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Maintaining Spinal Health

Maintaining Spinal Health - El Paso Chiropractor
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The spine is made up of three segments each which form three natural C-shaped curves, the cervical spine, located on the area of the neck, the thoracic spine, located on the area of the chest, and the lumbar spine, located on the lower back area. In the human body, the spine functions to balance and support an upright posture but, when there is a spinal misalignment as a result of an injury or underlying condition, the health of the spine can be greatly affected, an individual’s posture may appear abnormal and can often lead to further complications.

Although there are many treatment options for restoring an individual’s spinal health and reducing common symptoms of back pain and an improper posture, maintaining a healthy spine can most importantly be achieved through prevention. Chiropractors often diagnose and treat a great amount of people whom experience a back injury or aggravate prior spinal conditions. In order to maintain a healthy spine free of back pain and other symptoms, following several preventive measures can make a great difference.

One of the biggest causes for spine complications is overexerting physical fitness. With the summer season right around the corner, many people frequently engage in strenuous exercises and activities to quickly increase their levels of fitness. The truth is, after several months of sedentary activity from the winter months, the body becomes weakened. The best way to avoid an injury is to forget instantly resuming into your previous workout routines especially after a long period of little to no physical activity. Individuals who rush into exercising to see faster results without first conditioning their body could face an injury, most commonly a spine injury and/or develop a more serious condition.

Foremost, in order to maintain overall spinal health, it’s important to start building your physical fitness slowly. Individuals often tend to overestimate their fitness levels once they resume physical activity. To begin conditioning the body, for example when going on a run or bike ride, make sure to perform half the amount of last year’s activity. By starting slow, an individual is allowing the body to first regain its previous strength, stamina, and agility. After your body begins to recover its regular level of fitness, you can gradually increase the rate or amount of exercise or physical activity, that way, an injury can be prevented.

After performing any physical activity its also important to stretch. A chiropractic doctor or physical therapist can also help by recommending the appropriate stretches according to each individual to efficiently warm up and stretch the muscles and joints as to not cause an injury or aggravate an underlying condition.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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