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Interventional Chronic Pain Management Treatments | Central Chiropractor

Chronic pain is known as pain that persists for 12 weeks or even longer, even after pain is no longer acute (short-term, acute pain) or the injury has healed. Of course there are many causes of chronic pain that can influence any level of the spine, cervical (neck), mid back (thoracic), lower spine (lumbar), sacral (sacrum) or some combination of levels.

What treatments do interventional pain management specialists perform?
Oftentimes, early and aggressive therapy of chronic neck or back pain can earn a difference that is life-changing. But remember that knowledge is power: Be certain that you know your choices. There are various treatment procedures and treatments available for chronic pain, each completed by a treatment specialists. Interventional pain management specialist treatments may be a fantastic solution for some people with chronic pain symptoms.

Interventional Pain Management Specialists
Interventional pain management (IPM) is a special field of medicine that uses injecti…

Chiropractic Assistance for Automobile Accidents

Chiropractic Assistance for Automobile Accidents - El Paso Chiropractor

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of transportation related injuries throughout the United States. A majority of Americans have become dependent on utilizing their vehicles to perform a number of daily tasks, including driving to the work, school, store and even visiting doctor’s offices, along with several other common responsibilities.
In many instances however, regardless of how safe a driver an individual can be, being involved in a car wreck can be an unpredictable and almost inevitable situation for a lot people. While this reality can occur to anyone, seeking immediate medical attention from a qualified auto accident injury specialist, such as a chiropractor, can help improve overall health and prevent further complications.

When Should You Visit a Chiropractor?

Today's drivers are often distracted by text messages and phone calls on smartphones and other devices. While people have a constant need to check messages to stay current both for work and their social lives, distracted driving can often be one of the major causes behind the undesirable event of a car wreck. Distracted driving accidents, can be dangerous.
Fortunately, not every automobile accident is severe enough to require the involved individuals to visit a chiropractor. However, when painful symptoms begin to manifest after several days, it's fundamental for the individual to visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible to diagnose any injuries or aggravated conditions which may have resulted from the auto collision. Moderate to severe trauma from an accident can affect a person’s quality of life and daily routine. In these cases, seeking chiropractic care can help an individual recover their original wellbeing.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Injury Chiropractor?

Every state, including Texas, requires its car owners to acquire automobile accident insurance to provide proper compensation and settlement for victims to visit a doctor and receive legal representation, if needed. A primary health provider is generally the first specialist who will see patients that have suffered harm from a car wreck but, through payment from the insurance company, patients can be referred to other healthcare professionals to receive care, such as a chiropractor or doctor of chiropractic.
Chiropractic treatment is among one of the most popular forms of alternative care preferred by victims of an auto accident. Whiplash, along with neck pain and back pain frequently occur due to spinal misalignments or subluxations caused by the sheer force of an auto collision. A chiropractor will utilize spinal adjustments and manual manipulations, along with other chiropractic methods and techniques, to carefully realign the spine, helping to reduce pain, discomfort, irritation and inflammation from the surrounding structures of the affected region of the spine. In addition, a chiropractor may recommend a series of stretches and exercises along with several lifestyle changes to promote a faster recovery time.

Uninsured Drivers and Health Care

Although it is required in Texas for all drivers to have auto accident insurance, people aren’t always insured. When these individuals cause an accident which results in property damages and injuries, the innocent party of the collision can file an uninsured motorist claim to their insurance company to receive compensation and settlement for their property damages and injuries. Many chiropractors, as well as other healthcare professionals, commonly work alongside auto accident lawyers or they can help their patients handle the necessary documentation to receive payment from their insurance companies. Depending on how the insurance company handles the claim, it may also give rise to other insurance claims.
Although most automobile accident cases can be handled by the insurance company without the need of legal representation, when an automobile accident requires the help of an attorney to work alongside a healthcare professional for compensation, it can help provide the victim with additional benefits to their case, which can be essential in the end.
  • In Texas, the statutory minimum of liability insurance is $25,000.00;
  • A trained automobile accident attorney can also help you receive further medical care;
  • They will preserve essential evidence and immediately retain experts, called accident reconstructionists, who recreate the accident for the purposes of trial and legal settlements.
Furthermore a licensed car accident attorney can additionally make sure that:
  • The individual’s automobile property damage is fully paid;
  • Their Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is recovered; and
  • That all layers of insurance coverage, such as excess levels of coverage are placed on notice.
For all these reasons, after suffering an injury or aggravating a condition as a result of an automobile accident, you should not hesitate to visit a qualified and experienced chiropractor near you to help you find relief as well as improve your overall health and wellness. Dr. Alex Jimenez, a chiropractor in El Paso, Texas, has over 25 years of experience treating and caring for individuals who’ve been involved in an automobile accident and suffered injuries or developed a condition. Working alongside various auto accident attorneys in the region. Dr. Jimenez has helped many people gain the proper health care they need and deserve.
For more information on the subject matter, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900 . 
By Dr. Alex Jimenez

Additional Topics: Headache After Auto Injury

After being involved in an automobile accident, the sheer force of the impact can cause damage or injury to the body, primarily to the structures surrounding the spine. Whiplash is a common result of an auto collision, affecting the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues around it, causing symptoms such as head pain. Headaches are a common symptom after an automobile accident, which may require immediate medical attention to determine its source and follow through with treatment.

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