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Exercise Routines and Age

Exercise Routines and Age - El Paso Chiropractor
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A large majority of athletes follow strict exercise regimens and training routines which are designed to strengthen their bodies as well as improve their stamina and increase their flexibility. Exercise is a beneficial part of every individual’s lifestyle to accomplish overall health and wellness but, many athletes often overlook how as their bodies change with age, their workout habits must also change. While many individuals can disagree, changing exercise habits as people age can help prevent injuries while maintaining fitness.

Various individuals describe no longer being able to participate in the same strenuous physical activities they were normally capable of. Those same individuals frequently explain how performing the same level of exercise as they did once before has now become difficult, often causing pain and soreness. As we age, it’s not necessary for people to stop exercising altogether, instead, several exercise changes can be made. It’s still important to continue adding activities to your daily routines to help maintain the body strong and flexible. Seeking help from a personal trainer can specifically be beneficial for many people in these cases. A personal trainer will work to determine an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as well as determining the best and least appropriate workouts for everyone to achieve their personal fitness goals while avoiding any possible injuries.

There’s a variety of different types of injuries and conditions that are commonly caused by gradual wear and tear of the structures that naturally occur over time. With age, it’s not uncommon for joint cartilage or other tissues to wear out, that’s why as individuals get older, it’s important to alter their exercise habits particularly in the presence of pain and discomfort after an exercise routine. Older athletes and people need to focus on building the strength of their muscles as well as making sure their body is getting the appropriate amount of rest it needs to recover.

When it comes to feeling well after a good workout, it’s essential to always stretch post-workout. Failing to stretch after several or many exercise routines can potentially cause the muscles to become shortened and stiff. And last but not least, don’t underestimate recovery days. Staying active is recommended to continue enhancing the body’s capabilities but rest days don’t refer to sedentary days without activity. A long walk instead of the usual training routine can serve as a good resting day, allowing the body to recover, while remaining active.

Maintaining a fit, flexible, and injury free body as we age can be achieved by changing your workout routine every day. Using different muscles and joints in different directions in the key to spreading out the force and keeping the body healthy through time.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

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