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Where Does the Energy Go in Low Speed Auto Accidents?

There are many factors that play a role in the dynamics of collisions. These include vehicle design and type, speeds, angles of approach, kinetic & potential energy, momentum, acceleration factor, friction… the list is quite long. There are a few constants in which we are curious. These constants are the building blocks of the planet and they make the world of collisions quantifiable and predictable.

Within this two-part series we will explore the factors which have the most influence in low speed collisions and how these factors are associated with injury. Note: nothing about these writings is inclusive, there is too much material to explore in depth. The objective of these writings is to present the concepts.

Conservation of Momentum & Auto Accidents
In this writing the subject of exploration is conservation of momentum and how it relates to low speed collisions and bodily injury of the occupant. Conservation of momentum is built on Sir Isaac Newton’s third law. Newton’s th…
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Lumbar Disc Herniation: Micro-Disectomy Surgery Rehab

In the first part of this 2-part series, chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez looked at the likely signs and symptoms of disc Herniation, in addition to the selection standards for micro-discectomy surgery in athletes. In this report he discusses the lengthy rehab period following a micro-discectomy procedure, and provides a plethora of strength based exercises.

Surgeries to ease disc herniation, with or without nerve root compromise, comprise traditional open discectomy, micro-discectomy, percutaneous laser discectomy, percutaneous discectomy and micro- endoscopic discectomy (MED). Other surgical conditions are employed in The literature like herniotomy that’s interchangeable with fragmentectomy or sequestrectomy. The saying ‘herniotomy’ is defined as removal of the herniated disc fragment just, and the ‘standard discectomy’ as elimination of the herniated disc along with its degenerative nucleus in the intervertebral disc space.

When surgery is required, minimizing tissue disruption…

New Biomarkers Testing & Diagnosis for Concussions

Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), has been a poorly understood condition known to the majority of healthcare providers as difficult to objectify and manage.

Historically, there has been no testing available to conclude an accurate diagnosis. In the absence of objective imaging findings of bleeding in the brain, a diagnosis of “mild traumatic brain injury” has been affixed to the condition, whereas if there’s evidence of traumatic bleeding then the diagnosis “traumatic brain injury” is applied.

Although Hartvigsen, Boyle, Cassidy and Carroll (2014) reported that 600 out of 100,000 Americans are affected every year by concussion, Jeter et al, (2012) reported that close to 40 percent of people experiencing a mild brain injury do not report it to their doctor, making accurate statistics very tricky to conclude. Despite potential under reporting in the people, we realize concussion is an issue that has consequences that are important from the perspective of a c…

Fluoroquinolones Antibiotics & Injury

Previous study reported by SIB suggested that fluoroquinolone antibiotics can introduce a potential threat to tendon health in sportsmen and women. Chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez looks at more recent research on fluoroquinolones and explores the implications for clinicians.

The development of antibiotics is without doubt among mankind’s greatest scientific accomplishments, saving countless millions of lives since their introduction. However, notwithstanding the current concerns about ‘superbug’ resistance, not everything is rosy in the antibiotic garden. A few decades back, we reported growing signs that one group of antibiotics — fluoroquinolones — might be implicated in rapid-onset tendon degeneration, demonstrating sportsmen and women to an increased risk of tendonitis or even tendon rupture. In the intervening years, more research into this subject was carried out, providing a helpful insight to clinicians dealing with athletes who may have athletes in their care that are ei…

Central Achilles Tendinopathy: End Stage Rehab

Chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez describes the importance of end-stage rehab for midsubstance Achilles Tendinopathy and gives a framework to help build tendon resilience across high-end movements

It is human nature to associate pain with a Issue, and for the most part, the absence of pain with health and function. For this very reason, end-stage rehabilitation can often be missed or swift. Even though there is an ever-growing body of evidence around initial tendinopathy therapy — something we’ll touch on by talking phase 2 and 1 progressions – the focus of this article will probably be based around the later phase 3 and 4 progressions.

These progressions are of specific Importance, as during these periods the tendon may often be only minimally painful, therefore reducing motivation levels to last diligently following the program. And while this article relies on exercise prescription for midsubstance Achilles tendinopathy (tendinopathy symptoms that occur around the central part o…

The Value of Skid Marks for Auto Accident Cases

Not only do tires play a vital role in the performance of your car or truck, but a lot of information can be garnered about what happened before, during, and after a crash. Tire marks will be explored by us and, generally, what those marks tell us.

First let us discuss where the marks come from. Skid marks are created by the extreme thermal relationship of a tire against the roadway surface during extreme stresses put on the tire, a simpler way to say this is, a tire will “mark” when it nears, or exceeds, the limits of its relationship with the roadway. These marks occur because the oils in the roadway and/or the tire(s) are brought to the surface and “melted or burnt” into the roadway. If a tire is heated enough since the surface of the tire will have changed, it’ll be obvious, it is going to have a spot and obvious abrasions.

Kinds of Skid Marks.
There are three specific kinds of marks we will talk about, these are the most typical four wheeled car and light duty truck marks. (Othe…

How Some Accident Engineering Reports Can Be Problematic

There are several reasons engineering and accident reconstruction reports are problematic. Let’s address the biggest and first issue, cost. Many attorneys won’t realize the real value of cases if they deal with doctors who do not know how to document the patient’s injuries correctly, leading to issues related to poor documentation management.

This is a massive benefit to the insurance company who have banked on the sloppiness and ignorance of the entire medical-legal community. However, there is a growing number of doctors and attorneys who do know.

In this sense, the insurance carrier knows they’ll pay, a vast majority of this time, a minimum amount for a collision even if the case needs to have a much greater value due to the nature of the injuries. The insurance companies know this for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is cost, not for them but you.

Accident Reports and Insurance Companies

For the sake of discussion let’s say the average case settles for $15,000. If the …

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