proper legal representation. A car accident injury attorney will fight to achieve the compensation you deserve.  When you are questioning weather to get and attorney, do contact the above legal providers.  They will clearly help you decide if your case warrants legal review. 

Clinical Provider Topics: Headache After Auto Injury
On the other side of the pictures is the clinical presentation after an accident. The facts show that after being involved in an automobile accident, the sheer force of the impact can cause damage or injury to the body, primarily to the structures surrounding the spine. Whiplash is a common result of an auto collision, affecting the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues around it, causing symptoms such as head pain. Headaches are a common symptom after an automobile accident, which may require immediate medical attention to determine its source and follow through with treatment.

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