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Physical Therapeutics for Fibromyalgia | Central Chiropractor

Physical therapy often takes a hands-on approach, which might make you cringe if you're experiencing pain from several hypersensitive tender points. However, in managing your fibromyalgia symptoms, gentle and effective are used by physical therapy, and will most likely play a part in the recovery process.

Can physical therapy help ease fibromyalgia?
There are a variety of physical therapy techniques. Passive treatments include hydrotherapy, heat therapy, deep tissue massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound and relax the body. Your physical therapy program will often start with passive treatments. When you feel ready, you will begin active treatments that protect against fibromyalgia pain and strengthen your body. Your physical therapist may work with you to develop a suitable strategy.

Passive Physical Therapy Treatments for Fibromyalgia
Deep Tissue Massage: Unless you're in an extreme amount of pain, deep tissue massage is an ideal fibromyalgia treatment because…

5 Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident

5 Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident - El Paso Chiropractor

Treating Life-threatening Auto Injuries
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After an individual has been involved in a car accident, it’s absolutely essential for the driver and any passengers to determine if they suffered any life-threatening injuries from the incident. Various types of injuries can result from a car crash but, while most are clearly visible and can present obvious symptoms, there are other types of injuries which may not be noticeable immediately. These often include concussions and brain injuries. Brain hemorrhage is another type of severe injury which may be difficult to detect after an individual has experienced an automobile accident. The majority of the time, these type of injuries go unnoticed due to the fact that the only symptom many victims experience are headaches. Therefore, it’s not always safe to assume the individual was left unharmed from a car accident simply because there were no visible wounds or injuries. It’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention following a traumatic accident to properly diagnose any possible injuries or aggravated conditions which may have developed from the unexpected automobile accident.

Post Car Accident Safety

All too frequently, many car accident victims may be at risk of experiencing further injury as a result of not being alert of their surroundings. A sudden auto collision can cause confusion and disorientation, leaving those involved feeling unaware of the events happening around them. In this state, it is easy for another accident to occur. Further injury can take place from carelessly walking around the scene of the accident or during the unfortunate case where another vehicle crashes into the existing accident scene. Alternatively, it’s a safer practice to remain inside the automobile until help has arrived and it is safe to exit, at least as long as there’s not an immediate threat like a fire which will require the individual to exit the vehicle. If the individual feels lightheaded or they’ve suffered visible wounds or injuries from the car crash, it is safer to stay seated and still in the car. Furthermore, exiting a crashed car quickly could lead to fainting due to shock.

Seeking the Right Doctor for Care

Not all healthcare professionals are trained to diagnose and treat injuries sustained during a car accident. Certain Injuries can require distinct medical specialties. If an individual suffered a bone fracture, for example, an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon can be the best option for treatment. In the case of a concussion, the expertise of a neurologist who specializes in brain trauma is often the preferred choice. If the individual experienced whiplash, or other soft tissue injuries, it’s commonly recommended to visit a chiropractor, who specializes in post auto accident soft tissue injury and rehabilitation. Occasionally, healing from a car crash can require time and patience. Brain injuries and soft tissue injuries may cause chronic pain and symptoms for months and even years after the incident. It’s very important to seek immediate medical care after experiencing damage or injury from an auto collision in order to begin the healing process as soon as possible. The more an individual delays treatment for their injuries, the more challenging it can be for the body to heal itself naturally.

Early Intervention after an Auto Injury

Legal Action for a Personal Injury Case

Essentially, healing completely after a car accident may require plenty of time, work and patience, and not just in the medical aspect, if the individual wishes to restore their original lifestyles prior to the accident. Foremost, the individual must ensure that everything from the accident has been physically and financially covered for it to not affect them in the future. Proper legal counseling can help avoid unnecessary complications from the case as well as other issues one may experience when dealing with the insurance companies and medical billing. It is frequently rare for cases with car damage bodily injuries to get resolved immediately without any problems. It’s best to seek counseling from experienced personal injury legal professionals that have dealt with these type of cases and have your best interest first.

Future Precautions from Other Auto Accidents

Although automobile accidents can be sudden and unexpected events, certain precautionary measures can be taken to avoid other auto accidents in the future. Avoid distracted driving by eating or cell phone conversations and texting. Even if the car accident was not caused by you, try driving more alert and be cautious of your surroundings. The individual can take time to learn from their accident. It’s preferred to be a defensive driver and make it home safely than driving distracted and suffering an automobile accident and facing all the complications that follow.  

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

Dr. Alex Jimenez is a chiropractor at Injury Medical Clinic that offers a variety of treatments, including spinal adjustments, to care for numerous injuries and conditions focused on the spine, offering several appropriate treatments for an individual’s needs and preferences.

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